Compared to job tasks, competencies are more durable. The focus of competencies is on the traits of people who do the work successfully or unsuccessfully. Skills are a component of individuals, not the task they perform. Competencies do better at identifying the distinctive qualities of people that contribute to success. In most traditional job descriptions, which often feature a brief list of knowledge, skills, and abilities that may not be particular to the position and may only cover technical skills, competencies have been missed or inadequately identified. 

Understanding and utilizing skills to produce a more competent workforce is essential to sustaining a competitive edge if fostering talent is crucial to an organization’s future success. With the application of competencies, learning and performance experts can significantly contribute to this future success. 

Key Takeaways

Without the leader’s support and buy-in, no initiative or project launched within an organization can succeed. Unfortunately, the majority of HR and L&OD professionals in the business find it challenging to secure leaders’ support for crucial projects. Competency Mapping is one such project. 

Strengthscape’s Webinar on Leadership Role in Competency Mapping will make it easier for professionals to comprehend why and how they might obtain leadership support and involvement in a competency management and mapping project that will be implemented either at the departmental or organizational level. 

Why Should You Attend?

  • Determine frequent problems encountered when attempting to gain leadership buy-in
  • Examine the leadership group’s potential contributions at each competency mapping stage 
  • Explain common methods and tactics for obtaining leadership input and support for competency mapping projects

Who Should Attend?

  • Human Resource Professionals 
  • Organizational Development professionals 
  • Business Professionals 
  • Managers and team leaders 
  • Learning and Development experts 

Competency mapping is a time-consuming, difficult undertaking. A project of this size requires good project planning, knowledgeable resources, and funding to be implemented successfully. There could be rework and iterations during the process. Leadership approval and input are essential at every stage of the process in order to streamline it and minimize the number of iterations.