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Welcome to the transformative journey of becoming a DiSC Trainer Certification | Strengthscape, a pathway to mastering the art of behavioral analysis and enhancing workplace dynamics. DiSC, a leading psychometric assessment tool, empowers professionals across various sectors to understand and navigate the complexities of human behavior, fostering more effective and productive workplace relationships.

Introduction to DiSC Trainer Certification

The DiSC Trainer Certification | Strengthscape is a comprehensive program designed for professionals aiming to deepen their understanding of human behavior and apply this knowledge to facilitate positive change in organizations. This certification equips you with the skills to administer DiSC assessments, interpret results, and design impactful interventions tailored to diverse workplace scenarios.

Why Choose DiSC?

Selected by more than 50 million individuals for their developmental endeavours, DiSC is distinguished for its clear, precise, and practical approach in behavioral assessment. Enhanced by compelling visuals and detailed narrative reports, its broad workplace applicability and tailored reports cater to varied needs. Embarking on DiSC certification enriches your professional profile with a globally acknowledged credential, amplifying your expertise and career prospects.

Core Benefits of DiSC Trainer Certification | Strengthscape

  1. Expert Knowledge: Acquire in-depth insights into the DiSC model, learning how to leverage it for effective personality assessment and development.
  2. Practical Application: Through hands-on training, learn how to implement DiSC principles in real-world settings, crafting solutions that address specific organizational needs.
  3. Enhanced Credibility: Join an elite network of DiSC-certified professionals, recognized for their expertise in applying behavioral insights to drive organizational success.
  4. Personal Growth: Enhance your own self-awareness and interpersonal skills, applying DiSC insights to your professional and personal life.

Program Overview

Understanding DiSC

Embark on a journey to understand the four DiSC styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. Learn how these styles influence workplace behaviors, preferences, and interactions, and how to identify them in individuals and teams.

Certification Curriculum

Our certification program is meticulously designed to cover every aspect of the DiSC methodology:

  • Theoretical Foundations: Explore the psychological underpinnings of the DiSC model and its relevance in today’s work environment.
  • Assessment Mastery: Learn to administer and interpret DiSC assessments accurately, providing valuable insights to participants.
  • Facilitation Skills: Develop the ability to deliver engaging and effective DiSC workshops, fostering learning and development.
  • Application Strategies: Gain expertise in applying DiSC across various functions, including leadership, team building, and conflict resolution.

Learning Formats

We offer flexible learning formats to suit your needs, including:

  • In-Person Workshops: Delve into our dynamic, in-person workshops designed to offer you an engaging, hands-on learning environment. These two-day programs are held once or twice a year exclusively in India, providing an intensive experience that fosters deep understanding and practical skills in the DiSC methodology.
  • Virtual Classrooms: Experience the convenience and depth of our virtual classrooms, where you can participate in live, instructor-led online sessions without sacrificing the interactive quality of learning. Our virtual certification is structured as a 16-hour immersive program spread over two consecutive weekends, with four-hour sessions each Saturday and Sunday. This format is offered approximately 5-6 times annually. Reach out to us to discover the extensive support we provide to help you implement DiSC solutions effectively for your clients or colleagues.

Transforming Workplaces with DiSC

As a certified DiSC trainer, you will play a pivotal role in transforming workplace environments. Your expertise will enable organizations to:

  • Enhance communication and reduce conflicts, fostering a more collaborative atmosphere.
  • Develop effective leaders and cohesive teams, aligned with organizational goals.
  • Facilitate personal and professional development, helping individuals reach their full potential.

Lesson Plan

This 16-hour lesson plan, structured into four dynamic 4-hour modules, offers flexibility to adapt to group interactions. It includes interactive activities and real-time content sharing, ensuring an engaging and comprehensive learning experience.

Module One: Understanding Human Behavior

    • Begin with participant introductions and setting expectations for the course, delving into key questions about human behavior and DiSC application intentions.
    • Explore neuroscience’s contributions to understanding workplace behavior management, emphasizing learning processes and factors influencing behavioral change.
    • Discuss personality theories, distinguishing between behavior and personality, and how these concepts pave the way to the DiSC model.
    • Examine the Thoughts-Feelings-Behaviors (T-F-B) model, applying it to real-world coaching and training scenarios to identify behavioral change levers.

Module Two: DiSC Model Exploration

    • Trace DiSC’s historical development, understanding its evolution and relevance in modern psychometric assessments, while addressing copyright considerations.
    • Introduce the DiSC model, defining its behavioral dimensions and identifying strengths, challenges, and overuse scenarios.
    • Dive into the ten behavioral dimensions provided by DiSC, applying these concepts through practical examples to solve behavioral puzzles.
    • Navigate the EPIC system, learning to generate and interpret various reports, emphasizing the system’s utility in managing DiSC assessments.

Module Three: Proficiency in DiSC Profiles

    • Construct and interpret the Everything DiSC circumplex, familiarizing with different report types (please link to assessment page) to choose the appropriate one for each business context.
    • Practice one-on-one DiSC coaching, focusing on behavioral awareness, change facilitation, and applying report insights during interpretation sessions.
    • Broaden DiSC application, exploring various reports including the five behaviors and beyond DiSC series, to enhance training and coaching effectiveness.

Module Four: Applying DiSC in Professional Settings

    • Link DiSC assessments to training objectives, creating engaging DiSC-based programs to foster behavioral effectiveness.
    • Examine DiSC’s impact on leadership development, distinguishing between various leadership-oriented DiSC reports and their applications.
    • Discuss DiSC’s reliability and utility in the workplace, planning comprehensive DiSC application strategies to support organizational growth and individual development.
    • Conduct practice sessions to apply DiSC knowledge, interpreting assessments and integrating findings into actionable strategies for real-world application.

Who Should Enroll?

Embarking on the DiSC certification is an investment in your professional development and organizational success. The program not only offers you a certification but provides a toolkit for ongoing learning and application, ensuring you derive continuous value from your DiSC expertise.

  • Learning and Organizational Development (L&OD) & Human Resource Professionals: Elevate your training programs by designing and implementing bespoke interventions that incorporate unique motivational elements, fostering enduring development and growth.
  • Executive and Life Coaches: Leverage the robust and reliable DiSC tools to facilitate transformative coaching experiences. Tailor your approach with role-specific assessments to deliver profound and impactful coaching outcomes.
  • Behavioral Trainers: Attain a globally recognized certification that amplifies the impact, precision, and credibility of your behavioral training sessions, setting you apart in the field.
  • People Managers: Enhance your leadership skills by deepening your understanding of individual team members. Excel in the arts of delegation and motivation to foster a culture of high engagement and create inspired teams.
  • Sales Professionals: Fine-tune your approach to understanding and engaging customers by mastering how to align your sales strategies with client priorities, thereby enhancing relationship-building and sales outcomes.

Join Us

Become a certified DiSC trainer and usher in a new era of behavioral understanding and effectiveness in your organization. Enroll in our DiSC Trainer Certification program today and take the first step towards becoming a catalyst for positive change in the workplace.