“Never undervalue a woman’s power.” This catchphrase was created by an advertising agency in 1941 to promote Ladies Home Journal, and it was successful as seen by the magazine’s strong sales. 

Despite being coined about 80 years later, this term predicted that women would succeed in the workplace. A substantial portion of the workforce are women. Women make up 46.8% of the labor force in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

Women contribute to creating an inspiring workplace culture by promoting teamwork, healthy competition, and camaraderie and by assisting the business in reaching its full potential. Consider how lifeless it would be without the essential flavor and fiber that women bring to our daily lives and to the workplace. 

When women empowerment is effectively exercised, women have more control over their careers. By funding training, mentoring, equity programs, educational grants, and promotions into senior-level positions, you can ensure their professional growth, which is essential for creating long-term employees.  

Key Takeaways

There are several benefits of women empowerment in the workplace. Working women become financially independent and acquire greater granular control over their lives. This empowers women to deal with societal pressures and challenges on their own. On a macro level, the economy benefits from more women entering the workforce. According to a 2016 McKinsey Global Institute analysis, increased gender diversity might boost the global economy by $12 trillion by 2025. India can boost the world economy by $700 billion by improving gender parity. 

Strengthscape’s Webinar on the Rising Role of Women examines how women fit into the fast-paced world of today and defines women empowerment. Also, this webinar provides helpful advice on how to encourage the women who work with you: 

  • Start by giving women a seat at the table and a voice. If a woman has an excellent idea, support her and see to it that she receives credit rather than allowing another person to do so
  • Make sure your succession planning gives high-achieving women in your organization equal recognition. At quarterly reviews, have active, continuous discussions regarding professional growth opportunities
  • Ask your staff for ideas on how to improve the business, and then pay close attention to what they have to say. Establish business objectives for enhancing gender diversity and women empowerment in the workplace using the data gathered

 Why should you attend?

  • Recognize the position of women in the evolving workplace
  • Five initiatives you can implement for women empowerment 
  • Learn the value of empowering women 
  • Determine strategies to help women entrepreneurs 

Who should attend this webinar?

  • L&OD professionals 
  • HR professionals 
  • Trainer and facilitators 
  • Team Leads 
  • Functional Heads 
  • Business Managers 

We must make sure that we offer women the chance to speak up for themselves and be heard at all levels of company. Strengthscape’s Webinar on the Rising Role of Women is one step in that direction, that aims to make sure that your company’s goals and practices support women empowerment.