Sales Coaching

Have you ever been worried about measuring the ROI of training programs? Sales’ coaching is one area where the return on investment is not only immediate but also as clear as crystal. Sales’ coaching is target towards frontline sales managers. It enables the sales team to become aware of their strengths and areas of improvement. Once the strengths are identified, our sales coach then works with the sales managers to increase sales revenue by playing on their strength. Sales’ coaching is a great way to synchronize the efforts of the sales team with the organization’s sales process.

Research has found that sales coaching have resulted in a greater ROI than any other form of training for sales managers and sales teams by having a direct impact on the sales performance. Sales coaching address the common pitfalls that cripple sales performance. It also teaches the clients to customize their sales strategy keeping in view the challenges faced by the sales manager and his sales team. It is recognized that sales coaching is an ongoing process unlike a onetime training program that later has no relevance to the sales operations of the sales team.

Sales coaches help managers to change their role from bosses to coaches. A sales coach coaches the coachee by creating an environment of independence rather than control. Sales coaches provide encouragement, support, motivation, allow coachees to take responsibility, help them learn problem solving skills and critical thinking skills. They reinforce their team and build on their skills. Sales coaches coach their team in changing attitudes, building effective customer relations and negotiate deals independently. They strengthen their relationships with the team in a healthy positive way so that together they can increase the sales performance. The Sales coaching at the same time is not based on a soft basis model. It is soft on sales team and hard when it comes to measurement and accountability.