Benefits of Assessment Based Training

Benefits of Assessment Based Training

If the organizations published their wish-list too, getting the top talents of the industry would be one of their top priorities.!

Organizations now emphasize on having best talent as much as they emphasize on getting the best technology. The realization that, wrong hiring can lead to far greater losses than not upgrading to new technology has sunk deep in the minds of major corporates.

Human resource department and personnel are becoming popular as well as more influential in the strategy decisions and plans of the organizations.

Multinationals have enhanced focus on talent management and development. It is not uncommon to have an assessment or aptitude test-based interview or test, the results of which support hiring decisions.

Benefits of Training Needs Assessment<

Let’s travel back in time from 2015 to 1900’s. In 1905, a French psychologist first created a psychometric test to help placing Paris school children in appropriate classes. It was perhaps the first test to measure psychological attributes. In addition, it served as a catalyst to the field of psychological measurement.

During World War I, his tests were widely used for mass military recruitments. Travelling back to 2000, we can see a significant development in the quality, type and measurements, ability of tests and assessments available. This has positively impacted their usage and the importance given to tests and assessments while making hiring decisions. Most of the organizations which use assessment-based interviews boost about how they have helped them in hiring the best talent for a position.

Today, the focus has shifted from hiring the best, to developing the best and retaining the better of these best. Hence, companies make huge investments each year on training and development of the organization each year.

However, many of them admit about not conducting appropriate training needs analysis and relying on observations, assumptions, judgements and feedbacks from the department/unit/ function heads and heads of training departments.<

While these are critical inputs for designing training programs, it is essential to accompany them with appropriate scientific methods to identify the skills and behaviors of employees that could be developed through training for optimal performance and productivity.

What is the Benefit of Psychometric Assessments?

Psychometric assessments are one of the best options today for making training decisions and designing relevant trainings.

Today, various types of customized assessments are available that are tailored to specific organizational needs. They help identify strengths and weaknesses of individual employees, groups as well as teams just the way they support recruitment.

Many assessments give a detailed interpretative report about the personality style of the employee. Similarly, they also illustrate on the type of environment, tasks, instructions, team members that will help them perform better.

Assessments are scientific method to measure mental abilities, behavioral styles and personality assessments. Assessment reports give a clear picture of the individual or teams in terms of the attribute that we measure. We can design training programs on the basis of these results. This will enable employees to fill in the required gap in knowledge or aptitude through training.

A training program’s efficacy depends upon its ability to fulfill this aspect. Many assessments also serve as a quantifiable measure to identify the difference/change in the expected attribute pre and post training.

Organizations would be in a better position to effectively utilize training funds and resources with assessment-based trainings. This is better than investing on irrelevant trainings based on assumptions. Attracting talent is the first step. However, if they are not given the right environment, their talent will decay over a period of time.

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