What is Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)?

A mix of attributes, within a workforce that in significant ways affect how people think, feel, and behave at work, and their acceptance, work performance, satisfaction, or progress in the organization is defined as diversity. Diversity has also been described in the context of the varied perspectives and approaches to work, that members of different identity groups bring. While demographic diversity has been in focus over a period of time, diversity of thought has become a focus only in recent times and organizations are moving towards achieving diversity in various aspects.

Inclusion is defined as the extent to which individuals can participate and are enabled to contribute fully. The degree to which an employee perceives that he or she is an esteemed member of the work group by experiencing treatment that satisfies his or her needs for belongingness and uniqueness is one of the widely accepted definition of inclusion.

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While diversity focuses primarily on makeup of groups by means of demographics, thought, choices, etc. inclusion emphasizes encouraging participation and moving beyond merely appreciating diversity, toward leveraging and integrating diversity into everyday work life. Though both are distinct concepts they are also inter-related.

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Diversity & Inclusion can help you with:

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    Enhanced Communication

    Practicing regular, effective, and open communication

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    Improved Cohesiveness

    Empowering the employees and building trust within the team

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    Multi-Dimensional Approach

    Being open to a multi-dimensional approach in policies, plans & operational procedures

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    Celebrating Differences

    Recognizing & respecting others & their individuality

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    Recognizing Bias

    Working towards eliminating the biases & perceptions

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    Emphasize on Collective Results

    Working towards a common goal and not on the differences

Why Diversity & Inclusion?

who should attendStudies have revealed that companies with higher representation of diverse population and better inclusion policies have more financial returns, uplifts responsiveness to changing customer needs, ability to innovate and team collaboration.

About Diversity & Inclusion Champion Certification Program

The program is one of its kind designed and delivered by industry veterans. Using a blended approach, the certification aims at enabling HR and L & OD professionals, D&I champions and D&I enthusiasts to drive diversity and inclusion initiatives within the organization. The model used in the certification is explained using a fine balance of theory, neuroscience, industry insights, trends, group discussions and practice sessions.

The Diversity & Inclusion Champion Certification aims at creating champions at the workplace to drive conversation about D&I, create policies, train others within the organization. This would enable you to promote awareness about the D&I issues and enhance and embed inclusive practices within your organization by collaborating with others. In addition to this, the participants would also be given access to a D&I Champion tool kit and 1-year roll-out support.

 Benefits of Diversity & Inclusion Certification:

  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of various aspects of D&I
  • Discover the role of various models & theories in implementing Diversity & Inclusion
  • Learn to apply the concepts and measurement techniques related to D&I to drive conversations around D&I
  • Explore ways of creating & developing allies within organization
  • Analyze the impact of D&I in the organization charter and accordingly create a plan to implement it

How are we different?

  • Experienced facilitators

    Strengthscape has an experienced team consisting of senior facilitators, D&I SMEs and representatives of diverse groups working together providing practical insights.

  • Blended Delivery approach

    Strengthscape looks at a blended approach to deliver a comprehensive learning intervention. The certification is a combination of classroom training, virtual training, theatre-based modules, eLearning access and live case studies to enhance the impact of learning.

  • Spaced-learning approach

    The certification uses a spaced learning approach giving enough time to consolidate the concepts, promote deeper understanding and providing opportunities for practice.

  • Individual handholding

    We provide continuous support post certification through individual handholding for higher learning effectiveness.

Diversity & Inclusion Champion Certification Session Outline


Session Name



Module 1: Introductions


Getting started

Brief introduction, expectation setting and describing the outcomes

Prepare for the days ahead by gathering expectations, assimilating key questions related to Diversity & Inclusion


Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion

Exchange ideas and views about D&I


Define D&I

Explain the importance of Diversity & Inclusion and its business imperative


Schools of Thought

This sub-module provides a sense of the evolution within Diversity & Inclusion. Highlights on how the focus has shifted over the period

Understand the evolution of definition of diversity and inclusion

Understand the continuums of Diversity & Inclusion



Role of a Champion

The focus is to indulge in auditing, understand the current state and where the organization is heading towards

Establish the roles of a champion and ways of carrying out those tasks

Module 2: WEQUiTY Charter


Steps in creating a charter

There are varied steps in creating a Diversity & Inclusion charter. This session focuses on personalizing the charter based on the organization’s needs & focus.

Understand the various steps to focus while defining a WEQUiTY (D&I) charter.

Work on creating a D&I charter for your organization


Alignment & Buy-in

Once the charter is created the focus should be collating inputs from the business and getting their buy-in in order to validate the charter.

Outline the steps to facilitate conversations with business to validate the charter

Listing the responsibilities and defining the roles played by different stakeholder


Industry Connect Sessions

Interactive session to discuss about the various examples of including D&I advocacy initiatives in the organization and learning from case-studies and experts about the do’s and don’ts of arriving at the charter

Describe ways of including D&I practices into the system

Understand industry best practices in terms of D&I charter

Module 3: Awareness


Neuroscience & Unconscious Biases

The sub-areas focused here are neuroscience behind the implicit bias, the science behind inclusion and inclusion in business

Understand Unconscious Bias & how is it created

Get a perspective of how recognizing our biases help in business


Dimensions of Identity

The dimensions of diversity are sub-divided as primary & secondary dimensions. We will discuss how these affect the self-definition

Industry expert driven sessions

List the dimensions of diversity and understand primary & secondary dimensions

Outline how these impacts the self and the definition of self



Various trends & expected trends in D&I are discussed in an interactive way. Focuses also on the role of AI in D&I

Discuss trends in terms of D&I

Validate the application and impact of these trends


Review & Employee Surveys

Ways to understand the current level of organization’s readiness & awareness in terms of D&I

Different surveys & tools availability to gauge the employee’s awareness

Understand various aspects to be focused in the survey

Level of engagement of diverse groups

Emphasize on how to audit

Module 4: Acceptance



Mind Maps technique is used to aid in acknowledging the knowledge gained during the awareness stage

Helps in understanding the aspects like are you creating methods and systems in the company where others can speak about their needs



Business Cases are discussed to understand the value and appreciate the concept

Understand the Emotional Intelligence (EI) model and the impact on D&I



Creating specified work environments that enable people to be their own self and provides psychological safety assists in acceptance

Understand Psychological Safety concept and how it can be helpful in the acceptance aspect of D&I

Module 5: Adaptation


Assimilate & Accommodate

Based on psychological principles understanding how adaptation as a process works

Understanding the process of Adaptation

Learn how assimilating and accommodating new information is a complex process


Create Allies

Process of creating allies and the need for allies in organization is addressed

Describe various roles played by allies

Highlight the importance of allies in organization

Discuss how do we identify and build a network of allies

Dealing with antagonists


Imbibing an Inclusive Culture

Understanding that these changes takes time and practice the importance of setting diligent rituals is discussed

Setting rituals for self to adapt oneself to these changes


Module 6: Application


Achievement Survey

Emphasizes on aspects to focus on while creating a survey and how to utilize the results

Learn to create an achievement survey

Understand how to assess the level achievement survey

How to give feedback basis the survey results


Feedback Loop

Feedback loop helps building a powerful control system and ensures the organization move towards the desired outcome

Learn the art of balancing and reinforcing

Manage the performance and potential

Diversity & Inclusion Champion Certification Course Details

  • A choice of mediums available to participants – classroom & virtual sessions. The course is enriched with visuals, assessments, case studies, theatre approach, expert speaker sessions.
  • Access to Strengthscape’s Learning Management System (LMS) which has a range of learning materials starting with the course manual, videos, eLearning content, podcasts, case studies and a whole lot of assessments which promotes self-paced learning and help participants become confident of what is being taught.
  • In-Person Open Program: Diversity & Inclusion Champion Certification: 2-day in-person open certification program along with 8 hours of virtual training. This includes Surveys & Assessments, toolkit for D&I, 1-year of extended support.
  • Enterprise Version: The Enterprise Version is best suited for organizations that would like to train their HR and L&D professionals and trainers in Diversity & Inclusion. Master facilitators from Strengthscape conduct a 2-day in-person certification along with 8 hours of virtual training on exclusively for internal teams of organizations.
  • Virtual Open Program: Offered as a public program with 24 hours of Live Virtual classes delivered over Zoom.
  • Participants will be given additional access to LMS and read the manual, watch videos and listen to podcasts as well as read any additional reading material that are provided.

Who should get certified

  • Human Resource professionals
  • Learning & Organization Development Experts
  • Professionals handling Diversity & Inclusion conversations in organization
  • D&I enthusiasts
  • Business Leaders
  • Business Consultants
  • Freelance Consultants

Material provided

  • Access to Learning Management System (LMS)
  • 1-year complimentary access to the Digital Library
  • Assignments and worksheets on the LMS

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