One thing the worldwide epidemic has shown us is that things are moving faster and faster around us. Unpredictable events occur in this constantly evolving environment at accelerating rates. A VUCA world exists!

Rapidly developing technologies have a huge impact on company models and, on a larger scale, have an impact on entire economies. Organizations globally must deal with this unstable environment as global competition grows.

The abbreviation VUCA, which stands for volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous, was first used in the United States in the 1980s. The numerous components of the VUCA definition each accurately sum up our current situation! Therefore, individuals, businesses, and organizations face unforeseen obstacles as a result of the VUCA world.

So how can individuals, businesses, and organizations succeed in the VUCA world?

Key Takeaways

The typical problem-solving techniques employed in business and non-business situations are practically useless in the VUCA world. Today, we require a system that enables individuals and organizations to traverse these complicated issues by viewing the world through constantly evolving lenses, without relying on what has already happened (which is not very useful), and that enables us to get above the preconceptions and limitations of conventional knowledge. There is a technique that satisfies all of these requirements: design thinking.

Strengthscape’s ‘Design Thinking: Need of the Hour’ Webinar aims to highlight the role of this unique problem-solving approach in thriving in the VUCA world. Our own design thinking methodology FOOS (Failing Over & Over for Success) is a human-centric, structured approach that involves a wide ideation activity, conceptualizing implementable ideas and then fast-paced prototyping to arrive at the most feasible, acceptable and impactful solutions.

This webinar will help you:

  • Define the need for design thinking in the context of the VUCA world
  • Understand Strengthscape’s own methodology – FOOS
  • Understand our approach to design thinking

Why is Design Thinking the ideal method to tackle the challenges of the VUCA world?

  1. It begins with the requirements of the people who, in that situation and setting, must be met. What happened in the past is unimportant to the narrative.
  2. Involves all parties and takes into account all viewpoints. The various viewpoints are brought together to form a common understanding of the issue, and then a solution is found that meets the needs of all parties concerned.
  3. It has a flexible methodology that enables fruitful discourse to continue without becoming stuck. You constantly go forward, but if you have to, you can go back.
  4. Aims to swiftly validate a solution through an iterative process in order to learn new information and improve the solution.

Therefore, design thinking goes beyond the limitations of conventional problem-solving techniques to create fresh, inventive, and useful answers to the problems of the VUCA world.