For years, the nature of work has been changing as a result of strong disruption forces such as demographic changes, shifting career paths, and unrelenting technological advancements. When the global coronavirus pandemic struck, it accelerated change and increased concerns about how to get ready for the future of work. Organizations all over the world are currently dealing with what the World Economic Forum (WEF) has dubbed a reskilling emergency. 

According to the WEF, by 2022, 42% of the basic skills needed to perform current jobs are likely to change, and by 2030, more than a billion people would need to be retrained. 

The changing nature of employment has prompted many businesses to take use of automation and other technology. To add value and enhance service and quality, they are using chatbots, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and other cognitive technologies. 

However, they cannot succeed and adapt in a rapidly changing environment on the basis of technology alone. Companies face a tough challenge: do they spend enormous sums of money today to acquire the skills needed tomorrow, or do they risk trying to compete with a workforce that lacks the necessary talents? Employees will need new skills and capabilities fast. 

We think there’s another choice that will allow organizations to thrive in the new normal: building a future ready workforce 

Key Takeaways

To keep up with the rising rate of change, organizations are competing with one another and with time. Automation, AI, and other technological marvels can only take businesses so far; technology is only a part of the solution. The success of every organization still depends heavily on its human personnel. Their inventiveness, creativity, empathy, and other unmistakably human traits hold the key to creating the breakthroughs and possibilities that businesses will require to prosper in the years to come. Today, however, we still have ways to go before becoming a fully future ready workforce. 

Strengthscape’s ‘Planning for a Future-Proof Competent Workforce’ Webinar helps organizations and individuals prepare for the challenges of the rapidly changing business landscape. The webinar focuses on the importance of developing a competent future ready workforce that is equipped to handle the challenges of the future. The webinar will also provide insights on how to leverage emerging technologies and best practices to stay ahead of the curve and future-proof your organization’s workforce. 

The answers to the following questions will be addressed in this webinar: 

  • What are the emerging challenges for organizations to future-proof a competent workforce? 
  • How can we ensure that our employees are a future ready workforce in this volatile and agile environment? 
  • How do we future proof the competency framework within our organization? 
  • What tools can help us standardize our competency frameworks across the organization? 
  • How can the competencies of a larger employee base be evaluated, and interventions be planned in this agile environment?

Companies are eager to develop a future ready workforce, with the talents and skills to not just meet today’s issues, but also to enable them to take advantage of opportunities and get beyond challenges that haven’t even been thought of yet. Too many groups, though, lack direction and don’t know where to begin. Understanding the essential traits of a future ready workforce that is prepared for the future is the first step.