Today as the world is becoming more fast-paced and complex, there is a growing need for leading with purpose. Leaders need to have greater learning agility, work with wide networks and make their workplace more diverse. In the context of visioning, what’s true today isn’t relevant tomorrow. It is impossible to predict how markets will evolve. Strategic planning is undergoing change as are the leaders who are involved in the process.  

Strengthscape’s What is your Jamavaar webinar takes you on the journey of the challenges and trends that are influencing strategic planning today. This webinar gives a quick orientation to Strengthscape’s visioning and strategic planning workshop, called Jamavaar, and explores its characteristics and elements in detail. We also discuss some advanced leadership competencies relevant to Jamavaar such as virtualization of the workplace, focus on decarbonizing economics and social responsibility and technological disruption. 

Key Takeaways

This webinar will help you understand the current global trends and challenges of strategic planning. You will be able to learn about the leadership competencies that are most relevant to strategically planning for your organization today. This webinar also reflects on Strengthscape’s Jamavaar Program, its characteristics and constituents. Jamavaar is a holistic and balanced, time-framed and engaging workshop that brings leaders together to craft the story of an organization. Through this webinar, you will be able to understand strategic planning in a much more comprehensive way and adapt your strategic planning process to current trends.  

What is Jamavaar?

Strengthscape’s Visioning & Strategic Planning Workshop, Jamavaar, assembles perspectives from diverse leaders within an organization and helps them reflect, observe, discuss, and experiment with different scenarios of what might be possible in the future. The purpose of this workshop is to assist leaders in distilling the lessons learned from the past, reevaluating the current ecosystem of the organization, and considering the possibilities of the future. 

With Jamavaar, leaders are able to create an unclouded vision of the future, come to consensus on a future course of action, and identify milestones along the way. Jamavaar uses the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team intervention to develop highly effective and cohesive teams.

Strengthscape’s What is your Jamavaar Webinar enables leaders to envision and create the story of their organization according to global trends. Our Jamavaar workshop brings leaders together to craft a compelling vision for their organization and build cohesive teams who are aligned and determined to achieve the same.