DISC personality Tests assist in understanding behavioural tendencies and priorities of a person. These tests are based on adaptive testing method.

How does a personality test help? It helps us work with our strengths and weaknesses and improve interpersonal effectiveness.

  • By understanding our personality style, we can understand our own strengths and challenges better.
  • We can understand why people behave the way they do by understanding their personality style.
  • By understanding DISC, we can adapt to other people’s preferences and be more effective in our communication with them
  • We could, in a team situation, be effective in assigning roles and tasks and be more effective together.

DISC is a behaviour assessment tool. Behavior is the observable part of our personality.

  1. Main Report – These are personalized reports that are derived once the respondent completes a questionnaire that assesses their behavioural priorities. Many of these reports, are role specific, while the basic report Everything DiSC Workplace Report is a generic one – meaning that it has a wide application at workplace. It can be used to enhance self-awareness, communication effectiveness and stress management. Irrespective of the report you choose, you will find an insightful, non-judgemental, and easy to understand narrative in each of the reports. There are 9 Main reports: Everything DiSC Workplace Report, Management Report, Sales Report Work of Leaders Report, 363 for Leaders Report, Productive Conflict Report, Agile EQ, Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Tea and Five Behaviors Personal Development Report.
  2. Follow Up Reports (partial list) –
    1. Group Culture Report – If you wish to know your group’s preferences and its domination culture, then this report could be very helpful? This report can be generated if more than three people complete the assessment. It provides insights around the prevalent dynamics in the group and how, each member possibly feels working in this group. You can create these reports using the Group Culture creating functionality in the EPIC Account.
    2. Comparison Report – One of the advantages of people in a team taking a DISC personality Test is that they could generate a comparison report that provides insights on how they could work better with each other. It helps us establish unlikely relationships. It compares strengths, challenges and relationship behaviors of two respondents taking the assessment. This 10-page report is free with an EPIC account.
    3. Facilitator Report – It describes each profile within a group in greater detail and helps a facilitator in understanding why a respondent has a certain style. It summarizes the reports and articulates the issues to consider while working with the group. It helps the facilitator understand the group and prepare the training intervention better.