D&I champions frequently take on both a symbolic and a practical strategic function. By participating in diversity-related activities and disseminating diversity messaging to various stakeholder groups both inside and outside the organization, they serve the symbolic purpose of demonstrating leadership support for diversity and inclusion. They participate in diversity councils, lobby their fellow executives for support, and consult with diversity experts to help design and implement diversity strategies. 

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs tend to “get caught in the middle” much too frequently. To put it another way, DEI programs will not succeed even if C-level executives are dedicated to promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace if DEI champions (either deliberately or unconsciously) fail to apply DEI through their regular actions and interactions with employees. 

Strengthscape’s Webinar on Why Organizations Must Certify D&I Champions and How aims to highlight the importance of the role of D&I Champions in the workplace and why they must be certified in order to drive effective initiatives for creating a diverse and inclusive workplace.  

Key Takeaways

This webinar will clarify and define the differences among diversity, equity and inclusion. It will help you understand why most D&I initiatives fail such as resistance to change, lack of awareness about biases, lack of an inclusive culture and lack of trained D&I Champions. You will be able to understand the crucial role that D&I Champions play in an organization and what are the competencies that make effective D&I Champions. Learn how to counter biases, build a diverse and inclusive workplace, and how to adopt and master the principles and values of a D&I Champion. 

In addition to lowering the likelihood of discrimination, fostering an accepting, inclusive, and informed culture can help all of your employees feel valued, at home, and safe. There is a ton of evidence to support the idea that people are more likely to stick around for longer and perform better in their roles if they feel happy and secure at work. It goes without saying that a company that has an openly diverse and inclusive workplace environment will draw in more of the top talent and may even influence a person’s decision to work there.