Consulting is more than just giving advice. Strengthscape’s bespoke consulting projects have a hierarchy of purpose in different areas of expertise – corporate strategy, competency mapping, innovation, organization culture, human resources, and D&I, to accommodate a future workforce.

Our consultants bring deep functional expertise with real-world perspectives, providing a ‘third party’ lens to business issues and challenges. We take a holistic approach by capturing value across boundaries and organizational silos, aligning the project to the overall strategy and values of the organization. All projects begin with defining the benchmark for the future roadmap by evaluating the current state within the organization related to leadership, structure, processes, people, and climate issues using reliable assessment and survey tools.

As part of our consulting projects, we offer:

  • Support to facilitate visioning exercise along with defining organization culture and values
  • Consult for HR & Digital transformation
  • Define competency framework across roles
  • Plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion along with employee well-being
  • Conduct staff retreats
  • Equip managers, employees, and organizations for the future of work
  • Enable teams to innovate and facilitate design thinking and innovation conversations.

Keeping exponential growth and scalability in mind, we help improve communication channels and enable a pool of experts within the organization to drive the project internally in the long run.