EPIC: Transforming Assessments

EPIC: Transforming Assessments

Welcome to the Electronic Profile Information Center (EPIC), a groundbreaking administrative platform meticulously designed by Wiley. This platform revolutionizes the way trainers, HR professionals, and organizations deliver and manage the Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors® assessments. EPIC stands as an indispensable tool, offering unmatched levels of control, efficiency, and customization to meet the diverse assessment needs across various organizational landscapes. 

The Necessity of an EPIC Administrator Account 

In today’s dynamic corporate environment, continuous development and assessment are key to maintaining a competitive edge. An EPIC Administrator Account becomes essential for: 

  • Organizations with ongoing assessment and development programs. 
  • Administrators tasked with managing assessments for large groups or teams. 
  • Professionals aiming to maintain confidentiality and control over the distribution of reports. 
  • Teams requiring structured access to completed profiles for training or development purposes. 
  • Facilitators leveraging The Five Behaviors Team Development to enhance teamwork and collaboration. 

Unparalleled Features of EPIC 

Comprehensive Control and Flexibility 

EPIC grants access to an extensive array of Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors profiles, including Group Reports and free Comparison Reports. This level of access places administrators in the driver’s seat, allowing for precise management of assessment tools. 

Enhanced Organizational Efficiency 

With EPIC’s advanced folder system, reports can be categorized and stored by any criteria chosen—department, training date, or project. This functionality makes retrieving and utilizing data more straightforward than ever. 

Instant Access and Distribution 

EPIC enables instant viewing, printing, or emailing of any report generated within the system. This feature ensures quick access to critical insights, allowing for timely feedback and action. 

Personalized Branding and Communication

Elevate your organization’s brand by customizing report covers and respondent splash pages with your logo and company information. EPIC also allows for the customization of email communications with personalized messages, enhancing the professional touch. 

Exclusive Learning Platforms: Catalyst and My Everything DiSC 

EPIC offers participants access to Catalyst, an on-demand learning experience designed to deepen their understanding of DiSC styles and improve workplace interactions. Additionally, MyEverythingDiSC.com serves as an invaluable resource for participants to further explore DiSC. 

Operational Excellence with EPIC 

Setting up an EPIC account is straightforward, with no annual fees, renewals, or minimum purchase requirements. Credits, which function like currency within EPIC, are used to redeem assessments and reports. These credits have no expiration date, ensuring flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist, from initial setup to daily operations, ensuring a seamless experience. 

EPIC Credits: A Flexible System 

EPIC credits serve as a versatile system for acquiring and deploying assessments and reports from Wiley’s Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors®. This system allows administrators to manage the delivery of these tools based on specific organizational or training needs flexibly. 

Example Calculation for Workplace Reports 

Consider the need to provide the “Everything DiSC Workplace Profile” to a group of individuals, with each report requiring 15 credits. For 10 participants, the total credits required would be 150. This formula ensures administrators can easily calculate the number of credits needed for any number of reports, ensuring efficient and cost-effective planning for their training programs. 

Report Credit Guidelines 

The table below provides a guideline for planning purposes, with each type of report requiring a different number of credits: 

  • Everything DiSC Workplace Profile: 15 credits 
  • Everything DiSC Management Profile: 25 credits 
  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile: 25 credits 
  • Everything DiSC Sales Profile: 25 credits 
  • Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Profile: 20 credits 
  • The Five Behaviors Personal Development Profile: 25 credits 
  • Everything DiSC Group Culture Report: 25 credits 
  • The Five Behaviors Team Development Report: 35 credits 
  • Everything DiSC Agile EQ: 25 credits 


This guideline aids in accurate planning and budgeting for assessment needs. 

Elevating Your Assessment Strategy with EPIC 

Integrating the EPIC Administrator Account into your organization is a strategic move that unlocks the full potential of Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors® assessments. With its robust features, customizable options, and user-friendly interface, EPIC is the key to transforming your assessment processes. 

Ready to Transform Your Assessment Process? 

For more information or to get started with your EPIC Administrator Account, contact Strengthscape, your award-winning Everything DiSC authorized partner. Strengthscape stands at the forefront of corporate training and development, offering innovative solutions and expert guidance to elevate your organizational capabilities. 


EPIC represents a significant advancement in the administration of behavioral assessments, providing a comprehensive solution for managing Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors®. Its extensive features, combined with operational excellence and flexible credit system, make EPIC an invaluable asset for any organization looking to enhance its training and development programs. By leveraging EPIC, organizations can achieve a higher level of insight, efficiency, and impact in their developmental initiatives, ultimately fostering a more cohesive, productive, and dynamic workplace culture.