The most important catastrophe of our time is climate change, which is unfolding even faster than we anticipated. Climate change will have disastrous effects on every region of the world. Environmental deterioration, natural disasters, meteorological extremes, food and water insecurity, economic instability, conflict, and terrorism are all being fueled by the current climate crisis.

Although all industries will be impacted by global warming, which is primarily brought on by the use of fossil fuels, those in the energy, water, agriculture, food production, transportation, construction, and energy-intensive industries like iron and steel, chemicals, and cement will be of particular concern. However, changes in input costs, shifting consumer patterns, demands for supply chain compliance, and industrial instruments are expected to have an impact on all workplaces and organizations.

Key Takeaways

Strengthscape’s ‘Reskilling to Manage Climate Crisis’ Webinar aims to explore the impact of climate change on business trends and workplace conditions. This webinar also discusses the need of the hour and what steps can we take to prevent the adverse consequences of the climate crisis for organizations. Lastly, this webinar dives deep into the role of HR in taking active measures for the same.

The objective of this webinar is to:

  • Relate with the ongoing climate change crisis
  • Explain how climate crisis will impact business and the workplace
  • Outline the role of HR and the reskilling required to deal with this climate crisis

To develop an organization that is environmentally conscious, resource-efficient, and socially responsible, this webinar emphasizes green human resources management, which is a collection of policies, practices, and systems that contribute to the climate sustainability journey.

Which Areas Do HR Need to Reconsider & Reskill to Deal with Climate Crisis?

  • People strategy
  • Employee well being
  • Ability to attract and retain talent
  • Changes to the work environment and internal climate
  • Be the guardians of the culture

As a response to the difficulties and disasters that the climate crisis has brought and increasingly threatens to bring to our globe, sustainability initiatives are expanding quickly within millions of businesses today.

The battle to halt climate change is fundamentally fought by organizations from all fields. A top-down strategy is crucial for businesses to flourish and advance in their sustainable journey, as is the backing of VPs and senior management, including People and HR.