What is Strengthscape’s Hiring Expert Certification?

Strengthscape’s Hiring Expert Certification is a technique based on the idea that candidates’ past and present behaviors are the best predictors of how they will behave in the future. The participants will be trained to conduct behavior-based interviewing. Participants will learn to understand behavioral competencies, to identify behavioral strengths and weaknesses and to ask appropriate questions to gauge behavioral effectiveness. This will help them in streamlining their hiring process.

Hiring Expert Certification can help you with:

  • competency mapping framework

    Find Best Fit

    Identify the applicant who best fits the job and organization

  • learning organizational development

    Learn Techniques

    Learn questioning and listening techniques to identify the behavioral style of the applicant

  • talent managment

    Predict Future Behavior

    Effectively predict the future behavior of an applicant in the organization’s environment

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    Avoid Common Mistakes

    Avoid some of the common mistakes that most of the hiring managers make while interviewing the applicant

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    Culture Fitment

    Establish cultural fitment of the applicant

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    Psychometric Assessments

    Administer and interpret world class psychometric assessments for critical hires

Why Hiring Expert Certification?

who should attend

Bad hiring decisions can be expensive to an organization. Most organizations don’t have a trained panel who are involved in recruitment, as a result, recruiters tend to make errors in the hiring decision. Interviews are progressively becoming more competency-focused and there is a need for the panel to be trained on the same. This is where Hiring Expert Certification comes into the picture.

As a part of this certification, participants will learn to assess the fitment level of job seekers based on:

  1. Behavioral competencies required for the specific job roles
  2. Organizational culture
  3. Team dynamics and work environment

How are we different?

  • Experienced facilitators

    Strengthscape facilitators bring rich experience in hiring expert training programs across industries.

  • Real-time experience and feedback

    The facilitators will provide immediate feedback and a future action-plan to ensure enhanced learning

  • Personalized Learning

    We understand that everyone learns differently. While some people learn in a group environment, others value personal learning. In order to ensure high-impact learning interventions, we will use a blend of group and individual activities.

  • Individual handholding

    Strengthscape provides continuous support through individual handholding for higher learning effectiveness.

About Hiring Expert Certification Program

Strengthscape’s Hiring Expert Certification program aims to imbibe the following competencies in the participants:



How this will be applied


Questioning, probing and listening skills

Build proficiency in asking open and closed ended questions


Minimize personal biases that can affect the hiring decision

Using a structured and methodical People Reading Map free from personal biases


Demonstrate professional and ethical interviewing behavior that reinforces the organization’s brand

Building an interviewer’s etiquette checklist reinforced with behavioral rituals


Predict the job performance of the candidate in the context of role, organizational culture and immediate team

Framing questions related to the context of the job role and organizational culture.

Hiring Expert Certification program is a competency based interviewing process.

This process ensures that:

  1. Structured interviewing leading to hiring decision reliability
  2. Decisions made are based on measurable criterias of indicative behaviors
  3. Decisions are based on what the candidate did rather than what the candidate would want to do in certain situations
  4. People reading based on behavioral priorities and tendencies (and not just professional/technical competencies)

Hiring Expert Certification Program Details Session Plan

The program is a two days Instructor-led Face to Face Certification Program. The program covers various topics that are related to hiring which are divided into a two-day format. The detailed session outline of the program is given below:


Session Name




Day 1



Round-robin on expectations and identifying key challenges

20 Min

Buy in for learning

Check list of key issues


Mapping the unstructured process

Activity driven discussion to map the unstructured process

60 Min

Understanding the lost opportunity in unstructured interviewing


Role of a Panelist

Activity Driven Discussion

60 Min

Clarifying the role of a panelist. Identify the different role a panelist must exhibit and meaning of each role. Halo effect and Horn effect.
What they instinctively like and dislike.


Eliminating characters

Facilitator-led discussion on identifying behavioral styles of candidates and asking appropriate questions

90 Min





Now that the participant is sure of their role, a role play is done where the participants enact the characters. Once the mock GD is completed, the panelists need to guess the characters and then mention what indicators made them come up with that guess. They need to mention what will be their rejecting criteria. It’s a subjective exercise.


Body Language

Facilitator-led discussion

90 Min

Detailed discussion on various Body Languages components


Closing session for Day 1

Facilitator-led discussion

15 Min

Closure of day 1 session

Day 2


Recap of Day 1

Interactive session

15 Min

Revisiting the learnings from Day 1


Questioning Techniques

Activity on open and closed ended questions.

Probing for truth activity

Listening with compassion

60 Min

Understanding the relevance of open and closed ended questions.


Documentation & Interviewing Etiquette

Take the interviewers through the standard process for interviewing candidates.

Story telling on checklists and rituals Importance of body language

Creating a checklist for interviewing

60 Min

Documenting strengths, challenges and development insights for every profile.

Building an interviewer’s etiquette checklist reinforced with behavioral rituals.


Panel Interviewing Techniques

All participants conduct a structured interview using the SPICE model, checklists and rituals.

60 Min

Demonstrate proficiency at Level 2 of Kirkpatrick.


Criteria for Evaluation

Activity driven discussion to put the shortlisted behavioral indicators in that order.

120 Min

Now participants will look at the existing criterias and identify the behavioral indicators for each. Group activity is conducted here. Divide the group into teams. At the end they need to shortlist top 5-7 behavioral indicators for each criteria and identify what will be the behavior for elimination. They must put the shortlisted behavioral indicators in that order.


Learning circles and dyads

Exchange learnings and commit on 4-week action plan.

30 Min

Plan to move from Level 2 to Level 3 of Kirkpatrick training evaluation index.



Discussion and addressing the questions

15 Min

Action planning and closure of the certification program

Who should get Certified?

Anyone who is involved in the hiring process of an organization:

  • Hiring Managers
  • Recruiters
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Recruitment Consultants
  • Human Resource Managers

Benefits of Attending this Program

  • Avoid making expensive hiring mistakes
  • Predict the job performance of an applicant with confidence
  • Minimize personal impressions that can affect the hiring decision
  • Tailor the learnings to your company’s competency framework
  • Leave a positive impression on the applicant
  • Enhance your company’s reputation
  • Enhance your questioning and listening skills

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