Online Everything DiSC® Certification by Wiley

Online Everything DiSC® Certification by Wiley

In the dynamic landscape of modern businesses, mastering effective communication and team dynamics is crucial for anyone looking to advance their career. Delivered directly by John Wiley & Sons, the Online Everything DiSC Certification is a comprehensive program designed to empower professionals with the skills needed to enhance workplace collaboration and efficiency. Over two immersive weeks, this program combines the convenience of self-paced study with the interactive experience of live, instructor-led workshops.

Deep Dive – Online Everything DiSC Certification

This distinguished certification journey is crafted to deepen participants’ understanding of the DiSC® model, incorporating theory, research, and practical application. It’s more than earning a certificate; it’s about undergoing transformational growth, both personally and professionally, and applying the principles of DiSC® to cultivate a cohesive and productive organizational culture.

Structured Learning Path

Participants will navigate through a meticulously structured curriculum:

  • Engage in Detailed Asynchronous Modules: Spread over five modules, each requires around three hours of dedication, focusing on the intricacies of DiSC®.
  • Interactive Live Virtual Workshops: Four dynamic sessions, each lasting two hours, encourage active participation and engagement with both content and facilitator.
  • Practical Application through Projects: The certification involves presenting two projects centered on facilitation and coaching, with direct feedback aimed at refining participants’ implementation skills.
  • Certification Achievement via Examination: A final assessment, with an 80% pass mark required, validates the learners’ comprehensive grasp of Everything DiSC® concepts.

Acknowledgment and Professional Development

A standout feature of the Online Everything DiSC Certification is the eligibility for SHRM credential holders to earn 20 PDCs, highlighting the program’s esteemed recognition within the professional sphere.

Direct Accreditation : Online Everything DiSC Certification

It is crucial to highlight that this certification is awarded directly by John Wiley & Sons, ensuring participants gain a credible and recognized qualification. This direct link also means access to the latest in DiSC® resources, ongoing educational support, and a network of fellow practitioners.

Closing Thoughts

The Online Everything DiSC Certification by Wiley is an invaluable opportunity for professionals aiming to leverage effective communication and team-building strategies within their organizations. It’s a pathway to not just professional development but a transformation in how teams function and thrive.

Embark on this transformative journey and redefine your professional impact with the Online Everything DiSC® Program by Wiley. Strengthscape serves as an authorized partner for the Everything DiSC Certification by Wiley, guiding participants through the registration process and providing additional support.