Executive Coaching

Coaching is a relationship based process that works under the paradigm that you have all the answers in the world. Just like the Rubik´s cube. All the answers lie within the cube. It is just that one needs to find out the path and move towards solving them. Coaching as a medium helps an individual analyze, understand, find out, and take actions to perfect the missing patterns of their lives. At The Orange Academy, we look at a holistic approach to coaching. We believe in analyzing our client´s needs and then customize our coaching as per their requirements.

Executive coaching aims at coaching individuals achieve their highest potential. For instance, it is more prevalent for those who seek coaching not because others in the industry are implementing it but for those who know where they want to be but are unsure of ways to achieve their goals. It is appropriate for those who are aware that a change in behavior in themselves or their team can help in achieving results that can increase the productivity of the organization.

Executive coaching can be potentially helpful for executives during times of challenges such as extension of projects, re-org in the organizational structure, etc. However, coaching does not aim just at tackling difficult projects. It enables executives in solving new challenges and problems in an innovative way i.e. solving old problems in new ways. The executive coach facilitates in getting to the root cause of the problem and makes the fundamental changes since he is someone who is an expert outsider in a position to see things from a different perspective. The executive coach plays a reviving role in the organization by understanding the needs of the organization and customizing coaching requirements that would be beneficial both to the employees and the organization. Executive coaching plays a prominent role in enabling executives, lead and motivate the employees of the organization.