There are numerous DISC certification programs available for trainers. The internet is overloaded with content on training certifications. This confuses the trainer on which training certification would work best for them. I would say that a certification is a resume booster for a facilitator or a life coach and there are no two ways about it. You definitely should have certifications in not just one but as many as you can afford. Let us take us a quick look on the top five reasons on why a facilitator should choose a DiSC trainer certification.

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DiSC will help you take your training across geographies.

DiSC is the world’s most popular psychometric assessment tool that leading businesses follow to assess their people. Decades of research has increased its credibility making it hugely accepted in the business world. Its availability in more than 30 languages in itself is proof of its global acceptance. For trainers who are looking for training opportunities, DiSC trainer certification will certainly be a feather on your cap.

Grasp the intricacies of the psychology of learning to enhance the facilitation experience.

Human behavior is complex and for facilitation it is imperative that you understand your trainees well so as to fine tune your delivery to their requirements. The DiSC profile certification program gives utmost importance to the neuroscience of learning, linking the thinking, feeling behavior trilogy to explain why people learn differently. The DiSC certification promises a deep dive into the nuances of human psychology.

Set the pace for follow –up through a series of reports which are generated through EPIC one after another.

Though the assessments are one-on-one, they can generate comparison reports which compare individuals to each other. The individual profiles also generate group culture reports. These develop intergroup comparisons on the basis of the culture of each group. These are visible in the values that the group follows. The EPIC system allows the user to generate, store and organize reports. It even keeps track of the status of each report.

Build a personalized brand through EPIC reports.

The EPIC reports as well as facilitation kits provided by DiSC are highly customizable. They can include a user’s name, business name or logos. All training hand-outs presentations and material used during facilitation can be generated this way. The same happens with the EPIC reports which work as branding tools.

Get free access to a training platform which promises the two most important things a trainer looks out for – updated learning and a network of contacts. A DiSC assessment certification from Strengthscape offers complimentary, unlimited access to a trainer login which ensures a never-ending flow of learning resources. The trainer’s login will give you access to presentations, session plans in addition to articles on training areas which are of interest to you. The trainers also receive access to social media platforms like twitter, linked in, WhatsApp and Facebook where they grow their network of contacts.

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