Best Online Instructional Design Courses in Singapore

Best Online Instructional Design Courses in Singapore

Some of the best Instructional design online courses in Singapore understand that successful implementation of a well-structured program model enables the learner to align appropriate instructional activities and assessments, teach learners how to design effective instruction for any delivery method, and provide students the skills for managing the complete instructional design process and facilitate teaching computer-based training and matching technology tools to instructional problems.

For the professional instructional designer, career options range from government to academic to profit and non-profit sectors and include positions such as Instructional Designer, Corporate Trainer, Learning System Designer, Director of Instructional Design Technologies, Learning and Development Director, Curriculum Designer, etc. Provide online learning and web solutions for businesses, education, charities corporate organizations, government agencies, and the public sector, offering customizable web design and e-portfolios services.

Online Instructional Design Courses in Singapore

They offer LMSs (Learning Management Systems) for educational and corporate use as well as multimedia content, training, and games for learning. With an aim to deliver end-to-end learning solutions to international clients, companies offering some of the best online instructional design courses in Singapore offer corporate online training for businesses to educate their staff and have started developing online libraries of blended learning content. Most video eLearning courses include Communication, Presentation skills, Selling Skills, Business Improvement Techniques, Leadership and Management, Negotiation Skills, and Productivity.


Most companies offering the selective best Instructional design online courses in Singapore are moving towards providing a number of end-to-end eLearning solutions offering some gamification for learning and adaptive learning products as well as a virtual workspace. This is also true for most leading players around the globe; one such company which is making meaningful strides in this direction and worth a mention is Strengthscape.

Strengthscape’s virtual classes & e-learning programs are designed to suit all learning styles. By partnering with the world leaders in assessment solutions, Strengthscape brings well-researched and highly reliable tools and assessments for hiring and developing talent; Strengthscape, a leading business psychology firm headquartered in Bangalore boasts of the International DiSC Trainer Certification – India. This is a train the trainer program delivered by globally renowned facilitators who have rich and diverse experience in the fields of psychology and business.

Strengthscape’s Instructional Design Certification course encompasses a new way of learning content designing principles and strategies. Strengthscape understands that learning is a process; their course has a structured approach and at the same time gives flexibility to learners to start with whichever module they would like to first go with. The course starts with the basics and goes into applying knowledge to practical situations. Their facilitators come with decades of industry experience in varied roles and this gives them an edge in understanding business issues better. Leveraging technology, the company delivers the best training and assessment solutions in the comfort of your office/home.


Some of the best Instructional design online courses in Singapore and around the globe now offer a range of products and services, including eLearning courses, custom content, instructional design, LMS solutions, and mobile application development, to name a few of the various mediums to effect change in this industry.

So, are you ready to be a part of one of the best international Instructional Design Certification courses? Do get in touch with Strengthscape!