Psychological Safety at Work

Crucial Conversations

Simply hiring talent is not sufficient. For people to perform at their best, it is essential that they work in an environment that is psychologically safe, along with many other factors, such as having a clear sense of purpose. 

There is growing recognition that psychological safety plays an important role in team performance and decision-making. Additionally, it promotes openness, creativity, and risk-taking. Psychologically secure environments allow individuals to voice their opinions and express difficult concerns without fear of punishment or retribution. There is no fear of standing out, being wrong, or offending those in authority. 

In a psychologically safe environment, interpersonal fear is not a hindrance to people’s participation. The individual is willing to take the interpersonal risk associated with candor. Holding back and not participating fully is more uncomfortable than taking the risk of sharing an unpleasant viewpoint. The feeling of safety encourages people to ask bold questions, seek assistance, and foster creativity that contributes to the organization’s success. 

Strengthscape’s Leader’s Toolkit to Foster Psychological Safety program clarifies the meaning of psychological safety and provides a practical guide for promoting it within organizations and teams. This program provides leaders with the tools they need to create a psychologically safe environment in their teams while utilizing the talents of those teams to benefit their organizations. 


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The role of a facilitator and trainer in adult learning, is to challenge the assumptions,reframe the experience, and change perspectives. They enable learning by creating conversations that enable the learners to reflect on their own personalities, experiences, and priorities.


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