We often worry of buying assessments in bulk and not get the chance to use it. Trainers and companies have varied budgets which expires end of the year. Fluctuations in international exchange rates often make client contracts difficult to manage. It also becomes difficult to manage large number of clients using the same assessment. All of these difficulties are resolved by using EPIC account and an EPIC credit system. 

Strengthscape’s Webinar on EPIC Accounts: EPIC Credit System and various Disc Profile is going to give you insights on the need, features and benefits of and EPIC credit system.  

Key Takeaways

This webinar will help you understand the basics of an EPIC account and its benefits for trainers, business managers, L&D professionals, HR professionals and business coaches. Also understand and identify various ways in which an EPIC account can be used, its possibilities and options available. 

This webinar will answer the following questions: 

  • What is an EPIC account? 
  • How does the EPIC Credit System work? 
  • How do you administer assessments? 
  • How can I customize my EPIC account? 
  • How can the EPIC account help me establish a sustainable business? 
  • How can I buy an EPIC Account now?

We recommend you have an EPIC Account if:

  • The various Everything Disc profile are continuous requirements
  • You need to manage the profiles as effectively as possible because you have a lot of players, teams, or clients
  • You wish to restrict access to finished profiles and reports
  • You desire immediate access to finished profiles
  • You’re looking for the most affordable method of creating profiles

What are the Benefits of having an EPIC Account?

  1. Complete Control: Having your own Epic account gives you the freedom and control to send survey URLs to participants, follow up with them, when necessary, send them reminders, and generate finished reports whenever you need to. With EPIC’s folder and sub folder feature, you may arrange the reports according to the team, the training date, or any other criteria that suits you. More administrators can be added to the account, each with their own username and password.
  2. Generate Supplementary Reports to Enhance your sessions:
  • Once everyone has finished creating their individual Disc profile, the Everything DiSC Facilitator Report can be prepared for the group. In addition to offering a useful DiSC poster with the DiSC styles of each member, this report analyzes a team’s DiSC culture and what it means for the group
  • To better understand two people’s similarities and differences and how to collaborate more effectively, free Everything DiSC comparison reports may be created for them
  • The free Team View Reports provide a concise and useful summary of each participant’s DiSC style
  • If someone doesn’t relate to their own disc profile, the Free Supplement for Facilitators Reports are a useful resource. They provide even more insight into a person’s personality
  1. Branding and Customization: When you send out questionnaire links from your account, you can include a personalized note for participants and add your own logo and corporate information to the cover of all various Disc profile and reports.

Organizations can make better use of their training time by using an EPIC Account. To make the most of every minute of training time, people can complete assessments online prior to training or coaching sessions. Moreover, grading the various disc profile is handled by EPIC Accounts, reducing time and improving accuracy.