Strategic Thinking – Predicting future by creating it

The way in which a person sees, perceives, imagines, analyses and creates a future for self and people around refers to strategic thinking. This could serve as a very vital tool. Aids at effective decision making that leads to individual success and increase in organizational excellence. So, a potential employee in the organization needs to be efficient in strategic thinking.


There are a set of skills that aid in developing the strategic thinking. These skills are crucial for organization success and it is essential that the competent employees have these skills. A training program in strategic thinking would help them develop and improve the skills and thus contribute to personal and organizational growth.

Strategic Thinking Need Addressed
  • Do you find it difficult to indulge in strategic thinking?
  • Do you like to identify the barriers in logical and creative thinking?
  • Is there a difficulty in developing a clear vision?
  • Do you like to understand importance of focusing on objective planning?
  • Do you want to make your plans creative and unique?
  • Do you wish to develop open mindedness?
  • Do you like to be completely aware and take informed decisions?
  • Do you wish to be focused and patient in achieving results?

If your answer to these questions is “yes”, then Strategic Thinking – Predicting future by creating it is just for you.

Strategic Thinking Program Objectives

The program focuses on helping individuals develop strategic thinking so they succeed in their goals. It comprises of improving qualities like having a clear vision, planning, flexibility and open mindedness so thinking strategically occurs naturally. It helps the individual to excel and thus contribute to organizational functioning.

Strategic Thinking Program Features

Strategic Thinking – Predicting future by creating it is based on experiential learning using online pre-work, engaging facilitation, and online follow-up to create a personalized learning experience. The program involves creating a customized plan for helping employees develop strategic insight, vision, and ideas.


2-Day intensive training

Virtual Follow-Up

Strategic Thinking Program Outcomes
  • Gaining a perspective on various components of strategic thinking
  • Knowing about the role of effective planning
  • Being able to develop a clear long-term vision
  • Learning to be focused on tasks
  • Knowing the importance of patience
  • Learning to be open to new ideas and views
Experience Strategic Thinking – Predicting future by creating it






Strategic Thinking - Session Plan
Session Name Brief Overview
Introductions Participants are introduced to the entire structure of the course and their commitment reaffirmed.
Strategies Knowing about strategic thinking, why it is essential to have strategies, and possible pitfalls that would spoil the plan.
Skill set To understand the different skills that help in strategic thinking.
Strategic Insight Focus is towards developing strategic insight by analysing the internal business and external operating environment in order to build a model of the current state of play.
Strategic Vision Understanding why it is important to have clear future ideas and perceive the possibilities and plan for it. The participants will develop a future vision and write a vision statement.
Strategic Ideas Here, creating a strategic roadmap for the future targets happens. This involves categorizing key strategic themes and framing long-term strategies for each theme.
Thinking Big, Deep, & Long To facilitate greater understanding discussion of major concepts that helps to create the future.

This is the overview of Strategic Thinking – Predicting future by creating it. The program is customizable based on client requirements. To know more, write to us at