DiSC Trainer Certification by Strengthscape, An Everything DiSC authorized partner

What is DiSC?

DiSC is the leading psychometric assessment tool used by more than 45 million people globally, to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. Every year, more than a million people worldwide participate in programs that use DiSC assessments.

These assessments are based on the DiSC model, a widely recognized behavioural model. The model was developed by William Moulton Marston and is made up of four basic styles – D, i, S, C.

The model enumerates the behavioural priorities of the four styles. Unlike personality tests, there are no good or bad DiSC styles and each person is a blend of all four styles, with a priority towards one style.

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DiSC can help you with:

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    Increasing Self-Awareness

    DiSC profiles can help you understand your own behavioural priorities. The rich narrative of all the Everything DiSC assessments is a powerful tool that provides and in-depth analysis of your behavioural priorities. It gives insights into the strengths and challenges of each style and can pave the way for sustained self-improvement

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    Understanding Others

    We work with and meet numerous people every day. Sometimes we understand of their behaviour and at times are shocked by it! Knowing the behavioural style of people around us can bridge gaps in our understanding and result in true empathy.

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    Identifying Others’ Styles

    Understanding the DiSC model not only enhances self-awareness but also enables people to recognize the behavioural styles of other people. This understanding is the basis for developing effective workplace relationships.

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    Behavioural Flexibility

    The final and most critical outcome of DiSC based training is behavioural flexibility. Self-awareness and understanding others is not adequate, what leads to effectiveness is being able to flex your behaviour based on priorities of other people. This is the key message of any DiSC-based intervention.

Why use DiSC

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DiSC is widely used in workplaces to bring greater understanding of human behaviour and thereby creating effective and healthy relationships. DiSC can be used for numerous development interventions ranging from communication to team building, across verticals and roles. DiSC-based interventions bring objectivity and scientifically researched theories that multiply the impact of any intervention, manifold.

Everything DiSC are a range of assessments based on the DiSC Model and are a result of decades of research. In fact, DiSC Classic – a Everything DiSC tool, is the first ever DiSC assessment!

Everything DiSC products have been translated into 30 different languages and are used in 70 Countries.

Strengthscape is an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner. We sell the entire series of Everything DiSC products.

Our DiSC Certification, delivered by globally renowned faculty is an interactive program that dives deep into the theories of DiSC and neuroscience to enable comprehensive understanding of DiSC.

Strengthscape’s expertise and the Everything DiSC range of assessments come together to bring to you the most effective range of workplace interventions.

How are we different

  • Experienced consultants

    Strengthscape is a front-runner in DiSC based interventions. Akash Chander is a pioneer in DiSC training. Our team of expert DiSC trainers understand the nuances of DiSC in-depth and bring keen insight into business and psychology.

  • Simple yet powerful

    The Everything DiSC profiles come with a simple yet powerful narrative that drive crucial conversations and change within organizations.

  • Extensive post program support

    We at Strengthscape, pride ourselves in providing continuous and extensive support post any program – be it our flagship DiSC certification or a DiSC-based corporate intervention.

Why is DiSC No.1

  • Highly Accurate & Reliable

    The profile uses Adaptive Testing – a method that adapts the questions based on the respondent’s answer. This results in highly accurate & reliable DiSC results.

  • Role specific assessments

    The Everything DiSC suite of assessments has over 10 different profiles that are role specific ranging from fresh recruits to managers, leaders and strategic teams.

  • Follow-Up reports

    The assessments come with interesting and useful follow-up reports, like the Comparison Report and the Group Reports. These reports are an excellent tool to personalize and individualize the learning from DiSC based interventions. The specific action-points in every follow-up report result in sustained development efforts.

About DiSC Certification Program

assessments and certifications

Strengthscape’s DiSC Certification (also called the Behavioral Consultant Program), delivered by globally renowned faculty is a highly interactive program that reviews various personality theories and deep dives into the DISC model, adult learning principles, and some latest experiments in the area of neuroscience to enable a comprehensive understanding of behavioral change. It enables consultants, trainers, and coaches to confidently debrief users on the DISC assessment reports. It further provides insights into the facilitation methods for delivering DiSC based training programs.

The DiSC Certification will dive deep into the theories of psychology and DiSC and equip you with in-depth knowledge of the DiSC model. The program is designed to enable you to administer relevant DiSC assessments & conduct training and coaching sessions using DiSC profiles.

Our highly experience DiSC facilitators will take you through the nuances of DiSC using in highly engaging and experiential sessions. We offer the DiSC Certification in three formats: In-person Classroom Sessions, Instructor-Led Online Classes , Self-Paced E-Learning modules and Enterprise Version.

DiSC Certification – Packages Available

in person

The 2-day in-person classroom session is conducted by our master trainers. The session provides hands-on and in-depth experience on DiSC behaviours. Experience the power of DiSC first-hand in this highly experential workshop.


The instructor-led online classes, leverage technology to create a highly interactive online learning experience. Collaborate with participants from across the globe, from the comfort of your home through the Online Classes.


Our e-learning based DiSC Certification will enable participants to learn at their own pace and time through our highly engaging and interactive e-learning DiSC module.

The Enterprise Version is best suited for organizations that use or proposes to use DiSC extensively. Master trainers from Strengthscape conduct a two-day in-person DiSC Certification, exclusively for internal teams of organizations.

DiSC Certification Testimonials

DiSC Course Details

Working professionals deal with numerous stakeholders on regular basis. Each person is different – behavioural and work priorities differ widely. It is these differences that make human interactions complicated.

  • The DiSC model is the answer to understanding human behaviour and priorities.
  • Strengthscape’s DiSC Trainer Certification program provides an in-depth understanding of the DiSC model of human behaviour and trains professionals on how to use the dimensions of DiSC- Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness, to de-code people’s behaviour.
  • Our DiSC Trainer Certification is an experiential training. We provide extensive follow-up options with our Trainer’s Login, for mastery in application of DiSC profiles.
  • DiSC profiles are used globally by major government agencies and Fortune 500 companies to hire, develop and retain the best talent, manage conflicts, increase managerial effectiveness, create leaders and to build cohesive teams.
  • Our DiSC Trainer Certification combines online assessment, classroom facilitation, and post-training follow-up opportunities to create a powerful, personalized learning experience.
  • Strengthscape offers the DiSC Trainer certification as a Face to face (In Person) Program, Online Live Virtual Program, E-learning based and the Enterprise Certification.
  • Complimentary access to DISC eLearning modules for 7 days

DiSC Certification Session Plan

SL. NO Session Scope Outcome
1 Getting Started Brief self-introduction followed by each participant describing Prepare for the days ahead by gathering expectations, assimilating key questions about the human behaviour and understanding how the participants wish to apply DiSC
2 Neuroscience of Learning This session takes a dig into the latest research in the field of neuroscience and how it is providing exciting new ways of managing ourselves and others at workplace. Describe  the process of learning and assemble a checklist of factors that need to be considered while working on behavioural change.
3 Behaviour and Personality By taking example from a wide array of situations, the session discusses various personality theories and how they lead us towards the DiSC model Understand the difference between behaviour and personality: static and dynamic aspects of change
4 T-F-B Model Dig into the interplay of thoughts, feeling,and behaviour and how they can impact our relationship with ourselves and others Apply the T-F-B model to common coaching and training situations by identifying the levers of behavioural change
5 Evolution of DiSC Map the evolution of DiSC from prehistoric times to its commercialization. Reconstruct  the evolution of DiSC and identify the main turning points. Appreciate the copyright issues and competition. Relate the changes in our understanding of behaviour to the development of the psychometric assessments.
6 Introduction to DiSC Model An introduction to the DiSC model, the environmental axis and the resulting behavioural dimensions. Define  behavioural strengths and challenges. Label the 4 behavioural dimensions and understand overuse situations.
7 Ten behavioural dimensions Discuss the attributes of the 4 dimensional styles using everyday examples. Solve  the behavioural puzzle using the understanding of the 4 dimensions of behaviour and the negative correlation of the opposite scales.
8 EPIC System Tour of the EPIC system and its features Set Up  your EPIC account, generate group and team view reports. Recognize the importance of the EPIC account and its power features.
9 DiSC Classic Discuss the construction of the DiSC Classic report and discuss interpretation issues Learn   to read the intensity index and the DiSC Classic Graphs. Describe the classical patterns and the elements of the DiSC Classic report.
10 Everything DiSC Construction of the Everything DiSC circumplex, priority words and shading. Introduction to various types of reports including facilitator report, group reports and team view reports. Prepare  to interpret Everything DiSC reports and demonstrate the ability to select the right report based on business application.
11 Coaching with DiSC Engage in one to one interpretation and coaching session and discuss issues related to behavioural self-awareness, change and the coaching process Construct  a checklist for conducting interpretation sessions. Apply the DiSC model and the insights from the reports. Practice interpretation session with co-participants.
12 Beyond DiSC Presentation of various reports including five behaviours & the beyond DiSC series Review  various profiles and how they can be used to support training and coaching initiatives.
13 Training with DiSC Relate DiSC assessments to training objectives and design and develop DiSC based training programs. Facilitate  a DiSC based training module to drive behavioural effectiveness among the participants. Demonstrate the ability to design and deliver DiSC based workplace training interventions.
14 Leadership development with DiSC Review the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders and Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders reports Apply  in leadership development initiatives. Distinguish between the application of Everything DiSC Work of Leaders and Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders profiles.
15 Reliability of DiSC A business oriented session to discuss the need, features and benefits of applying DiSC at workplace. Also review the resources and post workshop support provided by Strengthscape. Plan  your journey towards mastery of DiSC based training and coaching interventions and assimilate ideas and structures for creating a successful business.
16 Application of DiSC A de-brief session will be conducted by the participants after administering the assessment to another person. The session will provide insights into actual application of the tool. Apply  DiSC in a practice session to delve deep into the narration and nuances of the report. Assimilate the learning through real life scenario.
17 Beyond DiSC Presentation of various reports including five behaviours & the beyond DiSC series Review  various profiles and how they can be used to support training and coaching initiatives.

DiSC Profiles:

Everything DiSC Workplace ColorEverything DiSC Workplace – The Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile can be administered across verticals and helps build better workplace relationships. Download Brochure HereDownload Sample Report

Everything-DiSC-Management-ColorEverything DiSC Management – Everything DiSC® Management Profile teaches managers how to bring out the best in each employee. It is the most in-depth easily customizable DiSC®-based management training solution. Download Brochure HereDownload Sample Report

Everything-DiSC-Work-of-Leaders-ColorEverything DiSC Work of Leaders – Using the framework of Vision, Alignment, and Execution, Work of Leaders encourages leaders to understand their own leadership behaviors and how these behaviors impact their effectiveness. Download Brochure HereDownload Sample Report

Everything-DiSC-363-for-Leaders-ColorEverything DiSC 363 for Leaders – Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders combines the best of 360° feedback with the simplicity and power of DiSC®, plus three strategies for improving leadership effectiveness. Download Brochure HereDownload Sample Report

Everything-DiSC-Sales-ColorEverything DiSC Sales Profile – Everything DiSC® Sales provides insights into behavioural priorities and teaches salespeople how to connect better with their customers to enhance professional effectiveness. Download Brochure HereDownload Sample Report

DiSC-Classic--Classic-Logo-BlueDiSC Classic – DiSC Classic is the original DiSC assessment. This assessment can be administered across verticals and can help improve communication, ease frustration and conflict and develop effective managers and teams. Download Brochure HereDownload Sample Report

Five Behaviors AP logoFive Behaviours of a Cohesive Team – The assessment brings together the best-seller by Patrick Lencioni – The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and DiSC. This report is designed to provide clear, concise, and practical guide to creating cohesive teams. Download Brochure HereDownload Sample Report

Material provided

Very often, we attend a certification program with enthusiasm and then after a few months, realize that we have not really applied the new knowledge to real life. Lessons are forgotten and the training material lost in the pile.

Strengthscape supports its trainers on a long term basis by providing complimentary consulting and advisory services for implementing DiSC based training interventions. Our aim is to give you all the skill and resources you need to become a DiSC trainer in its true sense.

Hence, we provide a comprehensive library of resources as a part of the certification. By providing access to an online Trainer’s Login, we provide a unique opportunity to access a range of training games and activities. Online access also means that you also get updated material and have no risk of loosing the material.

  • DiSC Assessment Report

    Every participant takes the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment and is provided with a personalized report.

  • EPIC sub account

    Electronic Profile Information Center is a 24/7 website which works as a self-service portal to administer and generate DiSC profiles, reports, facilitator reports, group reports, comparison reports and other supporting DiSC documents on demand. This ensures that a trainer is equipped with the basic resources for undertaking DiSC based facilitation.

  • Access to Trainer’s Login

    Trainer’s Login is a repository of learning resources. The trainer’s login is updated frequently.

    1. Master presentation on DiSC
    2. Case Studies
    3. Marketing Resources
    4. Ideas for conducting DiSC based games and activities
    5. Price Lists
    6. Brochures and Sample Reports
    7. Tutorials for EPIC Account
    8. Facilitation Checklists
  • Subscription

    Subscription to Live Virtual Classes and the E-learning module (conditions apply)

Post Certification Engagement:

After the DiSC Trainer Certification, you have the rights to:

  • Administer and interpret all Everything DiSC assessments globally
  • Facilitate end user training and coaching sessions using Everything DiSC Profiles
  • Create an EPIC Sub Account with Strengthscape*
  • Create EPIC Sub Accounts for your customers or organization under your EPIC account.
  • EPIC Account will be opened at the time of Certification for participants who opt for the Certification with EPIC Account.

After the DiSC Trainer Certification, you may:

  • Schedule complimentary one to one session with Strengthscape master trainers to discuss DiSC application for your organization and clients
  • Access Trainer’s Login on Strengthscape website
  • Subscribe to Live Virtual Online Classes and the E-learning module (conditions apply)
  • Create your trainer profile on Strengthscape website
  • Order EPIC credits and profiles anytime 24×7. We provide gold standard customer service to our DiSC certified trainers and facilitators.
  • Get volume discounts on DiSC profiles and facilitation kits

Benefits of Learning DiSC

  • Gain the internationally recognized DiSC Trainer Certification
  • Design assessment based corporate solutions ranging from recruitment to succession planning and individual and team development interventions
  • Have the flexibility to administer and manage DiSC profile using the EPIC Account
  • Use the best-in-class DiSC Facilitation kits to deliver high-impact interventions
  • If you are a job seeker or looking for a change of job, the DiSC Trainer Certification will act as an instant boost, improving your marketability as a professional
  • Understand human behaviour and create better workplace relationships
  • Manage teams more effectively with deeper knowledge of behavioural priorities
  • Drive learning initiatives using DiSC profiles

Who should get certified

  • L & OD Professionals – Design and deliver tailor-made training interventions integrate unique motivators into the learning process for a sustained development effort.
  • People Managers – Know people better, to manage them better. Master the art of delegation and motivation to create highly motivated teams.
  • Executive & Life Coaches – Use the highly reliable and valid DiSC tools to create truly impactful coaching journeys with role specific assessments.
  • Behavioural Trainers – Gain an internationally recognized certification and enhance the effectiveness and objectivity of your training programs.
  • Sales Professionals – Understand your customers better and learn to create a sales pitch that resonates with the client priorities.
  • HR students and professionals –  Design assessment based corporate solutions ranging from recruitment to succession planning and build development interventions for both individuals and groups.
who should attend

Application of DiSC Profiles

  • Communication

    Effective communication is a result of designing a message that best resonates with the priorities of the other individual. Use DiSC to gain better understanding of your own and other’s priorities and become an effective communicator.

  • Diversity Training

    As organizations become more diversified it is important to understand and embrace all forms of diversity – cultural, ethnic and even behavioural. Gain insights into behavioural diversity with DiSC.

  • Leadership

    Enhance your leadership skills and delve into strategic thinking with DiSC. Leverage knowledge of behavioural priorities to enhance your effectiveness as a leader.

  • Managerial Training

    The biggest dilemma faced by mangers is managing people. Managers have numerous stakeholders and creating a balance between them can be challenging. DiSC enables you to understand people better to manager them better.

  • Mentoring

    Mentoring is a partnership created between the mentor and mentee. The success of this partnership depends on trust and understanding. Use DiSC for deeper understanding of behaviours and drive objectivity.

  • Onboarding

    A key aspect of onboarding is understanding the culture and people of the organization. Most onboarding journeys are focused on the organization and the teams but forget the people who make up the organization – and this is the first challenge faced by fresh recruits – how to deal with people. Use DiSC to bridge the onboarding gaps.

  • Recruitment

    People are hired for talent and fired for behaviour. Wrong hires are expensive. Avoid inappropriate hires by matching the behavioural priorities of the candidate to the requirement of the role, using DiSC.

  • Team Building

    Build cohesive teams using DiSC by creating empathy and understanding. DiSC can help generate powerful conversations in teams and help create unlikely partnerships that are the key to high performance teams.

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