5 Fabulous Features of Adobe Captivate Tool

5 Fabulous Features of Adobe Captivate Tool

As the meaning of the word “Captivate” goes- “attract and hold the interest and attention of”, the eLearning content created using the Adobe captivate tool also attracts and holds the interest of users who intend to view the course.

While there are many authoring tools available in the market, Adobe Captivate is introduced as a smart and responsive eLearning designer for its versatility and wide range of features. Captivate helps you to create interactive eLearning authoring courses such as using eLearning simulations, video demos, soft skill courses, and quizzes.

Let’s learn about five fabulous features provided by this tool.

Storyboarding with Adobe Captivate Draft
The conventional way of storyboarding enables you to create a storyboard in one tool and create the eLearning course using the eLearning authoring tool. This was a time-consuming process, which involved more effort. With Adobe Captivate Draft, creating a storyboard has become quicker and easier. You can directly create a storyboard in the authoring tool and share it for review in real-time. After completing the review process, you can import the storyboard to captivate and publish it.

Designing Single eLearning Course for Multiple Platforms
In this modern era of technology, employees use multiple devices to access the eLearning courses. It is always tedious and time-consuming to modify a course to suit different devices. Adobe Captivate is an extraordinary eLearning tool that gives you the capability to create a single course for multiple platforms. You can create a master course, which is automatically modified based on the resolution of the device in which it is accessed. This reduces the time, cost, and effort.

You can publish a course as one project and Captivate itself adjusts to provide an optimization view. The “Save as” function converts non-responsive courses, developed in earlier versions of Captivate to responsive courses.

Integration with multimedia
Adobe Captivate contains many intuitive elements, ranging from screen capture and casting to synchronizing audio. Also, features like audio-text captions, text-to-speech capabilities, pan, and zoom-in Captivate make it a powerful tool.

Import PowerPoint into Captivate
With an increasing trend in eLearning, organizations are in the process of converting their PowerPoint presentations into interactive eLearning courses. A key element in making this conversion is the use of an appropriate rapid authoring tool – Adobe Captivate.

During the import process, Captivate has the ability to create a link between a Captivate project and a PowerPoint presentation. This allows the changes made in the original PowerPoint slide deck to be reflected in the Captivate project.

Pre-built Themes
The pre-built themes available in Adobe Captivate save your time by avoiding the building of eLearning courses right from scratch. You can customize your theme and use them for future projects thereby reducing your cost and effort.

Branch-aware Quizzing
The Quizzing feature allows the eLearning users to take a pre-test before accessing the course and a post-test (Quiz) after they complete the course to check the progress. The feature “Knowledge Check Questions” helps in accessing if the learners are on track.

All these fabulous features of this Adobe tool make it flexible and easy to use for creating fantastic responsive eLearning courses.

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