Most leaders must think and act in ways that are unusual when navigating a crisis. At work or in the community, whether it be a technological, financial, natural, or health catastrophe, leaders must adopt other leadership mindsets and modify it when new information and variables surface. 

It is imperative that the leadership team is able to adopt different leadership mindsets and effectively manage during crises, which is characterized by both complexity and change. Management is responsible for addressing the urgent needs of the present, and the future. A leader must make decisive decisions and distribute resources adequately. It is crucial that a leader stays laser focused on what is likely to happen next and be prepared with strategic solutions to deal with it. This means predicting the next four, five or six obstacles beyond the immediate hurdles and implementing active solutions. 

Strengthscape’s Leadership Mindsets to Develop During Uncertainty Webinar looks at common challenges that leaders face during crisis and explores the fundamentals of good leadership that help leaders excel during such situations. A team looks up to its leaders during uncertain times and it is the responsibility of a leader to stand up to the team’s expectations and become a role model for them. We explore the role of emotional intelligence and agile leadership in crisis. This webinar also walks you through the essential qualities that help leaders thrive in uncertain situations and the importance of managing oneself and others.   

Key Takeaways

This webinar will help you understand the role that various leadership mindsets play in managing and leading through crisis. An effective leader provides direction, creates a sense of unity, builds relationships and communicates effectively. You will also be able to learn about the model of emotional intelligence and how important it is to regulate your own and your team’s emotions during critical situations. This webinar will also help leaders understand why agile leadership is key during uncertain times and how developing agility and authenticity can be helpful. 

Strengthscape’s Leadership Mindsets to Develop During Uncertainty Webinar guides leaders on the journey of leading the organization through crisis. Managing a crisis requires looking at the bigger picture rather than dealing with only the immediate effects. A leader needs to predict what will occur next and effectively prepare the entire team and the organization for the changes that will occur.