The Everything DiSC portfolio by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. is based on 4 basic behavioral styles and is geared to encourage professionals at all levels to become aware of the behavioral priorities that shape and drive interpersonal relationships, communication, and collaboration in the workplace. The portfolio has specifically designed assessment tools for managers, leaders, and sales professionals to provide role-related insights. There are also personalized assessments that provide behavioral insights on how to mitigate conflicts and increase emotional agility in the workplace. 

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Everything DiSC Workplace

Everything DiSC Workplace assessment by John Wiley & Sons, erstwhile Inscape Publishing, is one of the most popular DiSC self-assessments.  

A generic report, it supplements classroom training programs related to Business Communication, Team Building, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Workplace Productivity, Career Development, Conflict Resolution and Management Skills with personalized insights. By supporting and supplementing a soft skills training program with a DiSC assessment, trainers can personalize the learning experience of the participants.  

The key outcomes of using an Everything DiSC Workplace reports are: 

Understand Yourself – Respondents can decipher their own behavioural priorities and preferences in a reliable way. 

Appreciate Others – By gaining an understanding of other’s priorities and preferences, respondents can appreciate “why” someone behaves the way they do. This increases the likelihood of establishing instant rapport and high trust relationships. 

Enhance Interpersonal Effectiveness – By learning about one’s own DiSC style and that of others, one can be more effective in communicating and interacting with others. Effectiveness rule states that you must treat others the way they wish to be treated. By understanding DiSC and knowing each other’s DiSC style, we could provide an easy and repeatable “method” to interact effectively. 

How can you I take an assessment? 

It’s simple. For each profile ordered through our service desk at, you will receive an email with the link to an assessment. The link is unique to each respondent and must not be shared. By clicking on the link, you will be led to an online assessment that takes about 20-25 minutes to answer. Once you submit your responses, a personalized report is automatically generated.  

If you are participating in a team program, you administrator will send the link to you. Your facilitator may choose to share the report with you later during the training program. 

Everything DiSC Workplace Report is a generic profile which means that you could take this assessment to understand your workplace priorities irrespective of your role, title or seniority at workplace. The ensuing 20-page report will provide multiple insights including your motivators and stressors. It helps you understand what your behavioural strengths and challenges are. It will further provide an insight into how to be more effective in your interaction with others.  

The language of the report is simple and easy to understand for most non-native English-speaking respondents. The report is narrative and provides personalized reading experience. The report is greatly enhanced by easy-to-understand visuals.  

By using adaptive testing, the assessment promises accuracy, reliability, and validity. Many other DISC assessments use what is called a Forced Choice Questionnaire that has a four-point scale of “Most or Least” like them, Adaptive testing uses a five-point scape to capture the priorities of the respondent.  

Adaptive Testing adjusts the questionnaire based on the responses to understand the respondent’s preferences better. The assessment also adjusts to reveal and resolve any inconsistencies in the responses to determine true preferences. This greatly enhances the accuracy, reliability, and validity of the assessment.  

Furthermore, by using a circumplex to exhibit a person’s DiSC style and an 8-point scale instead of a regular 4-point scale, the assessment provides a personalized reading experience to the respondent. 

Everything DiSC Workplace Report is one of the most advanced, contemporary, and highly reliable DiSC report available today and presents the widest application at both home and workplace. 

In addition to the self-assessment report, there are many follow up reports available to support your learning. Follow-up reports are customized reports created after the self-assessment is completed by the respondent. As a respondent, you could learn about your own style and compare your style to that of your colleagues by using a profile comparison tool named There is also a provision to create group reports that determine the dominant culture in a group. 

Everything DiSC Management

Everything DiSC Management is a behavioral assessment especially meant for people managers. It provides great insight on how one approach work priorities and relationships and workplace. It is based on a few principles: 

  • Everyone can be an effective manager irrespective of one behavioral priorities or in other words irrespective of one’s DiSC style
  • Self awareness is the key to personal and interpersonal effectiveness
  • It is possible to train one’s eye to observe other peoples behaviors and recognize their DiSC style
  • You can be more effective in your interactions with other by adapting your behaviors based on other’s priorities and preferences

Target Audience: Workplace Managers / People Managers / Early and Mid Managers 

Application: Managerial training programs, Teamwork and Conflict Management among team members, Personal development programs for managers.  

Scope: Addresses interpersonal issues related to one to one communication with one’s direct reports and supervisors. Provides insights related to one’s delegating and directing style, how one motivates others, one’s focus on developing team members and managing upwards. 

Features: The Everything DiSC Management Map provides insights on how people manage workplace priorities. The eight words around the map represent the priorities of the DiSC styles at workplace. Priorities relate the areas where people like to focus their energy (behaviorally). 

Time is a precious commodity. Most managers in their experience of leading people wonder if they could have more time on hand. Managerial positions come with loads of accountability. And because of the time pressure and the sense of accountability, many managers end up doing everything themselves. My learning the art of delegation, Managers can free up time for more strategic tasks. Delegation helps in motivating and developing people. It’s a critical driver for enhancing the bias for succession planning. Delegating, Motivating and developing add up to be major transitionary skills required for those moving from being an individual contributor to a people manager. Everything DiSC Management profile addresses these critical skills.  

Everything DiSC Management assessment enhances delegation skills to the extent that managers can comfortably delegate both routine and important tasks. They can take more inclusive decisions. Instead of vacillating between micromanagement and abdicating responsibility, they can share both responsibility and authority with their team members to accomplish routine and important tasks. Everything DiSC Management thus enhances the level of trust in teams. Lack of confidence in the art of delegating tasks leads to (1) managers doing most tasks, sometimes routine and trivial tasks (2) Fails to empower team members with the right level of authority to accomplish the tasks (3) Micromanages at every step compromising motivation and creativity (4) May set unrealistic expectations (5) May over delegate beyond the capability and influence of the team member. 

By gaining an in-depth understand of the behavioural styles, an appreciation of their own behavioural strengths and weaknesses and that of their team member can make changes to the process of delegation in way that there is a greater possibility of the tasks getting accomplished. It can lead to significant improvement in mutual trust, task outcomes and creativity. 

Everything DiSC Management Report and Developing Others: Another competency that managers are required to demonstrate is “developing direct reports”. Everything DiSC provides specific insights in how a manager prefers to develop his team members and how the team members may have different preferences for engaging in a development task or conversation. Early and ineffective managers may tend to demonstrate any of these derailing behaviours when it comes to developing others – (1) They may not prioritize people development in the plethora of tasks that they are responsible for (2) They may prioritize immediate results and tactical things by compromising long term development plans (3) They assume that development is natural and organic in nature so it requires no special effort or focus. (4) They may prefer recruiting talent as oppose to developing team members (5) May not know how to develop and how to customize their development approach to the needs and preferences of everyone. 

Facilitated by the Everything DiSC Management Report, skilled Managers provide an element of challenge every time they delegate to carefully develop their team members. By knowing the preferences and behavioural priorities of their team members, Managers develop their team members by customizing their own approach to the development tasks, style of delegation and the pace of the environment they create. Everything DiSC Management report adds individualization and effectiveness to the three factors critical for developing people – A willingness in the team member to develop (clarity of goals helps), an establish development process in an organization and (3) A manager who believes in developing people for his own and organization’s growth.  

Everything DiSC Management Report focuses on one to one relationship between the Manger and the team Manager on one hand and between the manager and Manager’s supervisor on the other. This reflects the reality of a Manager’s life. Frequently working within the constraints of the team competency and the aspirations of the senior management, Managers need to establish high trust relationships with both the sides to manage expectations and deliver business outcomes by getting the best from the team members and the senior management. 

Everything DiSC Management assessment addresses another critical area of a manager’s role – Motivating Others. Often, Managers may not understand what motivates others or how to go about motivating others. Many managers believe that everyone is motivated by the same thing – often money. This is far from true. Managers who are unable to motivate others often end up with team members who are underutilized, and unskilled. Managers who fail to motivate others fail to understand others and do not know how to read people with different priorities. They may end up being too judgemental and often put people into broad buckets / stereotypes. 

Everything DiSC Management report provides insights to help managers get the best from their team members by keeping them motivated to put in their best always. They can create an environment that people long for. They demonstrate great ability to read people and understand their aspirations, motivation and challenges. Managers skilled in motivating others can easily empower power and make every individual feel important and wanted on the team. Effective managers are viewed as being fair and transparent in all their transactions. 

Effective managers are flexible in their approach. They demonstrate managerial courage – They can situationally adapt themselves between task and people orientation. They provide direct and complete constructive feedback and are generous with praises for their team. They are not afraid to take corrective action when required either. Behavioural flexibility is neither easy nor quick. It takes conscious effort and specific inputs. Everything DiSC Management report helps managers build behavioural flexibility and managerial courage. 

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