The art of effective listening is essential to clear communication, and clear communication is necessary for management success – James Cash Penney. 

In both our personal and professional relationships, active listening is a crucial skill. It is the foundation of successful communication. Instead of passively taking in what the speaker is saying, listening is being fully attentive and focused on what they are saying. Each person has a unique capacity for listening but the upside is that it’s a communication skill that can be learned with practice and persistence. 

Strengthscape’s Listening with Purpose Webinar explores the crucial role that listening at the workplace. From enhanced communication to healthier workplace relationships, this webinar deep dives into the benefits of active listening. We examine the differences between hearing and listening and why listening is so much more difficult than the former. Also, this webinar helps understand the stages and approaches to listening that work best for organizations and businesses.  

Key Takeaways

Through this webinar, you will be able to get the much needed clarification on the differences between hearing and listening. This webinar will help you understand the crucial role of active listening in building trust, resolving conflicts, boosting productivity and building positive workplace relationships. Your capacity for listening will increase as you understand the factors that inhibit this type of listening. This webinar will help you understand your own listening style as we discuss the 5 approaches to listening, namely, appreciative, empathic, discerning, comprehensive and evaluative. Exploring the Beyond DiSC: Personal Learning Profile will be an added bonus to your learnings from this webinar. 

This type of listening focuses on paying attention, learning, and fully understanding what is being said. Before responding, one must consider the intentions. Active listening is what enables us to create meaningful conversations and lasting relationships, both personally and professionally. What most of us believe to be true listening is actually not. It’s important to develop and practice active listening as a skill. 

Strengthcape’s Listening with Purpose Webinar helps leaders and employees alike to understand the art of active listening and develop it as a skill, to facilitate better communication and working relationships.  

As Mortimer Jerome Adler writes in his book, How to Speak, How to Listen: 

“We all realize that the ability to read requires training…the same would appear to be true of speaking and listening … training is required … Likewise, skill in listening is either a native gift or it must be acquired by training.”