Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching supports leaders as they grapple with complex changes within their organization and their role. The process typically impacts the leadership style of the coached, improve interpersonal relationships, assists in transitioning into a new role, circumvent or correct derailing behaviors and build on strengths.

Strengthscape’s winning methodology christened DANCE enables executives reflect constructively on what they need, to be more effective given the challenges they currently face. The coaching process also provides a confidential relationship in which the executive is challenged and supported to bring the best thinking for generating options and considering the organizational implications of change.

Till date, the coaches under the aegis of Strengthscape have helped find true potentials of several top-level executives globally. Our coaching program and workshops have built trusting relationships between coach and the coachee that allowed for unprecedented growth and development, enhanced self-awareness, and strong responsibility that converts good intentions into action.

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