Creating Safe Spaces

Creating Safe Spaces: A Certification Program for ICC Members is an essential training course designed to equip members of the Internal Committee with the necessary knowledge and skills to prevent and manage cases of sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment has serious implications for employees, organizations, and society at large. Therefore, organizations need to take proactive measures to create safe and respectful work environments that are free from harassment.

This training program is delivered in a practical and engaging way, customized to the needs of the participants, organization, and industry domain. It includes case studies, interactive activities, and group discussions to provide a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework and organizational policies related to preventing sexual harassment. Participants will learn practical skills such as evidence gathering, effective questioning, cross-examination, inference from evidence, and report writing.

The program covers a range of topics, including understanding the provisions of law and recent court judgments, preparation before conducting an inquiry, awarding interim relief, and determining final punishment.

Overall, Creating Safe Spaces: A Certification Program for ICC Members is a critical investment for organizations seeking to prevent and manage cases of sexual harassment in the workplace. By equipping ICC members with the necessary knowledge and skills, organizations can create safe and respectful work environments that promote the well-being of employees and the success of the organization.


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