Effective leaders take a personal interest in the long-term development of their employees, and they use tact and other social skills to encourage employees to achieve their best. It isn’t about being “nice” or “understanding”—it’s about tapping into individual motivations in the interest of furthering an organization wide goal – W.C.H. Prentice 

Each of us possess different leadership qualities. We approach leadership from a different starting point, one that combines our individual psychological make-up, intelligence, education, and experience. Being a leader requires you to make difficult decisions, frequently having to pick between conflicting demands. 

8 Dimensions of Leadership Webinar aims to delve deep into the concept of the leadership qualities that make a great leader. Today, leaders are increasingly needed to manage evolving employee expectations in a more human-centric way.

So, this webinar discusses the genesis of the 8 Dimensions Model of Leadership and why being multidimensional as a leader matters today. We also aim to incorporate practice with theory, and hence, dive into the applications of each of the 8 leadership styles in the workplace. The objective of this webinar is to enable a better understanding of leadership and leadership effectiveness.  


This webinar will help you identify the critical leadership qualities that make a great leader. You will be able to deepen your understanding of leadership by studying ‘The 8 Dimensions of Leadership’ based on the book by Mark Schullard, Jeffrey Sugarman and Emma Wilhelm.

The webinar dives deep into the characteristics of each of the 8 dimensions and also identifies the best and most effective dimensions from top to bottom. You will be able to understand the importance of being a multidimensional leader and how each of these 8 dimensions can be applied to the workplace to enhance effectiveness and work performance. 

The reality is that a one-dimensional leader cannot offer the type of leadership that fosters creativity, social change, or commercial transformation, regardless of how skilled they are at that one thing. The multifaceted leader, for example, one who is familiar with the 8 Dimensions of Leadership Model, is aware that effective leadership necessitates a variety of talents and interpersonal abilities. No one ever exhibits all of these traits, but in order to be an effective leader, a person must be able to use each of these leadership qualities at different times throughout their career.  

8 Dimensions of Leadership Webinar is an effort in the direction of making today’s leaders more human centric and people oriented. Great leaders are those who inspire a group of people to work together and collectively achieve an organization’s goals. Through our webinar, we aim to enable leaders to identify and apply their leadership qualities and styles to achieve organizational success.