Artificial Intelligence is a growing field, and a lot of development will happen in the next couple of years. Are you an Artificial Intelligence Aspirant, who feels confused about which programming language to choose? Well, don’t worry! C language Artificial Intelligence programming is effective and liked by a lot of programmers.

C language Artificial Intelligence is one of the programming languages that are really fast. You can use this language to deal at the hardware level. This helps the programmers to bring in positive changes in execution time of a program. Thus, C language can be used for Artificial Intelligence related projects as these projects are sensitive when it comes to time. Even search engines use C language in order to give you results in a short period.

For statistical techniques in AI, C language Artificial Intelligence is necessary. These techniques are present in neural networks. You can also write algorithms easily and at a quicker pace use c language. It is also used in many video games in order to improve response time and proper execution.

There are other languages as well that you can use for programming AI related projects.

They are:

  • Python: It is one of the most used programming languages in this world. That is because it is quite simple and easy to use. You can use python with data structures that are useful in Artificial Intelligence related projects. Other algorithms are also quite compatible with this language. Another factor that makes Python an accessible programming language is the library that you can use when you have any queries. There are lots of resources online so you can pick up this language in a short period.
  • Java: Java is also another useful language as it is easy, and provides a lot of features. Though it is not as fast as c language Artificial Intelligence, it is quite portable and offers a collection of garbage that is inbuilt. If you face any problem, you can always ask in the Java forum. It will also give you the room for scalability and can easily code any of the algorithms.

Some more languages to consider:

  • Lisp: Lisp is a good programming language that can be used in case of Artificial Intelligence related projects as it has good prototyping capabilities. You will also get good support when it comes to symbolic expressions. DATA, CYC are some of the Artificial Intelligence projects where Lisp proves useful. It is mostly related to machine learning.
  • Prolog: This programming language is famous for its usability. Prolog is quite useful when it comes to basics which are helpful in Artificial Intelligence. It provides you with a lot of features such as matching patterns, automated backtracking, and data structuring systems which are tree based. All these systems make this language quite flexible and increase its usability. This language is mainly a part of expert systems and also for medical projects. Thus, these are some of the programming languages you can use for AI.