Businesses must quickly adapt because of the widespread adoption and rapid advancement of technology. L&D teams must pay close attention to this and concentrate on a strategy to incorporate blended learning upskill people for the digital age. 

The learning environment has been disturbed by the VUCA and agile world as well as declining attention spans. The perspective on learning engagements has altered as a result of this paradigm shift, moving away from event-based learning to learning journeys that are spread out. Learning needs to be personalized, just like everything else in today’s world. Professionals in HR and L&OD have discovered that a “one-size-fits-all approach” to learning is counterproductive. 

Strengthscape and Skillsoft’s partnership will help organizations adapt to these strengths.  

Key Takeaways

In today’s technologically advanced world, there are countless opportunities to design effective, entertaining, and exciting corporate training. The resources available to managers and trainers are more advanced and interactive than ever. 

Training is about to enter some extremely interesting times thanks to technological advancements like virtual reality and live video explosion. It should come as no surprise that the majority of businesses use either entirely digital corporate training or blended learning, but each has its own special difficulties.  

Strengthscape’s ‘Reimagine and Reinforce Technical Learning Paths’ Webinar is for organizations that wish to take advantage of Skillsoft’s enterprise learning solutions, which are made to help companies fill crucial skill gaps, change critical behaviors, and prepare them for the future of work. 

Via blended learning, Strengthscape’s partnership with Skillsoft offers a complete learning solution. This strategy increases the uptake of learning initiatives by successfully involving people in a tailored learning experience across a variety of modalities. 

  • Explore how pre-curated aspire journeys and accredited technical certification content can be beneficial for your organization 
  • Explore the challenges faced by technical professionals
  • Identify what a comprehensive Tech & Dev learning library looks like and how can you make the most use of it 
  • Explain the integration, implementation, and adoption process for Tech & Dev learning channels

Employees and organizations can significantly boost effectiveness and productivity, assist team members in discovering new approaches to completing previously difficult tasks, and develop fundamental technical skills necessary for their position with Skillsoft. L&D teams can create blended learning opportunities and technical training programs for various software applications and business procedures.