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DiSC Trainer Certification by Strengthscape, An Everything DiSC authorized partner

DiSC is a leading psychometric assessment tool that can help professionals across streams and levels understand human behaviour and create effective relationships at workplace.

These assessments are based on the DiSC model, a widely recognized behavioral model, that is made up of four basic styles. The model enumerates the behavioral priorities of the four styles. Unlike most personality tests, DiSC works on the premise that each person is a blend of all four styles, with a tendency towards one particular style.

DiSC is widely used in workplaces to bring greater understanding of human behaviour and thereby creating effective and healthy relationships. DiSC can be used for a numerous development interventions ranging from communication to team building, across verticals and roles. DiSC-based interventions bring objectivity and scientifically researched theories that multiply the impact of any intervention, manifold.

DiSC can help you with:

  • Increasing Self-Awareness
    DiSC profiles can help you understand your own behavioral priorities. The rich narrative of all the Everything DiSC assessments is a powerful tool that provides an in-depth analysis of your behavioral priorities. It gives insights into the strengths and challenges of each style and can pave the way for sustained self-improvement
  • Understanding Others
    We work with and meet numerous people every day. Sometimes we understand their behavior and at times are shocked by it! Knowing the behavioral style of people around us can bridge gaps in our understanding and result in true empathy.
  • Identifying Others’ Styles
    Understanding the DiSC model not only enhances self-awareness but also enables people to recognize the behavioral styles of other people. This understanding is the basis for developing effective workplace relationships.
  • Behavioral Flexibility
    The final and most critical outcome of DiSC-based training is behavioral flexibility. Self-awareness and understanding of others are not adequate, what leads to effectiveness is being able to flex your behavior based on the priorities of other people. This is the key message of any DiSC-based intervention.

Everything DiSC is a range of assessments based on the DiSC Model and is a result of decades of research. In fact, DiSC Classic – an Everything DiSC tool, is the first-ever DiSC assessment!

Everything DiSC products have been translated into 30 different languages and are used in 70 Countries.

Strengthscape is an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner. We sell the entire series of Everything DiSC products.

Our DiSC Certification, delivered by globally renowned faculty is an interactive program that dives deep into the theories of DiSC and neuroscience to enable a comprehensive understanding of DiSC.

Strengthscape’s expertise and the Everything DiSC range of assessments come together to bring to you the most effective range of workplace interventions.

Experienced consultants
Strengthscape is a front-runner in DiSC-based interventions. Akash Chander is a pioneer in DiSC training. Our team of expert DiSC trainers understand the nuances of DiSC in-depth and bring keen insight into business and psychology.

Simple yet powerful
The Everything DiSC profiles come with a simple yet powerful narrative that drives crucial conversations and changes within organizations.

Extensive post-program support
We at Strengthscape, pride ourselves in providing continuous and extensive support post any program – be it our flagship DiSC certification or a DiSC-based corporate intervention.

Highly Accurate & Reliable
The profile uses Adaptive Testing – a method that adapts the questions based on the respondent’s answer. This results in highly accurate & reliable DiSC results.

Role-specific assessments
The Everything DiSC suite of assessments has over 10 different profiles that are role-specific ranging from fresh recruits to managers, leaders, and strategic teams.

Follow-Up reports
The assessments come with interesting and useful follow-up reports, like the Comparison Report and the Group Reports. These reports are an excellent tool to personalize and individualize the learning from DiSC-based interventions. The specific action points in every follow-up report result in sustained development efforts.

Strengthscape’s DiSC Certification (also called the Behavioral Consultant Program), delivered by globally renowned faculty is a highly interactive program that reviews various personality theories and deep dives into the DISC model, adult learning principles, and some latest experiments in the area of neuroscience to enable a comprehensive understanding of behavioral change. It enables consultants, trainers, and coaches to confidently debrief users on the DISC assessment reports. It further provides insights into the facilitation methods for delivering DiSC-based training programs.

The DiSC Certification will dive deep into the theories of psychology and DiSC and equip you with in-depth knowledge of the DiSC model. The program is designed to enable you to administer relevant DiSC assessments & conduct training and coaching sessions using DiSC profiles.

Our high experienced DiSC facilitators will take you through the nuances of DiSC using in highly engaging and experiential sessions. We offer the DiSC Certification in three formats: In-person Classroom Sessions, Instructor-Led Online Classes, Self-Paced E-Learning modules, and Enterprise Versions.

Working professionals deal with numerous stakeholders on regular basis. Each person is different – behavioral and work priorities differ widely. It is these differences that make human interactions complicated.

  • The DiSC model is the answer to understanding human behavior and priorities.
  • Strengthscape’s DiSC Trainer Certification program provides an in-depth understanding of the DiSC model of human behavior and trains professionals on how to use the dimensions of DiSC- Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness, to de-code people’s behavior.
  • Our DiSC Trainer Certification is experiential training. We provide extensive follow-up options with our Trainer’s Login, for mastery in the application of DiSC profiles.
  • DiSC profiles are used globally by major government agencies and Fortune 500 companies to hire, develop and retain the best talent, manage conflicts, increase managerial effectiveness, create leaders, and build cohesive teams.
  • Our DiSC Trainer Certification combines online assessment, classroom facilitation, and post-training follow-up opportunities to create a powerful, personalized learning experience.
  • Strengthscape offers the DiSC Trainer certification as a Face to face (In Person) Program, Online Live Virtual Program, E-learning based, and an Enterprise Certification.
  • Complimentary access to DISC eLearning modules for 7.

Very often, we attend a certification program with enthusiasm and then after a few months, realize that we have not really applied the new knowledge to real life. Lessons are forgotten and the training material is lost in the pile.

Strengthscape supports its trainers on a long-term basis by providing complimentary consulting and advisory services for implementing DiSC-based training interventions. Our aim is to give you all the skills and resources you need to become a DiSC trainer in its true sense.

Hence, we provide a comprehensive library of resources as a part of the certification. By providing access to an online Trainer’s Login, we provide a unique opportunity to access a range of training games and activities. Online access also means that you also get updated material and have no risk of losing the material.

DiSC Assessment Report
Every participant takes the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment and is provided with a personalized report.

EPIC sub-account
Electronic Profile Information Center is a 24/7 website that works as a self-service portal to administer and generate DiSC profiles, reports, facilitator reports, group reports, comparison reports, and other supporting DiSC documents on demand. This ensures that a trainer is equipped with the basic resources for undertaking DiSC-based facilitation.

Access to Trainer’s Login
Trainer’s Login is a repository of learning resources. The trainer’s login is updated frequently.

  1. Master presentation on DiSC
  2. Case Studies
  3. Marketing Resources
  4. Ideas for conducting DiSC based games and activities
  5. Price Lists
  6. Brochures and Sample Reports
  7. Tutorials for EPIC Account
  8. Facilitation Checklists

Subscription to Live Virtual Classes and the E-learning module (conditions apply).

After the DiSC Trainer Certification, you have the rights to:

  • Administer and interpret all Everything DiSC assessments globally
    Facilitate end-user training and coaching sessions using Everything DiSC Profiles
  • Create an EPIC Sub Account with Strengthscape*
  • Create EPIC Sub Accounts for your customers or organization under your EPIC account.
  • EPIC Account will be opened at the time of Certification for participants who opt for the Certification with EPIC Account.

After the DiSC Trainer Certification, you may:

  • Schedule complimentary one to one sessions with Strengthscape master trainers to discuss DiSC application for your organization and clients
  • Access Trainer’s Login on the Strengthscape website
    Subscribe to Live Virtual Online Classes and the E-learning module (conditions apply)
  • Create your trainer profile on the Strengthscape website
  • Order EPIC credits and profiles anytime 24×7. We provide gold standard customer service to our DiSC certified trainers and facilitators.
  • Get volume discounts on DiSC profiles and facilitation kits.
  • Gain the internationally recognized DiSC Trainer Certification.
  • Design assessment-based corporate solutions ranging from recruitment to succession planning and individual and team development interventions.
  • Have the flexibility to administer and manage the DiSC profile using the EPIC Account.
  • Use the best-in-class DiSC Facilitation kits to deliver high-impact interventions.
  • If you are a job seeker or looking for a change of job, the DiSC Trainer Certification will act as an instant boost, improving your marketability as a professional.
  • Understand human behavior and create better workplace relationships
    Manage teams more effectively with a deeper knowledge of behavioral priorities.
  • Drive learning initiatives using DiSC profiles.
  • L & OD Professionals – Design and deliver tailor-made training interventions that integrate unique motivators into the learning process for a sustained development effort.
  • People Managers – Know people better, to manage them better. Master the art of delegation and motivation to create highly motivated teams.
  • Executive & Life Coaches – Use the highly reliable and valid DiSC tools to create truly impactful coaching journeys with role-specific assessments.
  • Behavioral Trainers – Gain an internationally recognized certification and enhance the effectiveness and objectivity of your training programs.
  • Sales Professionals – Understand your customers better and learn to create a sales pitch that resonates with the client’s priorities.
  • HR students and professionals – Design assessment-based corporate solutions ranging from recruitment to succession planning and build development interventions for both individuals and groups.

Effective communication is a result of designing a message that best resonates with the priorities of the other individual. Use DiSC to gain a better understanding of your own and others’ priorities and become an effective communicator.

Diversity Training
As organizations become more diversified it is important to understand and embrace all forms of diversity – cultural, ethnic, and even behavioral. Gain insights into behavioral diversity with DiSC.

Enhance your leadership skills and delve into strategic thinking with DiSC. Leverage knowledge of behavioral priorities to enhance your effectiveness as a leader.

Managerial Training
The biggest dilemma faced by managers is managing people. Managers have numerous stakeholders and creating a balance between them can be challenging. DiSC enables you to understand people better to manage them better.

Mentoring is a partnership created between the mentor and mentee. The success of this partnership depends on trust and understanding. Use DiSC for a deeper understanding of behaviors and drive objectivity.

A key aspect of onboarding is understanding the culture and people of the organization. Most onboarding journeys are focused on the organization and the teams but forget the people who make up the organization – and this is the first challenge faced by fresh recruits – how to deal with people. Use DiSC to bridge the onboarding gaps.

People are hired for talent and fired for behavior. Wrong hires are expensive. Avoid inappropriate hires by matching the behavioral priorities of the candidate to the requirement of the role, using DiSC.

Team Building
Build cohesive teams using DiSC by creating empathy and understanding. DiSC can help generate powerful conversations in teams and help create unlikely partnerships that are the key to high-performance teams.

The Value of DiSC Certification for Trainers

As a learning and development professional, it is essential to have a clear understanding of personality types, as this knowledge can help you design and deliver more effective training programs. That is where the DiSC Certification comes in. DiSC is a behavioral assessment tool that helps individuals better understand their preferences, tendencies, and communication styles. By obtaining a DiSC Certification, you can enhance your skills as a learning and development professional and provide your clients with a valuable tool for personal and professional development. 

Here are a few reasons why obtaining a DiSC Certification can be beneficial for learning and development professionals: 

  1. Creating more effective training programs: As a learning and development professional, your primary goal is to design and deliver training programs that help employees improve their skills and performance. Understanding the DiSC model can help you tailor your approach to different personalities and communication styles, thereby creating more impactful training programs.
  2. Improving communication within teams: By understanding the different personality types, you can help employees communicate more effectively with one another. This can improve collaboration, reduce conflicts, and boost the overall morale of the team.
  3. Enhancing leadership development: DiSC can help identify leadership styles, strengths, and areas for improvement. This can be a valuable tool for developing the leadership qualities of employees, which is essential for the growth and success of any organization.
  4. Providing a valuable service to clients: Obtaining a DiSC Certification can be a significant asset for learning and development professionals, as it provides a valuable tool that can be offered to clients. By providing DiSC Assessments and training programs, you can help your clients improve their personal and professional development, which can lead to increased productivity, job satisfaction, and overall success.

In conclusion, a DiSC Certification can enhance the skills of learning and development professionals and provide them with a valuable tool for personal and professional development. With the help of the DiSC model, you can design and deliver more effective training programs, improve communication within teams, enhance leadership development, and provide a valuable service to clients. So, if you are a learning and development professional looking to enhance your skills and provide your clients with the best possible service, a DiSC Certification is worth considering. 

Training Leaders With DiSC is a Game Changer

The world of leadership and management is ever evolving, and trainers and facilitators must stay at the forefront of the latest developments. One such development is the DiSC assessment, which helps individuals understand their behavioral styles and improve their communication and collaboration skills. If you are a leadership or management trainer, obtaining the Strengthscape DiSC Trainer Certification will prepare you to provide your clients with the latest tools and techniques they need to succeed. 

One of the first reasons why leadership and management trainers should obtain Strengthscape’s DiSC Trainer Certification is to improve their credibility. DiSC is a well-known tool used in organizations, and completing this certification will demonstrate to your clients that you have the necessary competencies and expertise to lead training sessions on this topic. It will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace and demonstrate your commitment to providing high-quality training to your clients. 

Another reason why obtaining DiSC trainer certification is critical is that it will enable you to develop customized training programs for your clients. The certification provides trainers and facilitators with a set of skills to use the DiSC assessment to develop role-specific content that aligns with each client’s unique needs. This will help you tailor your training and development programs to meet the specific requirements of your clients, ensuring that they receive relevant and impactful training. 

DiSC Certification also enhances leadership and management training programs. With DiSC’s assistance, you can help your clients understand the different communication and leadership styles that work effectively in different situations. This will help your clients be better leaders, better coaches, and better team players. You will equip them with the skills to assess behavioral styles and adapt their communication styles to suit their colleagues, enabling them to work more seamlessly across teams and departments. 

The certification program also teaches trainers and facilitators the latest tips and tricks to hone their training skills in leadership and management. It helps them develop their communication, facilitation, coaching, and presentation skills, enabling them to connect with their audience and deliver complex concepts in an engaging and accessible way. The certification also provides trainers with training materials and support, including virtual training videos, templates, and other resources, which will equip them to design, deliver and assess impactful training sessions. 

Overall, the Strengthscape iISC Trainer Certification is an excellent investment for leadership and management trainers, whether they are new to the field or have been working in the industry for years. This certification will provide trainers with the tools they need to customize training programs, develop role-specific content, and enhance leadership and management training programs. It will also help trainers improve their credibility, differentiate themselves from their competitors, and stand out in the marketplace. Obtaining DiSC Trainer Certification from Strengthscape demonstrates your dedication to excellence and your commitment to leveraging the latest tools and techniques to provide exceptional training programs to your clients. 

Taking Your Coaching Skills to the Next Level

As a trainer, executive coach, or facilitator, you are entrusted with the important task of helping individuals and teams to unlock their full potential, develop new skills, and achieve breakthrough results. To do this effectively, you need a range of tools, techniques, and strategies that enable you to understand their unique needs, challenges, and aspirations, and to create a customized approach that leads to lasting behavioral change. 

One tool that has proven highly effective in achieving this outcome is the DiSC assessment. The DiSC tool, which is based on the work of psychologist William Moulton Marston, helps individuals to understand their dominant behavioral style and to become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses. By doing so, they can learn to modify their behavior to better fit the demands of the situations they face, whether it’s in their personal lives or in their workplace. 

But although the DiSC tool is widely recognized as a valuable resource for trainers, coaches, and facilitators, many find it challenging to integrate its concepts into a broader coaching process that drives sustained behavior change. That’s where Strengthscape’s DiSC Trainer Certification comes in. 

The DiSC Trainer Certification is a comprehensive program that is designed to help trainers, executive coaches, and facilitators to use the DiSC assessment more effectively in their coaching practice. The program combines both the DiSC model with other key concepts from neuroscience and psychology to create an integrated approach that can help drive long-lasting change in individuals, teams, and companies. 

The DiSC Trainer Certification is a 2-day program that includes both classroom and online learning. Participants will learn the neuroscience of learning, behavioral change models, as well as the science and art of coaching. The course is highly interactive, with a focus on practical exercises, case studies, and group discussions, enabling participants to learn by doing and to apply what they have learned right away. 

One of the key benefits of the DiSC Trainer Certification is that it helps to deepen your knowledge of the DiSC tool, enabling you to use it more strategically in your coaching practice. You will learn how to use the tool for various applications, such as leadership development, team building, conflict resolution, communication, and performance management. You will also learn how to interpret DiSC assessment results and to create customized action plans that enable individuals and teams to achieve their goals. 

But the DiSC Trainer Certification is about much more than just the DiSC tool. Participants will also learn broader coaching skills and strategies that can help them to create a more effective coaching process. They will learn how to ask powerful questions, give feedback, create action plans, and monitor progress. They will also learn how to build rapport with clients, establish trust, and create a safe and supportive environment for coaching. 

The DiSC Trainer Certification is suitable for a range of professionals, including trainers, coaches, facilitators, teachers, HR professionals, and consultants. The program is also appropriate for individuals who wish to enhance their personal and professional growth by learning more about themselves and their behavioral styles. 

In conclusion, the DiSC Trainer Certification is an excellent opportunity for trainers, executive coaches, and facilitators to take their coaching skills to the next level. Through a blend of classroom and online learning, participants will deepen their knowledge of the DiSC tool, as well as other key coaching concepts. They will learn how to use these tools and concepts to create a more effective coaching process, enabling individuals and teams to achieve lasting behavioral change. So why wait? Sign up for the DiSC Trainer Certification today and start transforming lives! 

Building flexibility through DiSC Assessment

Human interaction is a crucial aspect of any workplace, and understanding the behavior of oneself and others can play a crucial role in career success. In recent years, the DiSC assessment has gained popularity as a tool that can be helpful in providing people with a deeper understanding of their behavioral priorities. Incorporating this assessment into training programs can bring about lasting changes, enabling people to develop stronger relationships and effective communication skills. 

The DiSC model is based on four main behavioral priorities—dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness.

Every individual has a unique combination of these priorities, which govern their behavior in various situations. The assessment provides a comprehensive look at these priorities, giving individuals insights into their strengths and challenges. For instance, people with a dominant style tend to be assertive and results-oriented, while those with an influential style are sociable and persuasive. Individuals with a stable style tend to focus on cooperation and teamwork, while those with a conscientious style tend to be analytical and detail oriented. 

By providing a glimpse into one’s behavioral style, the DiSC assessment can help individuals develop increased self-awareness. Knowing one’s strengths and challenges can pave the way for sustained self-improvement. People can take steps to develop their strengths further or mitigate the effects of their challenges on their work. For instance, someone with a dominant style can learn to tone down their assertiveness to avoid coming across as aggressive, while someone with a conscientious style can learn to prioritize tasks better to avoid getting bogged down in details. 

The assessment can also help build understanding and empathy within teams.

A better understanding of one’s own behavioral style can provide the groundwork for recognizing similarities and differences in others’ styles. This understanding can bridge gaps in communication and help people develop strong relationships built on mutual trust and respect. Team members can learn to tailor their communication styles to better match the preferences of others, leading to more collaborative and productive outcomes. 

The DiSC assessment can also help identify the behavioral styles of others. Understanding the model not only enhances self-awareness but also enables people to recognize the behavioral styles of other people. This understanding is the basis for developing effective workplace relationships. For instance, someone with a dominant style may recognize that someone in their team has a stable style and may learn to take a more collaborative approach to lead the team forward, rather than being too directive. 

The final and most critical outcome of DiSC-based training is behavioral flexibility.

Simply being aware of one’s own behavioral style and those of others is not sufficient to improve workplace relationships. What leads to effectiveness is being able to flex one’s behavior based on the priorities of other people. This is the key message of any DiSC-based intervention. A cohesive team with effective communication is a team that can flex and adapt to changing priorities and situations. 

Incorporating the DiSC assessment into team training programs can help teams become more effective and productive by improving communication and collaboration. The assessment can provide the groundwork for deep, empathetic understanding of different behavioral styles, creating a culture of respect and trust across workplace teams. Additionally, the assessment can shed light on the strengths and challenges of individuals, facilitating personal growth that can lead to a more productive workforce. Overall, incorporating the DiSC assessment into training programs can reap rich rewards for both individuals and organizations. 


We believe that leaders are made. Through careful nurturing, structured learning, and enriching experience. Nurture wins over nature.


We believe that humans have an unlimited capacity to learn. You may differ in your natural talents, preferences, and learning styles; but YOU can be whatever YOU set out to be. The world is your oyster!


The role of a facilitator and trainer in adult learning, is to challenge the assumptions,reframe the experience, and change perspectives. They enable learning by creating conversations that enable the learners to reflect on their own personalities, experiences, and priorities.


Teamwork that leads to high, consistent performance, represents the highest form of competitive advantage. Teamwork is not a function of time, role, or situation, but is an outcome of a collective goal – a conscious, consistent, and targeted effort by each of the team members.

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