Potential to Performance

While the transition from being an individual contributor to becoming a first time manager is exciting to begin with, it is laid with challenges.

Competency in Performance Management

For high-performing organizations, competency-based performance management systems are an integral part of their competency management plans.

Intrinsic Motivation for an Engaged Workforce

Employee engagement has long been an integral part of human capital strategies and continues to dominate the discussion regarding how high-performing organizations attract and retain their best employees.

Growth Mindset a Key to Organizational Change

In today’s business world, the bottom line is frequently valued above everything else.

Leadership Role in Competency Mapping

Compared to job tasks, competencies are more durable. The focus of competencies is on the traits of people who do the work successfully or unsuccessfully.

8 Essentials to Boost Employee Well-being

The time when receiving a paycheck signaled the beginning and end of an employee-employer relationship is long past.

Reskilling to Manage Climate Crisis

The most important catastrophe of our time is climate change, which is unfolding even faster than we anticipated. Climate change will have disastrous effects on every region of the world.

Aspirational Career Choice for HR

One of the most important tasks human resource managers must perform is encouraging diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Design Thinking – Need of the Hour

One thing the worldwide epidemic has shown us is that things are moving faster and faster around us. Unpredictable events occur in this constantly evolving environment at accelerating rates. A VUCA world exists!

How to use Assessment Center in Competency Mapping

When hiring new employees, are you aware of ALL of their skills, or just some of them?

In reality, most businesses associate their employees with the skills listed in the job description for which they were hired.

HR the Torch Bearers for the Programs

HR are usually the ones who carry out D&I programs because they are responsible for managing the workforce and creating an inclusive workplace culture.

Building a Collaborative Culture for the New Age Workplace

In the new age workplace, building a collaborative culture has become increasingly important for the success of organizations.

Concept of Competency : its Key Dimensions

In today’s rapidly changing world, the most powerful currency is that of skills and competence. This is because the demand for specialized skills and knowledge is growing rapidly, and organizations are increasingly looking for employees who possess the right competencies to meet the demands of their jobs. 

Use of Competency Model in the Competitive World

In today’s competitive business world, it is essential to have a competent workforce that can meet the challenges and deliver results. The use of competency models is becoming increasingly important in identifying and developing the right competencies among employees.