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Transform Your Leadership with Strengthscape’s Work of Leaders Program

Strengthscape’s Work of Leaders Program, leveraging the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile, is a cutting-edge training experience designed to elevate your leadership skills. This program demystifies leadership, breaking it down into actionable steps through the framework of Vision, Alignment, and Execution. It’s tailored to foster self-awareness, develop strategic thinking, and enhance execution capabilities, ensuring you lead with confidence and agility.

Key Differentiators of Our Program

1. Deep Insights

Premier assessments provide profound leadership style and behavior insights, fostering foundational growth and development.

2. Flexible Formats

Choose from spaced virtual sessions for ongoing learning, immersive in-person workshops for immediate engagement, or tailored experiences to meet specific leadership and organizational contexts.

3. Seasoned Facilitators

Benefit from the expertise of seasoned facilitators like Akash Chander, who offer deep industry insights and a rich, interactive learning environment.

4. Worldwide Acumen

Tap into Strengthscape’s vast global experience in leadership development, drawing on a diverse range of industry insights and proven practices for enhanced leadership efficacy.

Key Learning Outcomes

  1. Visionary Leadership and Effective Execution: Excel in creating an inspiring and strategic vision while simultaneously possessing the acumen to implement it adeptly. This dual capability ensures your leadership not only motivates but also secures concrete achievements.
  2. Strategic Communication: Hone your skills in articulating your vision and strategies clearly, fostering alignment and commitment within your team through effective consensus-building techniques.
  3. Personalized Leadership: Understand and leverage your unique DiSC style to enhance your approach to creating, communicating, and implementing your vision, ensuring a leadership style that is both authentic and impactful.
  4. Leadership Adaptability: Learn to identify and apply the best leadership practices in various contexts, adapting your approach to maximize effectiveness and drive desired outcomes.
  5. Continuous Improvement: Focus on self-awareness and growth, recognizing your strengths and areas for development to continuously refine your leadership capabilities and effectiveness.
Work of Leaders Program
Akash Chander

Akash Chander
Leadership Development Expert & Work of Leaders Specialist

Akash Chander stands out as an expert in leadership development, specializing in facilitating the Work of Leaders program with a profound mastery in DiSC and real-world leadership insights. His extensive experience in the business realm and deep understanding of organizational dynamics equip him to foster leadership excellence across various sectors.

Dedicated to enhancing leadership capabilities at all levels, Akash offers specialized workshops that integrate the principles of Work of Leaders and DiSC, providing a comprehensive framework for leadership development. His approach is grounded in practical experience and tailored to align with the specific strategic goals of your organization, ensuring impactful and meaningful growth.

With a focus on actionable insights and sustainable development, Akash’s programs are designed to cultivate a deep understanding of leadership best practices, empowering leaders to drive significant organizational change. His ability to connect theory with practice makes him a valuable partner in your leadership journey, whether you’re part of an emerging enterprise or a well-established global entity.

Akash’s success is evidenced by his broad application of leadership principles across various industries, from technology to healthcare, demonstrating a versatile and effective approach to leadership development. By choosing Akash Chander, you’re not just investing in a program but embarking on a transformative path that will elevate your leadership team to new heights of success and innovation.

Dual Model Approach

The Work of Leaders Program integrates the Vision, Alignment, and Execution (VAE) model with the DiSC behavioral assessment to provide a comprehensive leadership development experience. The VAE model focuses on the essential functions of leadership, guiding leaders through the processes of establishing a vision, gaining alignment, and ensuring execution. Concurrently, DiSC insights deepen leaders’ understanding of their behavioral styles, enhancing their interactions and decision-making. Together, these frameworks empower leaders to adapt their strategies, communicate effectively, and drive organizational success.


Why Choose Strengthscape?

  • Expert Facilitation: Learn from the best. We bring unparalleled insights and methodologies to each session
  • Personalized Insights: Gain deep self-awareness and understand your impact on others through the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile
  • Actionable Strategies: Leave with clear, practical steps to enhance your leadership effectiveness immediately

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