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Everything DiSC Work of Leaders

The ED Work of Leaders is a personalized learning classroom experience that brings together the best practices from 300 experts in over 150 organizations; the work of prominent scholars and more than four years of additional research and development. Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® lays out a clear path for helping leaders at all levels make the connection between their DiSC® style and leadership. This all-inclusive classroom and online program approaches leadership as a one-to-many relationship (as opposed to the one-to-one relationship explored in Everything DiSC Management). The objective is to provide participants with an actionable path to make them more effective leaders, with one unified model of leadership – Vision, Alignment, and Execution. It helps leaders understand how their leadership styles and tendencies influence their effectiveness in leadership situations.

Participants Take-Aways

  • Recognize the priorities and tendencies, based on their own DiSC style, that shape their approach to the fundamental work of leaders: creating a vision, building alignment around that vision, and championing execution of the vision
  • Explore in detail how to play to their strengths and overcome challenges to improve their leadership effectiveness
  • Identify strategies to develop preferred behaviors based on context-specific best practices.

Program Components

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® Profile

  • Research-validated, online assessment. 23-page leader-specific profile report provides detailed context-specific feedback based on the three-step Vision, Alignment, and Execution Model and the three drivers associated with each step. Strong visuals and illustrations, including 18 behavioral continua, delve deep into what steps leaders can take to increase the behaviors linked to the essential best practices of leadership.
  • Easily customizable. Remove or rearrange pages, customize the profile title or print selected sections. The profile may be used on its own or with the companion facilitation (sold separately).


Everything DiSC® Comparison Report
Ideal for individual coaching or small group work. Insightful and robust 10-page research-validated reports can be created for any two participants—even people who have taken different Everything DiSC® profiles, such as a Manager and a direct report who completed Everything DiSC® Workplace. Reports illustrate their similarities and differences, potential roadblocks in working together, and practical tips for improving working relationships between colleagues. Unlimited access to all Everything DiSC profiles.

Everything DiSC® Team View
An at-a-glance view of an unlimited number of respondents and their individual Everything DiSC maps. Unlimited access to all Everything DiSC profiles.

Everything DiSC® Group Culture Report
What leadership practices come naturally to your group? Designed exclusively for use with the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® Profile, the Work of Leaders Group Report brings together individual data to give participants a composite overview of the team. The graphs illustrate the group’s approach to Vision, Alignment, and Execution and help explore their overall strengths and challenges to create an action plan for success. Sold separately.

Learners gain unlimited access to MyEverythingDiSC, the mobile-friendly, interactive learning portal that provides on-demand insights about DiSC and strategies for applying DiSC to real work situations.

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®: Introduction

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®: Effective Alignment

Developing Effective Leaders: A Closer Look at the Work of Leaders Program

Leadership is a complex process where traits, behaviors, and actions come together to influence and inspire individuals to achieve a common goal or purpose. Leaders have the power to transform individuals and organizations through their skills, knowledge, and experience. However, becoming an effective leader is not a simple task, as it requires a deep understanding of one’s strengths, weaknesses, and leadership style.  

To help individuals develop their leadership skills, Strengthscape’s Work of Leaders program is based on Everything DiSC Assessment by John Wiley & Sons, and Julie Straw’s cutting research on leadership. The program is designed to provide a contemporary approach to leadership development by combining the principles and theories of leadership with the practical application of the Everything DiSC profile.  

The Everything DiSC profiles are a powerful tool that helps individuals understand their communication style, priorities, and strengths in the workplace. By combining this profile with leadership principles, the Work of Leaders program helps individuals identify their unique leadership style while also developing effective communication strategies that align with their goals and objectives.  

The program is based on the three pillars of Vision, Alignment, and Execution. These three domains reflect the key areas in which an effective leader operates. By focusing on these areas, the program provides a holistic approach to leadership development that helps individuals understand their strengths, improve their weaknesses, and develop the skills necessary to lead individuals and teams effectively.  

The Vision domain is all about creating a compelling picture of the future, one that inspires and motivates individuals to work towards a shared goal or purpose. In this domain, the program helps individuals develop their vision by identifying their values, priorities, and goals. They learn how to communicate their vision to individuals and teams, inspiring and motivating them to work towards a common goal.  

The Alignment domain is about creating a sense of shared purpose and alignment across the organization. In this domain, the program helps individuals develop their skills in collaboration, conflict management, and relationship building. They learn how to build trust within their teams, communicate effectively, and create a sense of shared ownership and accountability.  

The Execution domain is all about accomplishing the vision through concrete actions and outcomes. In this domain, the program helps individuals develop their skills in decision-making, problem-solving, and goal-setting. They learn how to prioritize actions, allocate resources, and deliver results that align with their vision and goals.  

Overall, the Work of Leaders program offers a unique and contemporary approach to leadership development that combines theory and practice in a meaningful and impactful way. Facilitated by leadership experts at Strengthscape, the program provides individuals with the tools and skills necessary to become effective leaders in their organizations. Whether you are a seasoned executive or a new manager, the Work of Leaders program provides you with the insights and strategies you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment.  

To sum it up, the Work of Leaders program is a must for anyone who wants to excel in their leadership role. By combining the principles of leadership with the practical application of the everything disc workplace profile, the program provides a holistic approach to leadership development that helps individuals identify their unique strengths and weaknesses while developing effective communication strategies and leadership skills. So, if you are looking to enhance your leadership capabilities and achieve your professional goals, the Work of Leaders program by Strengthscape is the perfect choice for you. 


We believe that leaders are made. Through careful nurturing, structured learning, and enriching experience. Nurture wins over nature.


We believe that humans have an unlimited capacity to learn. You may differ in your natural talents, preferences, and learning styles; but YOU can be whatever YOU set out to be. The world is your oyster!


The role of a facilitator and trainer in adult learning, is to challenge the assumptions,reframe the experience, and change perspectives. They enable learning by creating conversations that enable the learners to reflect on their own personalities, experiences, and priorities.


Teamwork that leads to high, consistent performance, represents the highest form of competitive advantage. Teamwork is not a function of time, role, or situation, but is an outcome of a collective goal – a conscious, consistent, and targeted effort by each of the team members.

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