It’s simple to avoid confrontation when disagreements occur in professional relationships in an effort to preserve the bond between the parties. However, it is possible to retain solid connections and turn unpleasant disagreements into fruitful conversations. In these instances, negotiation skills are crucial. However, the value of negotiating is not limited to dispute settlement. Businesses can significantly grow with improved by effective negotiation skills. 

Negotiation is stressful. There is a great deal on the line: money, opportunities, time, relationships, and reputations. Most leaders when asked about their negotiation strategy, typically answer that they would determine each party’s best alternative to a negotiated agreement or list out their main demands and objectives. Beyond that, they believe their capacity for effective planning is constrained. 

Strengthscape’s Strategies for Successful Negotiations Webinar aims to delve deep into the concept of negotiation and how it comes into play at the workplace. From pre-negotiation preparation to conducting effective negotiations that drive results, we get into the nuances and details of negotiation and building negotiation skills. Who should make the first offer? How, when and where to negotiate? Who is an effective negotiator? This webinar is an answer to all these questions and more.  

Key Takeaways

The learnings of this webinar will allow you to negotiate more logically and more clearly and make arguments that persuade others. You will be able to conduct a pre-negotiation preparation that will include assessing your BATNA, calculating reservation value, evaluating ZOPA and much more. This webinar will also help you learn about some common negotiation mistakes and how you can avoid them (hint: never make the first offer!). You will be able to understand the neuroscience of negotiation skills and various biases specific to negotiation.  

In the corporate sector, technology develops quickly. However, some things will never change. The ability to negotiate is still a crucial business skill today. Effective negotiation skills can make the difference between a successful compromise and one that fails. Conflicts will inevitably emerge in life, and being able to overcome them is crucial in the corporate setting. In business, negotiation skills are essential. 

Skilled negotiators are able to easily switch between one strategy and another. frequently this is enough to ensure that the final bargain adequately represents their worth. Dealmakers occasionally have to engage in really difficult talks with significant stakes, though. These circumstances necessitate a considerably more forceful strategy for negotiating. Strengthscape’s Strategies for Successful Negotiations Webinar aims to provide just that.