Big Five Profile

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Central Test

Measure a person’s dominant personality traits

Big Five Profile is a personality assessment measuring five major personality traits based on the Five-Factor model. It can be applied to all individuals, including young people.

The Five-Factor model is a classical model in psychology and is widely recognized as a benchmark in the analysis of personality. It highlights the main personality traits that define and differentiate people from an early age. These traits remain relatively stable throughout a person’s lifetime and are therefore unlikely to change making the Big Five Profile an assessment suitable for individuals of all ages, including adolescents.



Students, temporary staff, recent graduates, or anyone interested in personal development



English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Arabic, and Malagasy​ Training: Certification training



15 sets of 4 statements to be ranked from 1 to 4



7 minutes


Career guidance consultants and educational coaches place value on being able to improve the way they examine a person’s interests with personality assessments. The Big Five Profile can complement the assessment of occupational interests by taking into account the dominant traits that naturally guide a person to take one specific path over another.

The Big Five Profile is a great tool for personal development. It can be used to both improve self-awareness and succeed professionally. The report provides insightful information that will help people to better understand themselves in relation to their work environment.

The characteristics identified by the Big Five Profile facilitate the understanding of how individuals function in relation to both others and their environment. To simplify your recruitment decisions, you can define a competency referential specific to your organization’s roles. This will enable you to then find the candidate who is the best fit for the job.

Strong points

Controls social desirability

Gives a snapshot of an individual’s dominant personality traits

Quick to administer and easy to interpret

Customised comments


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