Five Behaviors – Team Profile | Build a High Performing Team

Five Behaviors – Team Profile | Build a High Performing Team

In the dynamic realm of business, team success often pivots on effective collaboration and shared achievement. However, molding a cluster of skilled individuals into a unified, high-performing team demands more than mere intentions—it necessitates a structured approach and profound comprehension of team dynamics. Enter the Five Behaviors – Team Profile program, a flagship offering by Strengthscape, an authorized partner, poised to meet this need.

Core Elements of the Five Behaviors – Team Profile Program

At its core, the Five Behaviors – Team Profile program centers on Patrick Lencioni’s acclaimed model, spotlighting five pivotal behaviors: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results. By methodically addressing each of these behaviors, the program empowers teams to unlock their latent potential and foster enduring success.

Program Implementation

The program implementation unfolds meticulously to ensure optimal engagement and efficacy:

Initiation Calls – Leader Engagement

The program inaugurates with a personalized one-hour session between facilitators and the team leader. This initial interaction serves to grasp the team’s milieu, the leader’s aspirations, and the organizational context.

Discovery Calls – Structured Learning

Subsequently, a live virtual session convenes with the entire leadership cadre, elucidating the program’s rationale, objectives, and procedural framework. This session aims to align expectations, demystify the journey, and reaffirm the team’s dedication to growth.

Assessment Rollout – Behavioral Assessment

At the program’s core lies the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Assessment, encompassing a comprehensive questionnaire, the full-fledged Everything DiSC assessment, team surveys, and cultural inquiries. The ensuing reports furnish invaluable insights into individual profiles, team dynamics, progress updates, and comparative analyses.

Instructor Led Training – Structured Learning

Central to the program are three training sessions, each spanning four hours (or two full-day sessions) distributed over three weeks. Led by adept facilitators, these sessions are designed to be interactive and immersive, integrating breakout exercises, deliberations, and real-world case studies.

Progress Reporting – Structured Learning

Post-training, the Five Behaviors Progress Report serves to track the team’s trajectory, spotlighting areas of enhancement and regression. This empowers the team to pinpoint developmental priorities and delineate targeted improvement objectives.

Individual and Group Coaching

Complementing the structured learning regimen are individual coaching sessions facilitated by seasoned coaches. Moreover, structured group dialogues in small cohorts foster goal alignment and address collective developmental imperatives.

In Conclusion

In summation, the Five Behaviors – Team Profile program, offered by Strengthscape as an authorized partner, furnishes a comprehensive blueprint for nurturing high-performance teams. Through a blend of assessments, training, coaching, and structured learning initiatives, the program endows teams with the tools, insights, and reinforcement necessary to thrive amidst contemporary business dynamics. By investing in team development, organizations can harness collaborative prowess, propel innovation, and chart a course towards sustainable prosperity.