Are you committed to enhancing diversity at the top levels of your organization? Do you recognize the value and impact of having more women in your boardroom and leadership teams? The Leadership Impact Program for Women in Leadership is designed to equip your organization’s female talent with the skills, confidence, and strategic vision to take on senior leadership roles and drive your company’s success.

Why Invest in Women’s Leadership Development?

Drive Organizational Success: Research consistently shows that companies with gender-diverse leadership teams exhibit better performance, greater innovation, and enhanced problem-solving capabilities.

Build a Stronger Brand: Demonstrate your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion by investing in the development of women leaders, enhancing your brand’s reputation and attractiveness as an employer.

Cultivate Inclusive Leadership: By supporting women in leadership, you foster an inclusive culture that values diverse perspectives, promoting a healthier, more dynamic organizational environment.

Akash Chander
Executive Coach & Facilitator

Akash is preferred coach and consultant to multiple Fortune 500 companies for his breakthrough contribution in the space of Design Thinking, Strategic Thinking integrating them with a practical approach and objective assessments. He is a Facilitator of multiple globally renowned L&OD Certification including Work of Leaders® Program , Accredited Facilitator – Five Behaviors Of A Cohesive Team, Assessments With DiSC, MBTI, Central Test And Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team.

Dr. Sunita Chugh
Leadership Coach, D&I Speaker & Consultant

Passionate about Human Behaviour and Organisation Development, I have been immersed in Leadership Development and other areas of human growth for over thirty years. My expertise spans DE&I, culture, values, gender, and HR, focusing on research and consulting. My journey began in HR, contributing to various innovative projects across India, and I am fascinated by all HR facets, from organizational design to talent management, fostering effective people systems and processes.

Pallavi Sinha
Facilitator, Consultant, Certified Assessor

An MBA in Marketing & IT as well as an alumnus of Delhi University and JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi), Pallavi is a committed professional with 17 years of experience, with over 15 years in the field of learning & development. She has led and facilitated Talent & Capability Development initiatives for clients in IT, Manufacturing, ITES, Retail, Healthcare, Pharma, Banking & Insurance sectors across professional levels.

Renu Khanna
Faculty – Instructional Designing

Renu is seasoned OD consultant, Executive Coach and Instructional Development Artist and Facilitator with over 32 years of experience. With her passion as an Instructional Design Specialist, she has won multiple international awards designing strategic upskilling frameworks for Global Hi-potential Leaders. She has spearheaded multiple HR & OD Initiatives with her leadership roles in NIIT, GE, Genpact, MTS among others.

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Program Benefits

For Your Organization

  • Enhance your competitive edge by developing a pipeline of skilled women leaders ready to excel in high-impact roles.
  • Strengthen your organizational culture by championing diversity and inclusion at all levels of leadership.
  • Attract and retain top talent by showcasing your commitment to professional development and gender equality.

For Your Women Leaders

  • Equip them with the tools to navigate and overcome the unique challenges they face in leadership positions.
  • Foster a network of support and collaboration among women leaders within your organization and beyond.
  • Enable them to develop a strong personal leadership brand, aligned with your organization’s values and goals.

Key Program Features

  • Tailored Development: A curriculum that addresses the specific needs and aspirations of women in leadership, ensuring relevance and impact.
  • Strategic Networking: Opportunities to connect with a network of peers and mentors, building relationships that support professional growth and collaboration.
  • Actionable Insights: Practical, real-world strategies that participants can immediately apply to enhance their leadership effectiveness and drive organizational change.

Is Your Organization Ready?

  • Are you looking to increase the number of women in your boardroom?
  • Do you want to build a robust pipeline of women leaders for greater organizational success?
  • Are you committed to fostering an inclusive culture that elevates diverse leadership?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Leadership Impact Program for Women in Leadership is your next step forward.

Take Action Now

Enroll Your Talent: Begin the journey to transformative leadership by enrolling your emerging women leaders today.

Learn More: Discover how the Leadership Impact Program can tailor its offerings to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Contact Us: Reach out to discuss how we can partner with your organization to develop the women leaders of today and tomorrow.

Empower. Lead. Transform. Join the Leadership Impact Program for Women in Leadership.

Step into a realm of transformation and empowerment with our Leadership Impact Program for Women in Leadership. Designed to nurture and advance women’s leadership capabilities, this program is your gateway to fostering a culture of inclusivity and strength at every level of your organization.

  • Customized Engagement: Complete the form to arrange a personalized discussion with our esteemed facilitator. This session is your opportunity to delve into the specific needs and goals of your women leaders, ensuring the program aligns perfectly with your organizational objectives.
  • Program Tailoring: Our facilitator will collaborate with you to customize the program, focusing on the areas most critical to your team’s success. Whether it’s enhancing decision-making, boosting confidence, or developing strategic leadership skills, our program is crafted to deliver meaningful and lasting impact.
  • Versatile Delivery Options: Recognizing the dynamic nature of today’s work environments, our Women in Leadership program is available both in-person and virtually, accommodating your team whether they are in the office or distributed across the globe.

Seize this opportunity to invest in the growth and development of your women leaders. By filling out the form, you initiate a pivotal step towards creating an environment where women can thrive and lead with confidence and skill.

Act now to lay the foundation for a more diverse, empowered, and effective leadership within your organization. Let our Leadership Impact Program for Women in Leadership be the catalyst for change and progress.

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