Demonstrating understanding and awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace is crucial. A diverse team brings various talents to the table. A new manager is required to unleash this potential to train each team member to thrive in a competitive environment. Middle management are not only responsible for being aware of the gaps in diversity but also recalibrating how to move the team forward, together, especially in today’s unprecedented times. 

Although the conversation surrounding diversity and inclusion in the workplace has started to shift, there is still an incredibly long way to go. Strengthscape’s Diversity Training for New Managers Webinar is one step in that direction. This webinar provides a unique take on the concept of diversity and inclusion and their status in today’s business environment. We explore the value of diversity and inclusion in the modern workplace, as well as the human factor measures that facilitate them at work. We provide a comprehensive guide on how to drive innovation and accelerate business outcomes through diversity and inclusion leadership.  

Managers have the power to improve diversity and create an environment that fosters inclusivity. Managers are the link between top management and the foot soldiers. They’re mainly responsible for:  

  • Translating an organization’s goals and objectives into bite-sized actionable goals 
  • Engaging and influencing employees every day 
  • Personalizing the work environment to enhance performance based on the strengths and challenges of each employee 
  • Being responsible for the company’s social impact 
  • Training and recruiting new team members

An organization’s management plays a crucial role in promoting diversity and engagement in the workplace. A new manager makes employees feel appreciated by engaging them.   

Key Takeaways

This webinar will help a new manager understand the neuroscience and concept of diversity and inclusion at the workplace. You will be able to understand the impact that a sense of belonging can have on employees’ performance. As a new manager, the webinar will assist you in identifying and boosting the creative potential of each team member and driving successful business outcomes. Not only will you be able to become more aware of the benefits of having a diverse and inclusive workforce, but will also learn the ways you can drive innovative business outcomes through inclusive leadership.