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Assess managerial potential and identify future leaders

Central Test Personality Inventory-R (CTPI-R) is specifically designed to help you evaluate the managerial potential, behavioral competencies, and leadership skills of managers and CEOs. CTPI-R analyses 19 personality traits of good managers to give a complete profile of how your leaders think, act, and react to different situations.



Executives, managers, and aspiring managers.



English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Arabic, Portuguese, and Turkish



114 questions



20-25 minutes


CTPI-R facilitates your recruitment process by identifying managers who closely fit your requirements. The Managerial Potential Indicator (with a scale of 0 to 100) enables a quick inference of an individual’s predisposition for a managerial role. Then a management style analysis indicates the project most suitable for the individuals.

CTPI-R assessment helps you prepare a succession plan. You can spot future leaders in your organization by assessing key personality traits, such as decision-making skills, adaptability, long-term vision, stress tolerance, and ethics.

The assessment helps you to identify existing skills, as well as the gap between the individual’s managerial competencies and the job requirements, thereby defining areas of development.

The manager sets objectives and coordinates employee efforts to achieve them, which requires a wide range of expertise.  

Managing a team or overseeing a project requires management skills. In the management field, these skills are applied to a broad spectrum of job functions including marketing, production, finance, and human resources. To make effective decisions, you will need to develop managerial skills, whether you are preparing for a management role or if you are already in a management role and wish to enhance and develop your skills.   

Managerial skills are characteristics and abilities that support specific tasks within a company. Hard skills and soft skills are two types of skills that you need to master to succeed in your career. To be a successful manager, you will need to have both types of skills mastered. Employers look for employees who have the right balance between these two skills.  

Traditionally, hard skills are technical and teachable skills that are learned through structured programs in schools and training institutes. In other words, hard skills are abilities specific to your profession or industry. This includes programming software, operating machinery, and building bridges. They are easy to learn and transfer from one person to another.   

Soft skills include communication, customer service, time management, and leadership. Soft skills are commonly referred to as people or social skills. These skills are more difficult to develop, making them an asset to employers. CTPI – R focuses on testing the traits and personalities that refer to soft skills. 

An independent evaluation of your management and leadership skills can be found through a manager’s potential test such as CTPI (R). In a nutshell, a well-designed manager assessment test allows you to find out more about yourself and your abilities.  

By assessing your competencies and identifying areas where you lack skills and experience, a management assessment test provides guidance about the appropriate management training to advance your career. An organization also stands to benefit from such leadership assessment tools by getting a better idea of the skills of its business managers and identifying potential gaps in its talent pool. 

You or your organization can quickly determine where you stand with a focused management assessment test. In addition, the assessment may provide insight into your ability to lead a team, resolve conflicts, negotiate, and communicate with others.  

In a management assessment test, your ability to make decisions, manage projects and develop strategies can be assessed. These tests can help an organization manage its leadership development plan and ensure that its managers possess the necessary skills and attributes.  

As a result of globalization, companies are facing new challenges, including the need to fill top management positions, which has resulted in a substantial rise in corporate training. A management potential assessment test can prove to be a valuable tool for human resource departments seeking to ensure continuity of leadership.  

Management skills should be evaluated as part of the succession planning process. The practice of succession planning seeks to ensure that new managers receive the proper training to assume these duties, as well as ensure there is a pipeline of younger individuals ready to be promoted. 

Strong points

Monitors social desirability

Managerial Potential Indicator

An analysis of thinking and working styles

A comparison with 21 behavioural competencies


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