Training content coupled with structured facilitation makes learning effective, efficient, effortless, and engaging. Strengthscape provides bespoke facilitation kits for instructor-led training programs that include slideware, participant workbooks, facilitator guides, and various print & props materials for training activities. The facilitation kit is made by considering the participants’ experience, learning outcomes, and the facilitator’s preferences. The cornerstone principles of our structured development process lie in the realms of instructional design. Using our expertise and experience, these services can provide a practical road map and content design to effectively create, store, search, reuse, repurpose and manage content.

Strengthscape also provides services to review and revamp existing training materials from the lens of instructional design along with conducting Train the Trainer programs to equip the internal team for delivering the content. We utilize structured templates, checklists, and upgrade criteria to ensure the best content is in place for our clients.


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Effectiveness of Online Training Programs

The effectiveness of online training programs is very crucial to its significance. One huge potential benefit of online training programs is its capacity for significantly reducing the learner training time and also virtually eliminating the time an employee spends giving training to other people. Freeing up valuable time of a corporate trainer and cutting the learner’s training time in half, maintains efficiency along with significantly reducing costs. 

There are ways through which an organization can access the effectiveness of online training programs: 

  1. Gathering online feedback – It is important that the learners go through proper training modules and get initial feedback on the training procedure to improve them and also guide others in the right direction. It is vital to take surveys to allow for general ratings, get involved in various online groups for in-depth interaction and carry out interviews for the most comprehensive way to find information on the effectiveness of online training programs. Training and learning will become more collaborative this way because it is shaped by each of the employees which are pillars of any organization.
  2. Accessing the e-learning results – Evaluating the training effectiveness is about tracking whether the employees are learning new skills that increase their productivity and helping them grow professionally. This is a complex goal that is broken down into key performance indicators or components based on whether or not the learners find the training engaging and relevant, the degree to which the training will benefit them in sharpening their existing skills and the degree to which it will comprehend to the work done and measure their role in the company.  
  3. Leveraging from social media – We currently live in a social media-rich environment and it can be very beneficial for the organizations to benefit from it. Training modules integrated with social components tend to do better than their counterparts and prove the effectiveness of online training programs. Social media tends to be integrated within the learning management system that organizations follow today. Here, it is possible to set up online discussions and engage with users and also get feedback from the people on the overall learning objectives. 

Outline For a Training Program On Effective Management

A manager plays a very crucial role by acting as the catalyst for the teams. Apart from that, managers need to be the coordinators and middlemen communicating between team members, teams and the management. It is crucial that a manager rightly utilizes all his resources to ensure that success and productivity is increased. 

As a manager, one needs to provide direction and structure to the team, along with a motivating environment for the team to perform to their fullest of abilities. Hence, it is a journey for someone to move from an individual contributor to manager. It is not just thinking from an individual perspective but to think about the team as a whole. One needs to focus on the strengths and challenges of the team, delegate, and essentially align the entire team to the organizational goals and values. These are some crucial reasons as to why effective management training becomes important for managers to flourish in their role.  

In order to create effective management training programs, one needs to keep in mind to address the following important aspects:  

  • Even high potentials fail to shine as a manager due to many reasons, such as, not knowing how to leverage the expertise of the team, not pushing the team to perform or develop, etc, could bring the entire team down. Thus, the training program needs to gauge these issues and create an outline that would address these reasons
  • Next point to be kept in mind while developing an outline for a training program on effective management is to address the different dilemmas a manager would face. Some of the dilemmas could be people orientation vs task orientation, self vs team, delegate vs not delegate, etc. Addressing these through a training program would help managers to step up their performance
  • Some of the most important skills any manager would need to exhibit effectiveness, can be classified under three broad buckets as personal excellence, team excellence and organizational excellence. In each of these buckets can be placed several skills a manager needs to possess: 
    1. Personal excellence: planning and prioritizing, ownership and accountability, emotional intelligence, time management, networking skills, etc. 
    2. Team excellence: directing and delegating, creating a motivating environment, developing team, trust, conflict management, handling diverse workforce, etc. 
    3. Organizational excellence: change management, decision making, problem solving, customer centricity, risk management, strategic thinking, etc.  

While each of these aspects can be addressed through separate training programs, but depending on the need and skills to be addressed or developed, the training outline needs to pick multiple building blocks to be made into an effective management training outline. Creating a customized outline based on the target audience is a crucial aspect in any program outline and it is essential to address multiple skills through one program either as a two-day program outline or as 4 half-day programs or 2-hour virtual sessions on various skills.  

To conclude training program on effective management need to be focused on understanding the problems, addressing the dilemmas, combining various skills that can boost the performance and a mode of delivery that will be most effective.