Communication at Work with DiSC

Communication at Work with DiSC

If people could communicate better, a lot of issues at work would disappear. Communication is hard because everyone has their own definition of what it means. I’d say that communication is effective when the listener understands a message just as the sender intended. People interpret things differently because of their personalities, behavioural choices, and emotional makeup.

Good communicators know what their listeners’ filters are before they craft their message. While a person’s tone of voice, body language, and gestures might indicate their mood, the best way to understand the “filter” in their mind is to predict their behavior. By doing so, the communicator can adapt communication to the listener’s preferred behavior in relation to communication. Communication becomes effective because each person speaks the way the other prefers.

DiSC Profiles: How do they help you communicate well?

With DiSC, you’ll become a better communicator in four simple steps:

  • Get to know your DiSC Style: Getting your Disc profile assessed will make you more aware of who you are. It also helps you figure out how others behave.
  • DiSC Styles: Understanding the DiSC model will help you spot other DiSC styles.
  • Learn to flex your style: You can flex your style when you communicate with people with other DiSC styles: Recognize the different types of communication styles that work and don’t work when you communicate with people with other DiSC styles.
  • Develop your style: Consciously develop a communication style that enhances your performance at work and improves synergy with people you interact with regularly at work and outside of work. Work on improving your communication style, using DiSC Styles as a reference

Which DiSC profiles are good for communication training?

Everything DiSC Workplace Profiles

You’ll find this 20-page report, that has been compiled from decades of research, on how to connect better with people. The Everything DiSC Workplace report reveals your behavioral preferences and teaches you how to communicate with people whose priorities are different from your own. Everything DiSC Workplace Profile helps individuals understand how they communicate with other DiSC Styles and offers strategies to make communication more effective.

Specific tips are provided on how to communicate to each style during conflict or when the going gets tough. Everything DiSC Workplace Profile – View Sample Report or buy it here.

Personal Listening Profile

Listening is just as important as speaking. Not enough communication training courses emphasize listening. DiSC Communication Training Workshops are great for improving your listening skills. Personal Listening Profiles use the DiSC model to help people understand their natural listening style and help them listen to different people. Learn about different listening styles and find out which one you like. In the context of your natural listening style, understand why you listen to the way you do. Know your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to listening. Listen to what others expect from you. Learn how to bridge communication and listening gaps.

Contact usif you are interested in a DiSC assessment program that is tailored to the needs of your organization or team.