Consulting is more than just giving advice. Strengthscape’s bespoke consulting projects have a hierarchy of purpose in different areas of expertise – corporate strategy, competency mapping, innovation, organization culture, human resources, and D&I, to accommodate a future workforce.

Our consultants bring deep functional expertise with real-world perspectives, providing a ‘third party’ lens to business issues and challenges. We take a holistic approach by capturing value across boundaries and organizational silos, aligning the project to the overall strategy and values of the organization. All projects begin with defining the benchmark for the future roadmap by evaluating the current state within the organization related to leadership, structure, processes, people, and climate issues using reliable assessment and survey tools.

As part of our consulting projects, we offer:

  • Support to facilitate visioning exercise along with defining organization culture and values
  • Consult for HR & Digital transformation
  • Define competency framework across roles
  • Plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion along with employee well-being
  • Conduct staff retreats
  • Equip managers, employees, and organizations for the future of work
  • Enable teams to innovate and facilitate design thinking and innovation conversations.

Keeping exponential growth and scalability in mind, we help improve communication channels and enable a pool of experts within the organization to drive the project internally in the long run.


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Organizational Development Consulting Firms

Organizational development consulting firms are responsible for the creation and improvement of system wide programs that support the growth of people and the development of  an organization. These firms help companies to improve, grow and cope with the design and application of effective strategies, and the useful business services to carry out and deliver them. An organization is comprised of individuals with their own unique set of needs. Each company has its own unique blueprint to do business. The consulting firms aim to take the existing blueprint and work with the company and its employees to achieve its strategic goals. Some organizations just work. They accomplish what they set out to do, powered by engaged employees with the tools and motivation to get the job done. Only few of them are designed to achieve this. Consulting firms help organizations improve their performance and become a better place to work by ensuring their entire organization can deliver on their strategy.  

Organizational development consulting firms plan to improve the performance and effectiveness of the organization, which harmonizes people, processes, and strategy. These firms know that the achievement of business objectives is brought about by people who are the key elements of each company. They support companies in organizational development to help them make their business more effective. They help to plan and deliver a performance management process that helps to measure the performance and results of the device or perform a comprehensive analysis of the competencies of the company and create a behavioral framework for years. The consultants and human resources experts work in partnership with the organization to ensure that people’s jobs meet the needs of their businesses and that individual functions are designed to strengthen their skills. They also help to make the most of the talent by working with them to get the right people in the right position to make the best contribution to their business.  

Organizational development consulting firms seek to improve an organization in handling of internal processes in dealing with situations such as change, decision making, leadership style, harmful conflict, building trust, teamwork, and communication. They help them achieve and exceed their business goals, increase employee engagement, employee retention and satisfaction. Organization development consultants seek to improve an organization’s supervision of  internal processes in dealing with situations such as modification, decision making, leadership style, conflicts, building faith, teamwork, and correspondence. They assess how an organization works and then give suggestions for improvement. OD consultants are typically hired to support organizations that are not working up to their potential and are in danger of failing. They make decisive changes to bring businesses back to fruitfulness. OD consultants enable organizations and their employees to think innovatively about new ways of working and getting results. 

Change Management Consulting

Change is an unavoidable aspect of business today. With change management consulting, firms work with consultants to relax the new distribution of supplies, budgets and other peculiarities of business activities and help make the fineness of an organization a steady process.  

Businesses avoided making major changes to their operations, yet with the rise of globalization, companies need to advance in order to compete on a global scale. With this modern emphasis on change, many firms have been utilizing change management consulting to boost transitions. 

Components of Change Management Consulting

When companies want to make important changes in the process of their business, they must take steps to make sure the process is productive. Change management consulting can assist companies to ensure that they change in an effective and efficient manner. The process of change management consulting depends on several components that help to reach this goal. Some of the most important components include –  

  • Outline a Vision – Before change can be executed, the consequences of the goal must be made clear. Sometimes a company makes mistakes by establishing a goal that is either too narrow in scope or unorganized in structure. A change management consultant can work with management to develop a goal that is financially appropriate, while also being optimistic about potential growth. By outlining the desired result of organized change, the objective can be more easily conveyed to the involved parties so that they are able to understand and connect with the benefits of the goal for themselves and the organization
  • Involve Senior Leadership – Change management consultants are aware that change must start with the leaders of an organization. Thus, they work directly with leaders in the execution of change drives to help achieve the desired results. Change management consultants can act as a middle man between conflicting senior leaders or even between senior leaders and staff
  • Develop a Change Management Plan – Companies should work with change management consultants to establish a clear change management plan to achieve the objectives. Initially an organization’s current ability to change must be evaluated by performing a change readiness assessment. This is followed by a risk analysis that determines any hindrances which may interfere with implementing change. Consultants and senior leaders can then use this change management plan to decide whether to implement changes all at once or in shifts
  • Engage Stakeholders –  At the center of any meaningful change are the people involved. Change management consulting helps firms by getting all stakeholders on board and keeping them informed. If individuals are resistant, consultants can effectively communicate with them to develop feedback on how to refine change management plans. By staying consistent and making use of consultants properly, important messages for change are intensified and senior leaders can make quicker progress towards their objectives
  • Create Infrastructure to Support Adoption – When an organization operates in the same manner for a long period, a tradition is formed. To implement change on a large scale, consultants work with organizations to help improve or even completely eradicate their organizational norms. By implementing training programs, effective strategies, and the providing all necessary equipment, consultants help organizations create an infrastructure for adopting change
  • Measure Progress –  The job of a change management consultant does not end after application. After changes have been noticed, consultants should regularly keep a watch on progress. Discovering the best metrics to evaluate progress allows consultants and leaders to make transformations when and where necessary. Measuring data can also provide new ideas for changes


If a company has undergone organizational change, bringing in change management consulting, can help get through a transition smoothly, effectively and with lesser problems. Some of the major benefits of hiring a change management consultant are mentioned below –  

  • Experience – The right management consultant comes with a lot of experience. Having led organizational change with different companies, they are likely to be aware of the dos and don’ts. They have the knowledge and experience needed to avoid common pitfalls during the organizational change
  • Tools – The management consultants are specialists employing different tools and procedures to get the work done more quickly and efficiently, than the internal sources can. They choose the right tools for the situation
  • Quick – Working with a change management consultant means there is no need to develop your own plans or divert important internal resources away from everyday business. It is faster and easier to adapt templates and models to your situation than to start from scratch. This way the planning and implementation of your change management process can get underway within a short period of time
  • Objective – A consultant brings objectivity to the change management process which can be beneficial in high level meetings 

To successfully battle in today’s speeding marketplace, companies need to be active; able to execute faster, with more compliance and adjustability. Organizations need to respond quickly to short-term requirements, while also anticipating and making room for long-term objectives. To defeat competitors, organizations need to manage change with accuracy and more expected results, and at a speed that is faster and more effective.  

To succeed and remain adjustable in today’s business environment, organizations must manage a wider range of development, requirements, and growth.Change management consulting experts help leading organizations achieve quick and reasonable results through change. They have helped leading organizations across multiple industries precede and execute large scale business change initiatives