Building High Performing Teams with DISC

Building High Performing Teams with DISC

Strengthscape’s programs are adept at Building High Performing Teams with DISC, tackling the substantial task leaders and managers often encounter: spending a considerable portion of their time at work on team building. This effort becomes continuous as team compositions are prone to frequent changes. There’s a tendency to merge individuals who were efficiently working independently into teams, sometimes in situations where it seems unnecessary. Through Building High Performing Teams with DISC, Strengthscape aims to make this transition smoother and more purposeful. The goal is to enhance team dynamics effectively, ensuring that the assembly of these teams is not only intentional but also leads to the cultivation of high-performing teams adept at surpassing their goals.

This creates more work for managers or leaders who try to devise newer mechanisms to build cohesion in their teams. Our training programs are a good solution for managers and leaders who are struggling day in and day out to build collaboration at workplace.  

Team members on high-performing teams understand, appreciate, and value the different strengths each member contributes to the group. The relationship is one of trust and respect. Consequently, the individual is willing to engage in the kind of dialogue and debate that leads to new and better solutions. 

The Everything DiSC® system can be an excellent tool for assisting teams in achieving the behaviors described above and much more.  

One secret of high-performance teams is that they would be setting the norms and guidelines of operations themselves making them more accountable for their performance. We train individuals on how to use the various psychometric profile reports to bring together people who are likely to function coherently as a team by looking at the value systems they firmly believe in. 

Thus, without too much of a difference of opinion the team can self –set their culture and norms and follow it with ease. Let us look at how a leader can get his teams to set their own objectives and meet them with diligence. 

Assess the individual to understand their behavioural choices

The DISC assessment can help you grow your emotional intelligence by helping you better understand yourself first. A DISC Assessment reveals your behavioral traits, tendencies, and preferences. With the report, you will figure out what your hot buttons are and what could make you frustrated, angry, or stressed. 

Leadership can harness the power of DISC’s detailed metrics to fortify and uplift their organization’s performance. Understanding the communication styles and motivational drivers of their workforce is crucial. In the realm of organizational development, DISC aids leaders in deciphering complex issues with greater clarity.

Engaging Your Team with Open Conversations

Knowing oneself is the first step; the next is guiding individuals to recognize the behavioral tendencies of their teammates. This knowledge enables tailored communication, ensuring messages are conveyed in a manner that resonates with the recipient. To cultivate trust-rich and committed relationships, it’s essential to communicate in ways that meet the listener’s needs, fostering open and transparent dialogue.

Building High Performing Teams with DISC Through Open Communication

Once trust is established among team members, the focus shifts to embracing shared values that will define the team’s culture and operational ethos. This collective agreement on values necessitates collaborative efforts to formulate and implement action plans, ensuring these principles are embedded in everyday practices. This approach not only defines a team’s culture but also reinforces commitment and accountability, laying the groundwork for building high-performing teams with DISC.

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