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5. Services

Strengthscape reserves the right to refuse service to anyone without stating the reason. We recommend that all Assessments must be administered by certified personnel. . For any clarifications with respect to any of above, please write to us at: 

6. Finance from NIRA

“In the event the wishes to avail financial products from Shuhari Tech Ventures Private Limited (“NIRA”) the applicant (“You” or “Your”) is required to these terms and conditions prior to being redirected to NIRA’s website for completing the application for the loan. If You accept the terms as specified herein, this forms a binding contract enforceable against You. In the event You do not accept the terms as specified herein, please do not proceed with the application for loan with NIRA.”

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7. Force Majeure

SELLER shall not be responsible for its non-compliance with any obligation under the Contract if so prevented or delayed by cause(s) beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to acts of God, fire, flood, typhoon, earthquake, riots, wars, hostilities, governmental restrictions, strike for whatever causes, lock-out, stoppage or delay in transport, actions by governments or any agency thereof, boycott or trade embargoes (“Force Majeure”). SELLER shall give notice to BUYER of a Force Majeure event and specify the estimated extent of the event. SELLER’s time of performance shall automatically be extended for the duration of the event. If a Force Majeure prevents SELLER from performing its obligations for more than three (3) months, both parties shall meet and try in good faith to find a suitable solution. If no such solution is obtained within one (1) month, either party may automatically terminate the Contract upon written notice to the other party. In such a case, BUYER shall pay for all costs incurred by SELLER in connection with its performance prior to termination.