Live Virtual Instructor - Led Training Services

The world is changing fast. There is lesser time for learning today. Attention span is shrinking, life is getting busier than usual, there is an increased need to reskill and upskill to keep up with the fast-changing environment and the preference for everyday learning is changing. In this VUCA world, virtual training surely gives a reassurance of effective and engaging learning. In recent times, there has been a significant increase in the demand of live virtual training to ensure business continuity in the face of adversity.

Upcoming Webinars

Strengthscape is proud to announce a series of Learning Shots designed to help you refresh and understand Everything DiSC profiles and Instructional Design.

Fireside Conversation

Rapid Evolution of the Leadership Context

Strengthscape is proud to begin a series of Fireside conversation on “Reimagine, Reform & Rebound

Modern learners, at an average, spend only 24 minutes per week to learn (Bersin by Deloitte, 2017)
Why not use it in an optimized and efficient manner?

Why the transition to Live Virtual Training?
  • Flexible and Easy to Access

    Learn anytime and anywhere with just simple smartphone device or laptop and stable internet access

  • Increased productivity

    Smaller chunks (2-4 hours of sessions) overcoming attention span challenge, more information retention and less time away from business critical work

  • Interactive and Engaging

    Use of engagement tools like polls, breakout rooms, Q&A, group discussions, chats, whiteboard and various virtual room activities

  • Presence of Instructor

    The same feel as classroom with the Instructor present to resolve doubts and provide guidance

  • More Affordable

    Comparatively cheaper than classroom sessions – minimum logistics and no travel required

  • Optimized Training Budgets

    Being cost-effective also means, more volume of valuable training and larger coverage in the same budget

  • Immediate Contextualized Application

    Can be integrated with live projects and assignments followed by feedback and coaching in order to make learning holistic

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As can be understood, live virtual training caters to all the four E’s of best learning as per Instructional Design – Effective, Efficient, Engaging and Effortless. It meets all the needs of the modern learner today.

About the Methodology

High-interactivity and Engagement

Strengthscape is a pioneer in conducting live virtual sessions having done 100+ sessions live virtually in the last 5 years. We have a toolkit of activities and instructional design strategies for making live virtual sessions interactive and engaging

Spaced Learning

The training methodology will take a spaced-out approach allowing enough time to the participants to enhance information retention. eg. 8 hrs programs can be delivered either as four 2hr or two 4hr sessions. The timeline can be planned as per client convenience.

Digital Library

Along with the virtual sessions, participants will get access to a digital library with some additional reading material in the form of whitepapers, videos and podcasts to support learning. The digital library can be created based on client request.

Blended Learning

The webinars or live virtual sessions can be blended with pre- and post-assessments, individual and group coaching, assignments and live projects. The design can be customized based on client requirement.
Some of our Live Virtual Training Services
Level Training Topic Available as 4 hrs Available as 8 hrs Available as 16 hrs
Leaders Critical Thinking Yes Yes Yes
Strategic Thinking and Growth Mindset Yes Yes
Chief Executive Facilitator (Leadership Communication) Yes Yes
Emotional Intelligence Yes Yes
Leading Change Yes Yes
Innovation Yes Yes
Influencing Skills Yes Yes Yes
Work of Leaders Yes Yes Yes
Conflict Management Yes Yes Yes
Problem solving and Decision Making Yes Yes Yes
Leading through Diverse Situations Yes Yes
Managers Managing Change Yes Yes Yes
Emotional Intelligence Yes Yes
Directing & Delegating Yes Yes
Managing Virtual Teams Yes Yes
Developing People Yes Yes
Team cohesiveness/Effective Team Management Yes Yes
First Time Managers Yes
Managing Diversity Yes Yes
Problem solving and Decision Making Yes Yes Yes
Crisis Management Yes Yes Yes
Managing Conflicts Yes Yes Yes
Working across Boundaries Yes Yes
Dealing with Diplomacy and Tact Yes Yes
Being an assertive Manager Yes Yes
Analytical Thinking Yes Yes
Goal Setting Yes Yes
Creating a Psychological Safe Workplace Yes Yes
Individual Contributors Planning and Organizing Yes Yes
Customer Centricity Yes Yes
Networking Skills Yes Yes
Risk Taking Yes Yes
Business Communication Yes Yes
Interpersonal Effectiveness Yes Yes
PresentSmart Yes Yes
Cultural Sensitivity Yes Yes
Business Etiquette Yes Yes
Global Professional Quotient Yes Yes
Personal Branding Yes Yes
Negotiation Skills Yes Yes
Business Storytelling Yes Yes
Positive Thinking Yes Yes