While the transition from being an individual contributor to becoming a first-time manager is exciting to begin with, it is laid with challenges, and a growing awareness that this is nothing like the leadership experience that one thought it would be. However, broadening your understanding of the role and tapping into the skills you already possess will help you make a significant and lasting contribution to your new position and the organization. 

Strengthscape’s webinar Potential to Performance: The Journey of New Managers takes you on a journey from being an individual contributor to becoming a manager.  

The purpose of this webinar is to examine the reasons why high potential employees fail to become effective new managers and the common dilemmas they encounter. In this webinar, we examine the essential management skills that are necessary and discuss how they can align conflicting priorities among key stakeholders, such as team members, management, and partners. 

Key Takeaways

We will assist in clarifying and interpreting the intricacies and nuances of management through this webinar. You’ll learn about the challenges new managers face and how to fix them. The webinar will assist you in identifying and building on the essential skills that make you an effective first-time manager. Our facilitators guide you through the art of directing and delegating, planning, and prioritizing, and taking ownership and accountability. Achieve organizational excellence through effective decision making, team management skills and change management. 

This webinar will also help you learn the importance of formal onboarding programs and guide you through the steps of planning structured management training programs for your new managers.