White-Labeling Your DiSC Reports: A Strengthscape Guide

White-Labeling Your DiSC Reports: A Strengthscape Guide

In the evolving world of corporate training, the ability to personalize and control training materials and assessments can be a game-changer for organizations. This article delves into the concept of white-labeling DiSC reports through Strengthscape’s EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center) Sub Account, offering a powerful way for leaders and trainers to enhance their brand’s presence while maintaining data confidentiality.

Background Information on White-Labeling Your DiSC Reports

Historically, DiSC assessments have been instrumental in improving workplace communication, teamwork, and leadership. The introduction of EPIC by Wiley allowed for more autonomy in administering these assessments. Strengthscape, as Wiley’s authorized partner, has taken this further by offering an administration account that allows organizations to fully customize their DiSC reports with their own branding, ensuring a seamless integration into their training programs.

Significance of White Labeling DiSC Reports

White labeling DiSC reports through the EPIC Sub Account brings significant advantages. It not only aligns the assessment tools with the company’s branding but also boosts the professional appearance of the reports. Companies can showcase their commitment to sophisticated, tailor-made solutions in their learning and development initiatives, strengthening client relationships and enhancing participant engagement.

Key Elements of the EPIC Sub Account

Customization and Control

One of the paramount benefits of the EPIC Sub Account is the level of customization it offers. Companies can insert their logo and contact information on each report, ensuring every aspect of the assessment reflects their brand identity. This feature is particularly advantageous for businesses aiming to establish a strong and recognizable brand among their clientele.

Accessibility and Management

Another critical aspect is the management and accessibility of the assessments. The platform enables leaders to issue and unassign access codes, track completed reports, and create follow-up reports. Such capabilities ensure that leaders have full control over the assessment process, from distribution to data analysis.

Security and Confidentiality when White-Labeling Your DiSC Reports

With the increase in data breaches and privacy concerns, the EPIC Sub Account provides a secure environment where client data remains confidential. Organizations can manage their assessments without the fear of losing sensitive information, which is crucial for maintaining trust and integrity in business operations.


White labeling your DiSC reports through Strengthscape’s EPIC Sub Account is not just about customization; it’s about taking charge of how your organizational tools align with and reinforce your brand identity. This approach not only enhances the visual and professional appeal of the reports but also offers a strategic advantage in client engagement and data security. Discover how Strengthscape can help tailor your corporate training needs to boost employee engagement and productivity.