Strengthscape partners with world leaders to provide its customers with a full range of training products and solutions. With training products, you can enhance the learning experience, streamline large-scale rollouts, and integrate various mediums to cater to the learning preferences of an array of learners.

A facilitation toolkit contains a number of methods, activities, and techniques in an easily accessible, downloadable format, which is useful in case you need to access them during short periods of time without access to the Internet. Furthermore, the best toolkits are structured and categorized for easier understanding and use.

Professionals, facilitators, trainers, coaches, and consultants seeking to facilitate successful DiSC training sessions will find the DiSC Facilitation Kits to be an end-to-end solution. There is a leader’s guide, fully scripted presentations with engaging activities, learning modules, and embedded videos focused on the workplace.

Our company has partnered with skillsoft, a global leader in eLearning, to provide our customers with a comprehensive library of self-paced modules. There are three types of learning content that learners need – performance support, learning experiences, and information. Performance support includes tools and resources that are readily available when needed. When completing a task, an individual may need to obtain information quickly. The Skillsoft library has been designed to meet all three of these needs.

Typically, e-learning content consists of videos, audio, guides, workshop files, and many others that are accessible via electronic resources.

In this digital age, people are increasingly using digital media for learning and pursuing their education. Creating and modifying e-learning content according to individual requirements is a key factor in the success of the learning process. Strengthscape also builds bespoke content.