DISC Trainer Certification

DiSC Trainer Certification

Empower Your Expertise with DISC Trainer Certification from Strengthscape India

Discover the transformative power of DISC Trainer Certification with Strengthscape, your gateway to mastering the world-renowned DISC psychometric assessment tool. As an authorized partner of Everything DISC, Strengthscape presents a meticulously designed 16-hour virtual DISC certification program, a choice for over 1300 participants as of 2024, emphasizing practical insights and deep dives into the DISC framework and its application in neuroscience.

This esteemed online certification enables professionals worldwide to leverage DISC’s potential in enhancing work productivity, fostering teamwork, and honing communication skills across diverse workplace environments. With a legacy of influencing over 45 million individuals globally, DISC stands as a pivotal instrument in organizational and personal development, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers with availability in 30 languages and utilization across 70 countries.

Harnessing DISC’s Insights for Organizational Excellence

DISC’s robust model delineates four primary behavioral styles, offering a nuanced perspective on human interaction and personal tendencies. Unlike conventional personality tests, DISC acknowledges the complexity of human behavior, asserting that individuals embody a dynamic amalgam of all four styles, predominantly gravitating toward one.

The versatility of DISC is unparalleled, catering to a myriad of developmental needs from team cohesion to leadership acumen, across various sectors and professional roles. Rooted in exhaustive research and empirical evidence, the Everything DISC suite, including the pioneering DISC Classic, furnishes an array of assessments tailored to distinct organizational objectives.

Embark on a journey with Strengthscape’s DISC Certification Online to harness the integral insights of DISC, fostering a culture of understanding, efficiency, and collaboration within your organization. Elevate your professional profile and contribute to creating effective, harmonious workplace relationships with this acclaimed certification, particularly esteemed within the DISC India community and beyond.

Everything DiSC has a range of assessments based on the DiSC Model and is a result of decades of research. In fact, DiSC Classic – and Everything DiSC tool, is the first-ever DiSC assessment!

Strengthscape is an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner. We offer the entire series of Everything DiSC products.
Our DiSC Certification, delivered by globally renowned faculty is an interactive program, that dives deep into the theories of DiSC and neuroscience to enable a comprehensive understanding of DiSC.

Strengthscape’s expertise and the Everything DiSC range of assessments come together to bring to you a most effective range of workplace interventions.

DiSC can help you with:

  • Increasing Self-Awareness

    DiSC profiles can help you understand your own behavioral priorities. The rich narrative of all the Everything DiSC assessments is a powerful tool that provides an in-depth analysis of your behavioral priorities. It gives insights into the strengths and challenges of each style and can pave the way for sustained self-improvement

  • Understanding Others

    We work with and meet numerous people every day. Sometimes we understand their behavior and at times are shocked by it! Knowing the behavioral style of people around us can bridge gaps in our understanding and result in true empathy.

  • Identifying Others’ Styles

    Understanding the DiSC model not only enhances self-awareness but also enables people to recognize the behavioral styles of other people. This understanding is the basis for developing effective workplace relationships.

  • Behavioral Flexibility

    The final and most critical outcome of DiSC-based training is behavioral flexibility. Self-awareness and understanding of others are not adequate, what leads to effectiveness is being able to flex your behavior based on the priorities of other people. This is the key message of any DiSC-based intervention.

DiSC is widely used in workplaces to bring a greater understanding of human behavior and thereby create effective and healthy relationships. DiSC can be used for numerous development interventions ranging from communication to team building, across verticals and roles. DiSC-based interventions bring objectivity and scientifically researched theories that multiply the impact of any intervention, manifold.

Everything DiSC is a range of assessments based on the DiSC Model and is a result of decades of research. In fact, DiSC Classic – an Everything DiSC tool, is the first-ever DiSC assessment!

Everything DiSC products have been translated into 30 different languages and are used in 70 Countries.

Strengthscape is an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner. We sell the entire series of Everything DiSC products.

Our DiSC Certification, delivered by globally renowned faculty is an interactive program that dives deep into the theories of DiSC and neuroscience to enable a comprehensive understanding of DiSC.

Strengthscape’s expertise and the Everything DiSC range of assessments come together to bring to you the most effective range of workplace interventions.

Experienced consultants
Strengthscape is a front-runner in DiSC-based interventions. Akash Chander is a pioneer in DiSC training. Our team of expert DiSC trainers understand the nuances of DiSC in-depth and bring keen insight into business and psychology.

Simple yet powerful
The Everything DiSC profiles come with a simple yet powerful narrative that drives crucial conversations and changes within organizations.

Extensive post-program support
We at Strengthscape, pride ourselves in providing continuous and extensive support post any program – be it our flagship DiSC certification or a DiSC-based corporate intervention.

Highly Accurate & Reliable
The profile uses Adaptive Testing – a method that adapts the questions based on the respondent’s answer. This results in highly accurate & reliable DiSC results.

Role-specific assessments
The Everything DiSC suite of assessments has over 10 different profiles that are role-specific ranging from fresh recruits to managers, leaders, and strategic teams.

Follow-Up reports
The assessments come with interesting and useful follow-up reports, like the Comparison Report and the Group Reports. These reports are an excellent tool to personalize and individualize the learning from DiSC-based interventions. The specific action points in every follow-up report result in sustained development efforts.

Strengthscape’s DiSC Certification (also called the Behavioral Consultant Program), delivered by globally renowned faculty is a highly interactive program that reviews various personality theories and deep dives into the DISC model, adult learning principles, and some latest experiments in the area of neuroscience to enable a comprehensive understanding of behavioral change. It enables consultants, trainers, and coaches to confidently debrief users on the DISC assessment reports. It further provides insights into the facilitation methods for delivering DiSC-based training programs.

The DiSC Certification will dive deep into the theories of psychology and DiSC and equip you with in-depth knowledge of the DiSC model. The program is designed to enable you to administer relevant DiSC assessments & conduct training and coaching sessions using DiSC profiles.

Our high experienced DiSC facilitators will take you through the nuances of DiSC using in highly engaging and experiential sessions. We offer the DiSC Certification in three formats: In-person Classroom Sessions, Instructor-Led Online Classes, Self-Paced E-Learning modules, and Enterprise Versions.

Working professionals deal with numerous stakeholders on regular basis. Each person is different – behavioral and work priorities differ widely. It is these differences that make human interactions complicated.

  • The DiSC model is the answer to understanding human behavior and priorities.
  • Strengthscape’s DiSC Trainer Certification program provides an in-depth understanding of the DiSC model of human behavior and trains professionals on how to use the dimensions of DiSC- Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness, to de-code people’s behavior.
  • Our DiSC Trainer Certification is experiential training. We provide extensive follow-up options with our Trainer’s Login, for mastery in the application of DiSC profiles.
  • DiSC profiles are used globally by major government agencies and Fortune 500 companies to hire, develop and retain the best talent, manage conflicts, increase managerial effectiveness, create leaders, and build cohesive teams.
  • Our DiSC Trainer Certification combines online assessment, classroom facilitation, and post-training follow-up opportunities to create a powerful, personalized learning experience.
  • Strengthscape offers the DiSC Trainer certification as a Face to face (In Person) Program, Online Live Virtual Program, E-learning based, and an Enterprise Certification.
  • Complimentary access to DISC eLearning modules for 7.

DiSC Profiles:

Everything DiSC Workplace

Everything DiSC Workplace – The Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile can be administered across verticals and helps build better workplace relationships.

Download Sample Report

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders – Using the framework of Vision, Alignment, and Execution, Work of Leaders encourages leaders to understand their own leadership behaviors and how these behaviors impact their effectiveness.

Download Sample Report

Everything DiSC Sales Profile

Everything DiSC Sales Profile – Everything DiSC® Sales provides insights into behavioral priorities and teaches salespeople how to connect better with their customers to enhance professional effectiveness.

Download Sample Report

Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team

Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team – The assessment brings together the best-seller by Patrick Lencioni – The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and DiSC. This report is designed to provide a clear, concise, and practical guide to creating cohesive teams.

Download Sample Report

Everything DiSC Management

Everything DiSC Management

Everything DiSC Management – Everything DiSC® Management Profile teaches managers how to bring out the best in each employee. It is the most in-depth easily customizable DiSC®-based management training solution.

Download Sample Report

Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders

Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders – Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders combines the best 360° feedback with the simplicity and power of DiSC®, plus three strategies for improving leadership effectiveness.

Download Sample Report

DiSC Classic

DiSC Classic – DiSC Classic is the original DiSC assessment. This assessment can be administered across verticals and can help improve communication, ease frustration and conflict and develop effective managers and teams.

Download Sample Report

Very often, we attend a certification program with enthusiasm and then after a few months, realize that we have not really applied the new knowledge to real life. Lessons are forgotten and the training material is lost in the pile.

Strengthscape supports its trainers on a long-term basis by providing complimentary consulting and advisory services for implementing DiSC-based training interventions. Our aim is to give you all the skills and resources you need to become a DiSC trainer in its true sense.

Hence, we provide a comprehensive library of resources as a part of the certification. By providing access to an online Trainer’s Login, we provide a unique opportunity to access a range of training games and activities. Online access also means that you also get updated material and have no risk of losing the material.

DiSC Assessment Report
Every participant takes the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment and is provided with a personalized report.

EPIC sub-account
Electronic Profile Information Center is a 24/7 website that works as a self-service portal to administer and generate DiSC profiles, reports, facilitator reports, group reports, comparison reports, and other supporting DiSC documents on demand. This ensures that a trainer is equipped with the basic resources for undertaking DiSC-based facilitation.

Access to Trainer’s Login
Trainer’s Login is a repository of learning resources. The trainer’s login is updated frequently.

  1. Master presentation on DiSC
  2. Case Studies
  3. Marketing Resources
  4. Ideas for conducting DiSC based games and activities
  5. Price Lists
  6. Brochures and Sample Reports
  7. Tutorials for EPIC Account
  8. Facilitation Checklists

Subscription to Live Virtual Classes and the E-learning module (conditions apply).

After the DiSC Trainer Certification, you have the rights to:

  • Administer and interpret all Everything DiSC assessments globally
    Facilitate end-user training and coaching sessions using Everything DiSC Profiles
  • Create an EPIC Sub Account with Strengthscape*
  • Create EPIC Sub Accounts for your customers or organization under your EPIC account.
  • EPIC Account will be opened at the time of Certification for participants who opt for the Certification with EPIC Account.

After the DiSC Trainer Certification, you may:

  • Schedule complimentary one to one sessions with Strengthscape team to discuss DiSC application for your organization and clients
  • Access Trainer’s Login on the Strengthscape website
    Subscribe to Live Virtual Online Classes and the E-learning module (conditions apply)
  • Create your trainer profile on the Strengthscape website
  • Order EPIC credits and profiles anytime 24×7. We provide gold standard customer service to our DiSC certified trainers and facilitators.
  • Get volume discounts on DiSC profiles and facilitation kits.
  • Gain the internationally recognized DiSC Trainer Certification.
  • Design assessment-based corporate solutions ranging from recruitment to succession planning and individual and team development interventions.
  • Have the flexibility to administer and manage the DiSC profile using the EPIC Account.
  • Use the best-in-class DiSC Facilitation kits to deliver high-impact interventions.
  • If you are a job seeker or looking for a change of job, the DiSC Trainer Certification will act as an instant boost, improving your marketability as a professional.
  • Understand human behavior and create better workplace relationships
    Manage teams more effectively with a deeper knowledge of behavioral priorities.
  • Drive learning initiatives using DiSC profiles.
  • L & OD Professionals – Design and deliver tailor-made training interventions that integrate unique motivators into the learning process for a sustained development effort.
  • People Managers – Know people better, to manage them better. Master the art of delegation and motivation to create highly motivated teams.
  • Executive & Life Coaches – Use the highly reliable and valid DiSC tools to create truly impactful coaching journeys with role-specific assessments.
  • Behavioral Trainers – Gain an internationally recognized certification and enhance the effectiveness and objectivity of your training programs.
  • Sales Professionals – Understand your customers better and learn to create a sales pitch that resonates with the client’s priorities.
  • HR students and professionals – Design assessment-based corporate solutions ranging from recruitment to succession planning and build development interventions for both individuals and groups.

Effective communication is a result of designing a message that best resonates with the priorities of the other individual. Use DiSC to gain a better understanding of your own and others’ priorities and become an effective communicator.

Diversity Training
As organizations become more diversified it is important to understand and embrace all forms of diversity – cultural, ethnic, and even behavioral. Gain insights into behavioral diversity with DiSC.

Enhance your leadership skills and delve into strategic thinking with DiSC. Leverage knowledge of behavioral priorities to enhance your effectiveness as a leader.

Managerial Training
The biggest dilemma faced by managers is managing people. Managers have numerous stakeholders and creating a balance between them can be challenging. DiSC enables you to understand people better to manage them better.

Mentoring is a partnership created between the mentor and mentee. The success of this partnership depends on trust and understanding. Use DiSC for a deeper understanding of behaviors and drive objectivity.

A key aspect of onboarding is understanding the culture and people of the organization. Most onboarding journeys are focused on the organization and the teams but forget the people who make up the organization – and this is the first challenge faced by fresh recruits – how to deal with people. Use DiSC to bridge the onboarding gaps.

People are hired for talent and fired for behavior. Wrong hires are expensive. Avoid inappropriate hires by matching the behavioral priorities of the candidate to the requirement of the role, using DiSC.

Team Building
Build cohesive teams using DiSC by creating empathy and understanding. DiSC can help generate powerful conversations in teams and help create unlikely partnerships that are the key to high-performance teams.

Explore More

Everything DiSC Management

Everything DiSC Management is a behavioral assessment especially meant for people managers. It provides great insight on how one approach work priorities and relationships and workplace. It is based on a few principles: 

    • Everyone can be an effective manager irrespective of one behavioral priorities or in other words irrespective of one’s DiSC style
    • Self awareness is the key to personal and interpersonal effectiveness
    • It is possible to train one’s eye to observe other peoples behaviors and recognize their DiSC style
    • You can be more effective in your interactions with other by adapting your behaviors based on other’s priorities and preferences

Target Audience: Workplace Managers / People Managers / Early and Mid Managers 

Application: Managerial training programs, Teamwork and Conflict Management among team members, Personal development programs for managers.  

Scope: Addresses interpersonal issues related to one to one communication with one’s direct reports and supervisors. Provides insights related to one’s delegating and directing style, how one motivates others, one’s focus on developing team members and managing upwards. 

Features: The Everything DiSC Management Map provides insights on how people manage workplace priorities. The eight words around the map represent the priorities of the DiSC styles at workplace. Priorities relate the areas where people like to focus their energy (behaviorally). 

Time is a precious commodity. Most managers in their experience of leading people wonder if they could have more time on hand. Managerial positions come with loads of accountability. And because of the time pressure and the sense of accountability, many managers end up doing everything themselves. My learning the art of delegation, Managers can free up time for more strategic tasks. Delegation helps in motivating and developing people. It’s a critical driver for enhancing the bias for succession planning. Delegating, Motivating and developing add up to be major transitionary skills required for those moving from being an individual contributor to a people manager. Everything DiSC Management profile addresses these critical skills.  

Everything DiSC Management assessment enhances delegation skills to the extent that managers can comfortably delegate both routine and important tasks. They can take more inclusive decisions. Instead of vacillating between micromanagement and abdicating responsibility, they can share both responsibility and authority with their team members to accomplish routine and important tasks. Everything DiSC Management thus enhances the level of trust in teams. Lack of confidence in the art of delegating tasks leads to (1) managers doing most tasks, sometimes routine and trivial tasks (2) Fails to empower team members with the right level of authority to accomplish the tasks (3) Micromanages at every step compromising motivation and creativity (4) May set unrealistic expectations (5) May over delegate beyond the capability and influence of the team member. 

By gaining an in-depth understand of the behavioural styles, an appreciation of their own behavioural strengths and weaknesses and that of their team member can make changes to the process of delegation in way that there is a greater possibility of the tasks getting accomplished. It can lead to significant improvement in mutual trust, task outcomes and creativity. 

Everything DiSC Management Report and Developing Others: Another competency that managers are required to demonstrate is “developing direct reports”. Everything DiSC provides specific insights in how a manager prefers to develop his team members and how the team members may have different preferences for engaging in a development task or conversation. Early and ineffective managers may tend to demonstrate any of these derailing behaviours when it comes to developing others – (1) They may not prioritize people development in the plethora of tasks that they are responsible for (2) They may prioritize immediate results and tactical things by compromising long term development plans (3) They assume that development is natural and organic in nature so it requires no special effort or focus. (4) They may prefer recruiting talent as oppose to developing team members (5) May not know how to develop and how to customize their development approach to the needs and preferences of everyone. 

Facilitated by the Everything DiSC Management Report, skilled Managers provide an element of challenge every time they delegate to carefully develop their team members. By knowing the preferences and behavioural priorities of their team members, Managers develop their team members by customizing their own approach to the development tasks, style of delegation and the pace of the environment they create. Everything DiSC Management report adds individualization and effectiveness to the three factors critical for developing people – A willingness in the team member to develop (clarity of goals helps), an establish development process in an organization and (3) A manager who believes in developing people for his own and organization’s growth.  

Everything DiSC Management Report focuses on one to one relationship between the Manger and the team Manager on one hand and between the manager and Manager’s supervisor on the other. This reflects the reality of a Manager’s life. Frequently working within the constraints of the team competency and the aspirations of the senior management, Managers need to establish high trust relationships with both the sides to manage expectations and deliver business outcomes by getting the best from the team members and the senior management. 

Everything DiSC Management assessment addresses another critical area of a manager’s role – Motivating Others. Often, Managers may not understand what motivates others or how to go about motivating others. Many managers believe that everyone is motivated by the same thing – often money. This is far from true. Managers who are unable to motivate others often end up with team members who are underutilized, and unskilled. Managers who fail to motivate others fail to understand others and do not know how to read people with different priorities. They may end up being too judgemental and often put people into broad buckets / stereotypes. 

Everything DiSC Management report provides insights to help managers get the best from their team members by keeping them motivated to put in their best always. They can create an environment that people long for. They demonstrate great ability to read people and understand their aspirations, motivation and challenges. Managers skilled in motivating others can easily empower power and make every individual feel important and wanted on the team. Effective managers are viewed as being fair and transparent in all their transactions. 

Effective managers are flexible in their approach. They demonstrate managerial courage – They can situationally adapt themselves between task and people orientation. They provide direct and complete constructive feedback and are generous with praises for their team. They are not afraid to take corrective action when required either. Behavioural flexibility is neither easy nor quick. It takes conscious effort and specific inputs. Everything DiSC Management report helps managers build behavioural flexibility and managerial courage. 

Everything DiSC Workplace

Everything DiSC Workplace assessment by John Wiley & Sons, erstwhile Inscape Publishing, is one of the most popular DiSC self-assessments.  

A generic report, it supplements classroom training programs related to Business Communication, Team Building, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Workplace Productivity, Career Development, Conflict Resolution and Management Skills with personalized insights. By supporting and supplementing a soft skills training program with a DiSC assessment, trainers can personalize the learning experience of the participants.  

The key outcomes of using an Everything DiSC Workplace reports are: 

Understand Yourself Respondents can decipher their own behavioural priorities and preferences in a reliable way. 

Appreciate Others By gaining an understanding of other’s priorities and preferences, respondents can appreciate “why” someone behaves the way they do. This increases the likelihood of establishing instant rapport and high trust relationships. 

Enhance Interpersonal Effectiveness By learning about one’s own DiSC style and that of others, one can be more effective in communicating and interacting with others. Effectiveness rule states that you must treat others the way they wish to be treated. By understanding DiSC and knowing each other’s DiSC style, we could provide an easy and repeatable “method” to interact effectively. 

How can you I take an assessment? 

It’s simple. For each profile ordered through our service desk at contact@strengthscape.com, you will receive an email with the link to an assessment. The link is unique to each respondent and must not be shared. By clicking on the link, you will be led to an online assessment that takes about 20-25 minutes to answer. Once you submit your responses, a personalized report is automatically generated.  

If you are participating in a team program, you administrator will send the link to you. Your facilitator may choose to share the report with you later during the training program. 

Everything DiSC Workplace Report is a generic profile which means that you could take this assessment to understand your workplace priorities irrespective of your role, title or seniority at workplace. The ensuing 20-page report will provide multiple insights including your motivators and stressors. It helps you understand what your behavioural strengths and challenges are. It will further provide an insight into how to be more effective in your interaction with others.  

The language of the report is simple and easy to understand for most non-native English-speaking respondents. The report is narrative and provides personalized reading experience. The report is greatly enhanced by easy-to-understand visuals.  

By using adaptive testing, the assessment promises accuracy, reliability, and validity. Many other DISC assessments use what is called a Forced Choice Questionnaire that has a four-point scale of “Most or Least” like them, Adaptive testing uses a five-point scape to capture the priorities of the respondent.  

Adaptive Testing adjusts the questionnaire based on the responses to understand the respondent’s preferences better. The assessment also adjusts to reveal and resolve any inconsistencies in the responses to determine true preferences. This greatly enhances the accuracy, reliability, and validity of the assessment.  

Furthermore, by using a circumplex to exhibit a person’s DiSC style and an 8-point scale instead of a regular 4-point scale, the assessment provides a personalized reading experience to the respondent. 

Everything DiSC Workplace Report is one of the most advanced, contemporary, and highly reliable DiSC report available today and presents the widest application at both home and workplace. 

In addition to the self-assessment report, there are many follow up reports available to support your learning. Follow-up reports are customized reports created after the self-assessment is completed by the respondent. As a respondent, you could learn about your own style and compare your style to that of your colleagues by using a profile comparison tool named MyEverythingDiSC.com. There is also a provision to create group reports that determine the dominant culture in a group. 

DiSC for every HR Professional

The role of Human Resources (HR) professionals in organizations has been evolving rapidly in recent years. Beyond traditional recruitment and retention practices, HR professionals are now responsible for creating a positive and engaging work culture, developing and training employees, and enhancing the overall employee experience. To do so effectively, HR professionals need to understand individual behavioral patterns, which can be achieved through psychometric assessments. The DiSC profile is a widely used psychometric tool that provides insights into an individual’s behavioral style. To become proficient in administering and interpreting this tool, HR professionals can get DiSC certified with Strengthscape, a comprehensive program that equips HR professionals with the necessary skills to drive behavioral change in the workplace. 

What is DiSC? 

DiSC is a behavioral assessment tool that measures an individual’s behavioral style across four dimensions – Dominance (D), Influence (i), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C). Based on the individual’s responses to a set of questions, a report is generated that identifies their primary and secondary behavioral styles, along with their strengths and areas for improvement. 

The DiSC model has been widely used in the workplace to enhance employee communication, teamwork, and leadership. Understanding one’s own behavioral style and that of others can help individuals appreciate diversity, reduce conflict, and build trust among team members. DiSC assessments can also help identify potential job fit, enhance employee development, and support career planning. 

Why get DiSC certified with Strengthscape? 

While the DiSC tool is easy to administer, interpreting the results and driving behavioral change requires specific skills and knowledge. This is where Strengthscape’s DiSC certification program comes in. The program provides HR professionals with comprehensive training on how to use DiSC to drive behavioral change and improve employee performance. 

The DiSC certification program offered by Strengthscape covers a range of topics, including:

Understanding the DiSC model: The program starts by providing an in-depth understanding of the DiSC model, its four dimensions, and how it can be used in the workplace. HR professionals will learn how to administer the assessment, interpret the results, and provide feedback to employees. 

Driving behavioral change: The program focuses on how to use DiSC to drive behavioral change in the workplace. HR professionals will learn how to create customized development plans for employees based on their DiSC results. They will also learn how to coach employees and managers to use the DiSC tool to improve communication, teamwork, and leadership. 

Enhancing team performance: The program provides strategies on how to use DiSC to enhance team performance. HR professionals will learn how to use DiSC to identify team strengths and areas for improvement. They will also learn how to create team development plans and facilitate team-building sessions. 

Applying DiSC to different scenarios: The program covers how to apply DiSC to different workplace scenarios, including recruitment, career development, and conflict resolution. HR professionals will learn how to use DiSC to identify potential job fit, support employee career planning, and reduce conflict in the workplace. 

Benefits of getting DiSC certified with Strengthscape 

Comprehensive training: The DiSC certification program offered by Strengthscape provides comprehensive training on how to use DiSC to drive behavioral change in the workplace. HR professionals will gain a deep understanding of the DiSC model, its applications, and how to use it to enhance employee performance. 

In-depth knowledge of psychometric tools: In addition to DiSC, the program covers other psychometric tools that HR professionals can use to enhance employee development and performance. HR professionals will gain an in-depth understanding of psychometric tools and how to use them effectively in the workplace.

Benefits of DiSC Certification

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, understanding individual behavioral patterns and creating a positive work environment is crucial to achieving business success. The DiSC profile is a popular behavioral assessment tool that provides valuable insights into an individual’s behavioral style. By getting DiSC certified, HR professionals and job seekers can gain a comprehensive understanding of the DiSC model and its applications, allowing them to design assessment-based corporate solutions that range from recruitment to succession planning and individual and team development interventions. 

One of the significant advantages of being DiSC certified is the flexibility to administer and manage the DiSC profile using the EPIC Account. The EPIC Account is an online platform that allows DiSC certified professionals to manage and administer assessments easily. It provides a secure platform to access and store assessment reports, manage users, and customize reports as per the client’s requirements. 

In addition to administering assessments, DiSC certified professionals can use the best-in-class DiSC Facilitation kits to deliver high-impact interventions. These facilitation kits are designed to help professionals create customized development plans based on an individual’s DiSC results. The kits also provide strategies on how to use DiSC to enhance team performance, facilitate team-building sessions, and apply DiSC to different workplace scenarios, including recruitment, career development, and conflict resolution. 

For job seekers or those looking for a change of job, the DiSC Trainer Certification can act as an instant boost, improving marketability as a professional. Being DiSC certified demonstrates an individual’s expertise in administering and interpreting behavioral assessments, making them a valuable asset for any organization. 

Understanding human behavior and creating better workplace relationships is another key benefit of being DiSC certified. The DiSC model provides insights into an individual’s behavioral style and helps HR professionals identify potential job fit, support employee career planning, and reduce conflict in the workplace. By understanding behavioral priorities, managers can manage teams more effectively, creating a positive work environment that promotes employee engagement and satisfaction. 

Driving learning initiatives using DiSC profiles is another way HR professionals can benefit from being DiSC certified. The DiSC model can be used to design assessment-based corporate solutions that range from recruitment to succession planning and individual and team development interventions. By designing learning initiatives based on an individual’s DiSC results, HR professionals can create a customized development plan that addresses specific behavioral challenges, enhancing employee development and performance. 

In conclusion, getting DiSC certified is an excellent way for HR professionals and job seekers to gain a comprehensive understanding of individual behavioral patterns and create positive work environments that drive business success. DiSC certification provides the flexibility to administer and manage assessments using the EPIC Account, access to best-in-class DiSC Facilitation kits, and the ability to drive learning initiatives using DiSC profiles. Additionally, being DiSC certified improves marketability as a professional and enhances an individual’s ability to understand human behavior, manage teams more effectively, and create better workplace relationships. 

DISC Certification for Executive Coaches: Elevating Your Coaching Practice


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on DISC certification for executive coaches. In this article, we will explore how DISC certification can empower executive coaches to better understand their clients, enhance their coaching effectiveness, and unlock new opportunities in the coaching industry. With a focus on executive coaching, we will delve into the benefits, training options, and practical applications of DISC certification in this specialized field. 

Understanding DISC for Executive Coaching 

DISC is a powerful behavioral assessment tool that enables executive coaches to gain insights into their clients’ personalities, communication styles, and leadership tendencies. By understanding the nuances of their clients’ behavioral preferences, executive coaches can tailor their coaching approach to meet their clients’ specific needs, drive personal growth, and achieve professional success. 

The Benefits of DISC Certification for Executive Coaches 

Enhanced Client Understanding and Rapport 

DISC certification equips executive coaches with the ability to assess their clients’ DISC profiles and gain a deep understanding of their strengths, motivators, and challenges. This knowledge allows coaches to establish a strong rapport with their clients, build trust, and create a safe space for open and meaningful conversations. 

Tailored Coaching Approaches 

With DISC certification, executive coaches can customize their coaching strategies to align with their clients’ unique behavioral styles. By leveraging the insights gained from DISC assessments, coaches can provide targeted guidance, support, and development plans that address specific areas of improvement and capitalize on their clients’ natural talents. 

Effective Communication and Influence 

Effective communication is at the core of successful coaching relationships. DISC certification enables executive coaches to adapt their communication styles to suit their clients’ preferences. By tailoring their language, tone, and approach, coaches can effectively convey their messages, inspire change, and facilitate breakthroughs. 

Leadership Development 

Executive coaching often involves working with leaders and executives. DISC certification provides executive coaches with valuable tools to enhance leadership development initiatives. By helping leaders understand their own leadership styles and the impact they have on their teams, coaches can guide them in becoming more self-aware, emotionally intelligent, and influential leaders. 

Market Differentiation and Credibility 

DISC certification sets executive coaches apart in a competitive coaching industry. By showcasing their certification, coaches demonstrate their commitment to professional development and their ability to provide value-added services. This can attract potential clients, enhance their credibility, and open doors to new coaching opportunities. 

Obtaining DISC Certification for Executive Coaches 

To obtain DISC certification as an executive coach, there are various training programs available. These programs provide in-depth knowledge on administering DISC assessments, interpreting results, and applying the insights to executive coaching engagements. It is essential to choose a reputable and accredited training provider to ensure the quality and validity of the certification. 


DISC certification for executive coaches offers a wealth of benefits, enabling coaches to understand their clients at a deeper level, tailor their coaching approaches, and drive meaningful change. By incorporating DISC assessments and principles into their practice, executive coaches can enhance their effectiveness, foster stronger client relationships, and differentiate themselves in the coaching industry. Embrace the power of DISC certification and elevate your executive coaching practice to new heights of success. 


We believe that leaders are made. Through careful nurturing, structured learning, and enriching experience. Nurture wins over nature.


We believe that humans have an unlimited capacity to learn. You may differ in your natural talents, preferences, and learning styles; but YOU can be whatever YOU set out to be. The world is your oyster!


The role of a facilitator and trainer in adult learning, is to challenge the assumptions,reframe the experience, and change perspectives. They enable learning by creating conversations that enable the learners to reflect on their own personalities, experiences, and priorities.


Teamwork that leads to high, consistent performance, represents the highest form of competitive advantage. Teamwork is not a function of time, role, or situation, but is an outcome of a collective goal – a conscious, consistent, and targeted effort by each of the team members.

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